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Food For Peace (Super Simple Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone)

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Item Code: IDK444
Author: Rambhoru Devi Dasi
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8190049607
Pages: 156
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 200 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

This cookbook is a collection of well-seasoned recipes meant for those who have neither the time nor the nerve to involve themselves in complicated cooking affairs.

It is written for most of us who prefer to get first class vegetarian cooking on the table with the least botheration and a minimum use of exotic and often hard to acquire spices.

Rambhoru Devi dasi, a vegetarian cook for 22 years, is presenting a vast variety of super simple recipes which can be prepared with the least effort by everyone.

Her Priceless collection of recipes are not only tasty but straight-forward and made with easily available ingredients. This might well be the last vegetarian cookbook you will ever need to buy.


My Story2
Chapter 1:
Banana Nectar11
Graperfuit Juice12
Orange Juice12
Pineapple Juice12
Grape Juice12
Apple Juice13
Russian Tea13
Spiced Tea for Coughs13
Barley Cup14
Sprouted Wheat Water14
Sparkling Lemonade15
Dried Fruit Juice15
Coconut Milk15
Almond Milk15
Iced Mint Tea16
Chapter 2:
a): Unleavened
Himalayan Sourdough
Whole Wheat Grain
Basic Puri19
Banana Puri20
Tumeric Puris20
Plain Paratha21
Potato-filled Parathas21
Campfire Bread22
Potato Farls23
Irish Soda Bread23
Corn Bread23
Date And Nut Bread24
Buckwheat Bread25
Sourdough Bread26
b): Leavened (Yeast)
Spiced Leavened Puris27
English Muffins27
Whole Wheat Bread28
Fried Bread Sticks29
French Bread29
Rye Bread30
White Bread30
Dinner Rolls30
Mashed Potato Bread31
Chinese Steamed Bread33
Apple-Raisin Bread33
Naan Bread34
Pitta Bread34
Chapter 3:
Peanut Butter37
Chickpea Salad Spread37
Scrambled Cheese spread37
Cream Cheese Spread37
Avocado Spread38
Seed (Nut) Cheese Spread38
Chapter 4:
Cracked Wheat 39
Granola 39
Muesli 40
Festival Porridge 40
Cream of Wheat 40
Sago Cereal 41
Fruit Rice 41
Milky Rice 41
Chapter 5:
Tamarind Chutney 42
Date and Tamarind
Chutney 42
Fresh Ginger Chutney 43
Simple Apple Sauce 43
Apple Chutney 43
Apricot Chutney 43
Sweet Tomato Chutney 44
Salty Tomato Chutney 44
Banana Chutney 44
Avocado Chutney 45
Fresh Coconut Chutney 45
Coconut Chutney 45
Chapter 6:
(Beans and Lentils) 46
Green Mung Dal 46
Yellow Split Pea Dal 46
Simple Green Split-Pea Dal 47
Khichari 47
Vegetarian Burgers 47
Chickpeas and Tomato
Sauce 49
Dahi Bara 49
Shepherd's Pie 50
Kidney Beans and Cheese 50
Lentil Pie 51
Stir-Fried Mung Bean
Sprouts 51
Chapter 7:
Yogurt Cake 53
Pancakes 54
Carrot Cake 54
Banana-Coconut Cake 55
Black Velvet Cake 55
Spice Cake 56
Rice Flour Cake 57
Upside-Down Cake 57
Light Carob Cake 58
Dark Carob Cake 59
Pound Cake 59
Fig Spice Cake 60
Tomato Soup Cake 61
Trifle 61
Cream Cheesecake 62
Simple Cheesecake 63
Chenna Cheesecake 63
Banana Cream Pie 64
Apple Sauce Pie 65
Sliced Apple Pie 66
Pumpkin Pie 67
Nut-Filled Cookies 68
Prabhupada Cookies 68
Oat Cookies 68
Ginger Snaps 69
Carob Chip Cookies69
Sugar Cookies 70
Coconut Cookies 70
