Ganapati In Indian Mythology

Ganapati In Indian Mythology

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Author: M.L. Varadpande
Publisher: Shubhi Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788182901292
Pages: 184 (Illustrated Throughout In Color and B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
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Sri Ganesha not very long ago a stunning miracle happened. Breaking the law of nature the Ganesha images all over the country drank milk offered by the devotees. It happened for about a week as an evidence of divine powers of the Lord active in the age of Kali.

Tradition says take Ganesha home for bringing in good luck, success, wealth and removal of obstacles. Considered as god of wisdom, letters and arts he is worshipped at the beginning of any work to be undertaken.

The book endevours to reveal the mystic of Ganesha by taking recourse to his mythology spread over several Puranic works and scriptures. It is virtual encyclopaedia of Ganesha mythology.

He is ancient than Vedas, the source of creation of the world the Brahman himself.

He revealed himself gradually through ages, the book deals with his mystic origin and evolution. Narrates various myths that speak of his miraculous birth his powers and functions.

Taking recourse to mythology his history through ages is looked into and also the cults that sprang form him. Modes of his worship, Yantra and Mantras and Tantras used to appease him, festivals held in his honour find place here.

Ganesha took several incarnation to vanquish demonic forces. Puranas and scriptures speak about them with reverence. The book takes not of it.

An adage says the Age of Kali belongs to chandi and Vinayaka - Kalau chandivinayakau. Their mystic divine power prevails over all. One can offer worship to Ganesha at various stations and Tirthas mentioned in the book.

M.L. Varadpande having insightful knowledge and profound appreciation of art, culture, literary and religious heritage of India is widely known for his erudition and scholarship all over the world. His major works are:

History of Indian Theatre, Vol I, III, III. Mahabharata in Performance. Religion and Theatre. Ancient Indian and Indo-Greek Theatre. Love in Ancient India. Apsara in Indian Art and Literature. Cult of Joy. Gods, Goddesses and Demons. Ganapati in Indian Mythology. Cult of Shiva. Vishnu and his Incarnations.


Ganesha needs no introduction. His presence is felt not only in India but in numerous south-east Asian countries. He is divinity par excellence with tremendous following.

Indian tradition turns to mythology to understand the divine nature of the deity. Ganesha is at the center of many mythological works, main among them being Ganesha Purana and Mudgal Purana. Puranas such as Brahmavaivarta has separate sections on Ganesha. Padma, Varsha, Linga, Shiva, Garuda, Brahma and Bhavishya Puranas carry mythical stories about Ganesha. Vast literature on Ganesha is available in regional languages apart from some Tantra works.

Through all these works various facets of Ganesha manifest beautifully. He is Lord of Obstacles, deity of wisdom, intellect and fine as well as performing arts, giver of success and wealth and vanquisher of evil demons. He is called Kelipriya, playful one loving fun.

Apart from the works mentioned above the author is deeply indebted to two encyclopedic works - Sri Ganesha Kosha, Edited by Amarendra Gadgil and Kalyana Ganesha Anka, Edited by Hanumanprasadji Poddar. I turned again and again to them searching for material for this book.

I hope, by the grace of Lord of Letters, the book will be a success with discerning readers.


Preface 5
Beginning and Evolution 9
Birth of Ganesha 53
Ganesha in Theatre 67
Myths of Ganesha 87
Incarnations of Ganesha 129
Ashta Vinayaka 151
Festivals 173
Bibliography 185

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