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Gems Therapy - Precious Gems, Numbers and Colours

Gems Therapy - Precious Gems, Numbers and Colours
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Gems Therapy - Precious Gems, Numbers and Colours

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Item Code: NAX485
Author: Mahan Vir Tulli
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788194750772
Pages: 117
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.15 kg
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About the Author
Dr.Mahan Vir Tulli, formerly of the Indian Foreign Service, has been involved with research on the occult for the last fifty years and has achieved such distinction as an astro-numerologist that he has been dubbed the ""Oracle of Delhi", Originally from Pune, he developed his interest in astrology from his father, who too was a highly respected astrologer. Mr. Tulli is a devotee of Lord Ganapathy.

Reputed for his command over the science of numerology and astrology he has attended conferences and seminars the world over to debate and offer advice on the subject. He has also given several TV lectures both in India and abroad on numero-Astrology. He can speak several foreign languages and has interests in other related sciences such as palmistry. Yoga, Meditation and Para-Psychology. His predictions have been printed in several leading newspapers and magazines and have proved accurate and on the dot. He had foretold the Gulf War, formation of Bangladesh, Mrs Gandhi's assassination and other such world events. His' predictions have also been printed regularly through booklets printed periodically called the Mahan Numerology series.

His disciples are spread across one-hundred and twenty-five countries and include powerful politicians, influential policy-makers and rich industrialists. He has received several commendations, awards and honours. At present, he is involved in the furtherance of this science and has set up the Mahan Astrological Research Centre in Delhi for the study and promotion of this ancient wisdom. He is a celebrated a Editor - in - chief of a monthly Astrological magazine titled" Astro vision", He has written several books on this science and his knowledge compounded with his experience have given him an insight second to none.

An attempt has been made in this book to bring you in a capsule the wider influences & impacts of the gems (both precious and semiprecious) and their benefits and usefulness in day to day life and more particularly with a view to counteracting the planetary configurations. If the natives are well aware of their personal and other astrological indicators they can, with a little guidance, make improvements on the various fronts through the right choice of gems. These fronts are (I) Finance, (2) Health, (3) Career (4) Hobbies and pastimes and (5) Marital Life and social relationships. It is hoped that this book will help the readers to achieve personal fulfilment by taking the right decisions for life's important choices and crucial junctions. The forces beyond send across their own good and not so good signals and wise men act accordingly. The purpose of life on this planet is to find greater peace of mind and happiness and the author hopes that the book will surely prove to be a handy guide to all from the common laymen to the occult lovers in their noble quest for peace harmony and happiness.

I would like to express my special thanks to Sh. B.S. Rangachari noted Astrologer and Sh. N. Kumar, the renowned numerologist from Kurukshetra for their expert advice and help to clear many doubts. My thanks are also due to Sh. Saurabh Sagar of Sagar. Publications, which has played a prominent role in the last several years in bringing out many books on astrology, and for having agreed to publish this book on "Gem-Therapy".

The remedies suggested in the case of several diseases have been tested and tried by the personal experiences of the author and he sincerely hopes that these general guidelines contained in Chapter-Ill of the book would be found useful. An additional chapter has been added on the significance of colours and numbers and the matching gemstones.

Colours, precious gems and metals are also influenced by planetary configurations and the transits, which highly influence the lives of the natives in all spheres of human activity, particularly health, position and prestige, happiness including marital bliss, financial gains, business acumen and most important of all personal relations and love life. Just as the use of the right type of medicine can cure a patient, similarly the right choice of colours, numbers and gems in one's life can make life more smooth and pleasant. One must use the right type of gemstones, and if worn under proper guidance, can accentuate high light or enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations and counteract adverse/ malefic influences.

There is absolutely no doubt that gems have varying de- grees of effects on the natives. But I would like to caution my esteemed readers that they must consult a good astrologer and after they have discovered the right type of gemstone, its weight and metal, they should keep it in their personal possession, preferably under the pillow for 3-4 days and if the natives do not experience any untoward event during this period with regard to their happiness, career, financial gains, love life etc. they can use it and it will definitely have its profound impact on them.

Gems have been in use since times immemorial and are worn by people (both sexes) in various forms as rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. to ward off the evil effects of Grahas (Planets) and to enhance the benefits of certain beneficial grahas and also to add to the wearer's beauty and personality. In the ancient times, rings were worn on the index finger to convey to others that the person was interested in marriage; on the middle finger, it was meant to indicate that he was in love or already engaged; on the ring finger, it denoted that he was already married and when someone decided to remain single, he would wear a ring on the little finger. The little finger is associated with family attachments and strong & positive family influences on the wearer of the ring. To be fully effective, an amulet with a precious gem should touch the bare skin of the wearer.

Man is influenced by the cosmic forces emanating from the transits of planets. The effect of planets in the form of cosmic radiations varies on different individuals depending upon the strength of the birth chart and the numbers associated with him or her. The gems which are worn under expert guidance are meant not only toward off the evil planetary influences; but they also enhance the benefits of certain benefice and benevolent planets, which the wearer desires. The proper and right use of gems gives greater confidence to the wearer to meet the challenges coming his way. The gems also add to the persona) charm & underline further the beauty of the wearer. A word of caution for the readers that, if certain planets are well placed in the native's birth chart and if he further enhances and strengthens their effect towards a particular purpose by the use of the gems, it may become too powerful so that while causing good in a given direction it may give inadequate results in other fields. For instance if Sun is exalted in one's horoscope or natal chart, and he/she decides to wear an expensive ruby, it may bestow him/her greater name and fame, good luck and financial prosperity; but on the other hand it may arouse jealousies and rivalries among his colleagues, which may harm the wearer's long term interests and may thus be counterproductive. Another example is, the use of a pearl or moonstone, which would bless the wearer with greater luck, peace and tranquillity, marital bliss, less tensions, lessening of stomach disorders etc; but it may tend to make him/her easy going and lethargic. Gems should therefore, be chosen carefully under expert guidance of a good astrologer/numerologist/occultist and should be of the finest quality. Only then the wearer can derive the desired benefits either to enhance the effect of beneficial or powerful planets or to mitigate the hardships likely to be caused by malefic planets or adverse transits of planets. Many an accident and health disorders are checked through the proper use of Gems. Handicaps towards professional advancement can also be removed through the right use of the Gems with expert guidance.

In the following pages, I have discussed the important aspects of the gem therapy. I have also made an attempt to list out various types of diseases and the corresponding gems recommended to cure them or to mitigate the hardships inflicted by them.

The aim of all the astro studies is to help mankind to lead happier, healthier and fruitful lives. The author hopes that his studies into the mystique of Gems will unfathomed useful and handy information towards this aim of mankind and will be found useful by the common man. 'Vanities run ororrron gems out to make the book handy.

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