Galaxy Cookies 71
Almond Cookies 71
Raisin Cookies 71
Brownies 72
Date Bars 72
Fig Bars 73
Apple Sauce Bars 73
Poppy Seed Bars 73
Coconut Bars 74
Flapjacks 74
Shortbread 75
Carob Eclairs 75
Apple Crumble 76
Cinnamon Buns 76
Jam Doughnuts 77
Lemon Log Doughnuts 78
Simple Glazed Doughnuts 79
Fritter Doughnuts 80
Baked Apples 80
Sweet Paratha 80
Sweet Puris81
Custard Samosas 82
Puddings :
Kheer 83
Gaja (Carrot) Kheer 84
Lemon Cups 84
Bread And Butter Pudding 84
Baked Yogurt Pudding 84
Baked Yogurt Pudding 85
Fruit Pudding 85
Jell-o 86
Chapter 8:
Home-Made butter 87
Yogurt 88
Home-Made Cheese: 88
Cream Cheese 88
Panir 89
Chenna Cheesf 89
Buttermilk 89
Sour Buttermilk 90
Chapter 9:
Simple Rice 91
Plain Rice 91
Yellow Rice 91
Rice, Peas and Carrots 92
Fried Rice 92
Fancy Rice 92
Savory Yogurt Rice 93
Tomato Rice With Chickpeas 93
Iddli 94
Chapter 10:
Bean Sprouts 95
Cabbage Salad 95
Potato Salad 96
Beet Root Salad 96
Marinated Salad 96
Cole Slaw 97
Chickpea Salad 97
Chickpea Salad 97
Stuffed Tomatoes 97
Raita 98
Spinach Salad 98
Mixed Vegetable Salad 98
Salad Dressings: 99
Basic Dressing 99
Peanut Dressing 99
Avocado Dressing 99
French Dressing 99
Fresh Tomato Dressing 99
Chapter 11:
Papadams 100
Potato Kachori 100
Dal Kachories 101
Pizza 102
Basic Pakora 103
Tomato-Cheese Pakoras 103
Potato-Cheese Pakoras 104
Potato Fritters 104
Buckwheat (Kasha)
Pakoras 104
Popcorn 105
Potato Patties 106
Samosa 106
Scrambled Cheese 107
Cheese Burgers 108
Cheese Fritters 108
German Potato Pancakes 108
Chickpea Snack 108
Chickpea Chips 109
Fried Nuts 109
Chevda 110
Seva Noodles 110
Sago Patties 111
Kofta Balls 111
Calzone 112
Dal Pancakes 113
Chapter 12:
Cuddy 114
Cream of Tomato 114
Simple Tomato Soup 115
Mixed Vegetable-Barley Soup 115
Potato Soup. 115
Oatmeal Soup 116
Spinach-Macaroni Soup 116
Pumpkin Soup 116
Peanut Soup 117
Chapter 13:
Gulob Jamuns 118
Potato Gulob Jamuns 119
Jallebies 119
Rasagulla 120
Simply Wonderful 121
Semolina Halava 121
Potato Halava 121
Carrot Halava 122
Coconut Halava 122
Sweet Rice 122
Shrikand 123
Petit Filou 123
Plain Sandesh 123
Rainbow Sandesh 123
Carob-Vanilla Sandesh 124
Jam Sandesh 125
Sesame Snaps 125
Ladoo 125
Vishnu Tattva 125
Simple Fudge 126
Dwaraka Burfy 126
Milk Powder Burfy 126
Traditional Burfy 127
Fig And Date Balls 127
Apricot-Peanut Balls 127
Sesame Chews 127
Poppy Seed Balls 128
Peanut Butter Balls 128
Stuffed Dates 128
Marzipan 129
Cheese-Logs 129
Coconut Chews 130
Simple Ice Cream 130
Shrikand Ice Cream 130
Super Rich Ice Cream 130
Custard Ice Cream 131
Lemon Sherbet 131
Zero Fat Ice Cream 131
Chapter 14:
Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes132
Mashed Potatoes And
Spinach 132
Potato Casserole 133
Creamed Cauliflower 133
Potatoes, Cauliflower and Yogurt 133
Aubergines and Tomatoes 134
Tomato-Peas and Cheese 134
Cheese Sabji 135
Upma 135
Sago Khichari 136
Fried Vegetables And Cheese 136
Carrots And Chickpeas 137
Caramel Carrots 137
String Beans & Potatoes 137
Spinach-Cheese Casserole 138
Gauranga Potatoes 138
Tomato-Potatoes 138
Potato Curry 139
Baked Vegetable Pies 139
Spinach Pie 140
Stuffed Peppers 141
At The Root of The Eco
Disaster 146
Thoughts 148
Reflection of a City Preacher 149
The First Step-by Leo Tolstoy 152
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