Ganesha (The Mantra of Success)

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Author: His Divine Grace Acharya KeshavDev and Acharya Vikrmaditya
Publisher: Aacharya Shri Enterprises
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8187949163
Pages: 116 (49 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

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His divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev introduced the Science of Mudras and their healing effects more than 40 years ago. He has brought enlightenment to millions of people.

People form various Mudras (gestures) with their fingers. However few are aware that Mudra is the science of elements and that these mudras can cure many ailments right from ear ache to a heart attack.



Hindu pantheon is rich with Gods and Goddesses each as an answer to some of man’s material or spiritual need. Besides the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh who hold in their hands creation sustenance and dissolution of phenomenal world we come across a number of greater and lesser Gods. What do they do? As man’s need are so varied and his psyche so expansive and rich that one individual turns out to be different from other. This temperamental defiance necessitates that we have our personal Gods to whom we can intimately identify with and ask to guidance as to what is our Dharma. Submission to personal Gods also solaces and strengthens us.

Since all the Gods and goddesses are splinters of Brahma alone there cannot be any claim as to who is more superior or vice versa except the element of faith and social rank they have come to enjoy in course of society evolution. Yet Ganesha the loved son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is the first among the Gods, Why? He stands for simplicity yet keenness is imposing yet lovable. So deep is people identification with Ganesha that he is worshipped separately for every aspect of his personality. While other deities grant us boons specific to themselves Ganesha fulfils devotee’s aspirations in every sphere – be it material success learning or spiritual salvation. He is verily giver of wealth and success ability and attachment.

Ganesha appears riding a set a contradictions. He has a Godly form but head of an elephant. He is so massive but rides a mouse. And in all the myriad Gods each excelling the other in grace and power Ganesha alone is to be worshipped first. Why to confront ourselves with a deity in the very beginning whose form is so contradictory and even confounding? It is to arrest our attention and set us reflecting. Deities can rightfully bless us with all that we seek yet it should be our attempt to examine the follies and dichotomy of our personality which trip and stable success will always elude us.

We all want success and happiness without pondering over its true composition. We are monthly stuck with superficial pointers. Our life may be lavish but it is for from being complete. Its certainly wanting in substance, in fulfillment because no lasting happiness can be achieved if you overlook the fundamentals. The first stage of spirituality is about evicting this fundamental set of values morals and principles. Ganesha thus becomes the spiritual Guru lending us insights and tapping us around our short-comings.

As a rular he is the embodiment of all necessary qualities of a leader. Whether we have the limited goal of achieving personal success and happiness or we aspire as a leader to create proper social order enabling individuals to intelligently and harmoniously follow their goals we ought to refer to sublime principles of Ganesha. The correct and workable principles of success, understandably can’t be too many or too varied but his enlightenment is wanting in both leaders and the led today.

To begin with like the elephant doesn’t use its teeth (tusks) for eating and keeps only for show one should also strive to keep the strategy of success completely outside the know of the people to prevent/event any possible sabotage. Our scriptures too lay down strict observance of secrecy in spiritual matters and matters of state. Similarity the massive head of elephant conveys the message of using mental faculty to address a problem than choosing the option of might. The big ears of Ganesha teachs us to give audience to all and out of everything that was said retaining only the essential like the leaders do. Lastly the occurrence of very long nose (i.e. trunk) in elephant conveys the great self pride the leader should assonate himself with for it gives personal power and legitimacy to their leadership.

As all spiritual stories are essential allegorical we need to reflect, what is the underlying message there. The inherent conditions of Ganesha’s form reveal a wealth of information about neeti or skilled behavior.

Ganpati is the leader and protector of Ganas and as such he is the embodiment of all the cardinal virtues a leader should possess the mental abilities, the disposition and awareness of one’s moral duties etc. the evils of society can certainly by eradicated if the leaders understand the message of Ganesha. The distrust conflict and fissures in society are amenable if the leaders display Ganesha like behavior. The many names of Ganesha stand precisely for three qualities.

Adi shankracharya said when lord Ganesha becomes pleased all of one’s work naturally gets accomplished. One become the effecters achieve. Because handles don’t originate outside they are basically things rooted in our own personality and psyche which must first be addressed before setting out on our task. Few of us care to think why massive Ganesha is riding a mouse – that too has a massage. Mouse represents mind which is ever restless and capricious and given free rein will drag you everywhere. Since mind is the Vehicle through which we will accomplish our ends – if that is not in our firm control, how we plan to do it. This is thus another massage from Ganesha to first bring mid in control before reentering on outside factors.

The image of Ganesha is itself. His most beneficent message while with are hand he blesses in other he hold noose, elephant good and modak (sweets). Here noose is for controlling tamoguans i.e. lower tendencies of mind good to check rajogunas. The blessing hands for satvagunas and Laddu or sweets for blesses which shall result from right balance of these gunas. The worship of Ganesha thus turns out to be far more than a mere ritual. Ganesha does grant us our wishes but he also wishes to open our eyes and make us spiritually mature for ourselves and general good.

His divine grace Acharya Keshav Dev ji’s life is devoted to yoga and spirituality. He has the bewitching simplicity of saints but teacher with the profound wisdom of sage. An erudite scholar of Vedas and scriptures he has spent the last six decades examining the different facts of spirituality. It is the deep wise to make us aware of spiritual messages, which often get lost behind the superficiality of worship and through their correct learning enrich our lives. His love and kindness on true meaning of Ganesha.



We are living in an age when many of us feel out of control victimized by velocity and direction of modern life. Too much seems to be happening to us although it is not of our own doing. We swept along buffeted and bruised by the velocity of world events many of us long life for a life that is more successfully more satisfying than the life we seem to be leading by default.. “I want more money, more love & respect more success in life… and less of every thing else … be it problems hurdles… frictions etc”. we say but we do not know how to effect this change this is where the works of Acharya Kesahvdevji comes in.

All too often we are told that we should lead lives that are more spiritual and yet more fulfilled in worldly terms…frankly we would all love too ...if someone would just tell us how? What we want & need is complete information.

Acharya keshavdevji is not only a master spiritual Guru a guide par excellence Yoga expert and a renowned astrologer. His grip on Indian traditions and rituals is so strong that any given time …he mesmerizes large number of devotees with his words of wisdom… he has dedicated his life in order to unravel secrets of our ancient Indian ethos.. in the past he has been able to unlock many secret yogic mysteries presently he is still working on related concepts.

Acharya keshavdevji a compassionate soul believes in sharing his discoveries and knowledge …has already pen down many relevant books on Mudra vigyan tantr- mantar and on kundalni jagran…his all time best seller are Mudra sangitha and on numerology…both A Must Read.

Foe last more than forty years he had been performing Yagya/Hawan in his premises…on special occasions its an absolutely an enlightening experience to attend it, another Must Attend on Guru Purnima & Navratra’s.

Hindu philosophy now known as Hindu religion has rich ancient traditions and knowledge. Our Rishis appreciated & understood the restlessness of the human mind along with the uniqueness & individual requirement of each one of us thus so many God & Goddesses to relate with. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular deity of Hindus…from north is south & from west to east across the country he is worshipped specially in last few decades his popularity has grown many folds.

The devotees & admires of Lord Ganesha have given him scores of names said to be over a thousand Sahastranama each one representing one of his attributes of aspects Ganapati the lord of gannas.

Ganesha is primarily worshiped as the god who removes obstacles and leads to success. He is evoked for ‘nirvighnam kuru mey deva srava karyesu sarvatha’ in India’s metaphysical thinking success is assured if the forces that impede it are eliminated. Ganesha is the god of success because he commands and eliminates such forces and there by causes success. His ‘agra pooja’ the prime worship aims at invoking him to contain detrimental forces that usually associate the course of an action.

There are many legends and stories regarding his birth and other aspects of his life…but unfortunately the interpretations and explanations are mostly not right our rich Indian heritage is often presented in wrong light to say the least … they are treated as simple stories thus many on the face of it feels they are disjoined. The fact is to understand & decode the mysteries of our legends one needs in depth understanding knowledge & research of our scriptures and Vedas only than can one do the synthesis of such legends…each aspects has relevance and special significance.

With Divine’s grace our beloved Acharya Keshav dev ji has not only done rigorous tapasya and attained sidhis but also has spent many… many years (more than 50 years) in deep research work and understanding our scriptures from enlightened Rishis and sages…Through this book he will not only shares his knowledge & synthesis of these legends but will explain the meaning and significance of various aspects of Lord Ganesha breaking many myths Will answer many of your questions you had in mind regarding your beloved Ganesha …with do able simple rituals & mantras will help us attain success and happiness …and lots …lots more!!

This is one of the condensed form one can get ..on Ganesha!

Ganesha is a classical god but also a folk deity Commemorated by the Vedas, Upanishadas and Puranas he has a place at par with Trinity of Brahma Vishnu and shiva but with his figures or his also a lok swastika drawn on a shop or road roller he is also a lok devta, a god of masses. In our own times during our struggle for freedom Lord Ganesha served as an instrument of social and religious reform and political awakening. The festivals held every year to celebrate his birth, a perennial feature begun with a renewed vigor during the last decade of 19th century united people against the outside influence and carried to millions the message that Ganpati would lead them success and bring than good they chanted in jubilation.

Ganpati Bappa moray, Mangal moorti moray
Purchchya varshi laukarya
Father Ganpati ! come again auspicious one come again !
Come again soon next year !!
AUM Ganpati namah

May this book change your life the way it has changed mine.




  Foreword 7
  Preface 10
1 Ganesha: A new Interpretation 13
2 Ganesha: The Mantra of success 15
3 How to acquire Wealth and success 27
4 12 Names of Ganesha 31
5 Mystery of Ganpati in Ganatantra (the republic) 35
6 Sumukha : The Gentle Speaker 39
7 Gajakarna : Mystery of Ganesha’s Head 43
8 Gajakarna : Secret of Ganesha Ears 47
9 Ekdanta : The Significance of single tooth 49
10 Kapila : The Unblemished One 51
11 Lambodara : Secret of Ganesha’s Grand Belly 53
12 Vikata : Ganesha as Fearsome One 55
13 Vibhanasaka : Ganesha as remover of hurdles 57
14 The Significance of Ganesha’s name Vinayaka 59
15 Dhumraketu : The Dazzling aspect of Ganesha 61
16 Bhalachandra : The Moon Adorned Ganesha 63
17 Ganadhyaksha : Ganesha illumines the path 65
18 Ganesha’s and his Mouse 69
19 Magnificence of Sri Ganesha 73
20 Ganesha and Svastic 79
21 Ganesha and Aumkar 83
22 Ganesha and Grass 89
23 Ganesha : The Supreme Brahm 90
24 Importance of interruptions in life 92
25 Ganesha Kriya of Yog 94
26 Why To First Worship Ganesha 96
27 Ganesha in other Religions 98
28 The Apparent Contradictions of Ganesha 99
29 Solutions To the Doubts Raised 102
30 Forms of Ganesha Gayatri 105
31 Different Names of Ganesha 107

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