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The Fire of Truth - Discovering your Unique Individuality

The Fire of Truth - Discovering your Unique Individuality
Item Code: NAB936
Author: Osho
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788120730656
Pages: 406
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 450 gms
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“Even if a few people understand the truth, that five will be enough. That fire can be passed on form generation to generation. It can go on growing. It is my joy.”

In The Fire of Truth - the first volume in The Path of the Mystic series - Osho not only answers but also dissolves a wide spectrum of questions, infusing his discourses with parables and personal stories.

He leads us beyond psychology, contrasting Western psychoanalysis with the Eastern approach of exploring the unconscious through meditation, through the light of the super conscious. He delves into the mystical with discussions on the evolution of successive lives, on the dynamic yet subtle combination of meditation and hypnosis, and on bardo - the ancient Tibetan instructions for the dying.

Throughout the book Osho emphasizes the imperative of individual freedom, of seeking truth, of living truth:
“I have said that I started my journey in a majority of one, and today, I have to say to you that I will end my journey in a majority of one- for the simple reason that I cannot give you the truth. If through my devices you discover it, you also become a majority of one.”



Every few thousand years an individual appears who irrevocably changes the world around them in ways that are never immediately apparent, except to the most perceptive.

Osho is one such individual: his spoken words will resonate for centuries to come.

All those words have been recorded and transcribed into books like this one, written words that can carry a transforming message to the reader.

For Osho, all change is individual. There is no “society” to change - it can only happen to each one of us, one at a time.

So, no matter what the subject matter of the book, the thread that runs through all Osho’s words is like a love song that we can suddenly, mysteriously, hear at just the right be referring to, they are really only referring to us.

And this is no ordinary love song, more an invitation to open our hearts to hear something beyond the words, beyond the heart…a silence beyond all understanding. Where we all belong.




  Introduction v
1. The Individual Versus the Society 1
2. A Majority of One 24
3. A Call From the Unknown 38
4. The Tolling Bell 56
5. The Essence of Zen 72
6. Peeling the Onion 88
7. Between Two Dreams 105
8. A Beginning with No End 120
9. Rejoicing in Existence 135
10. The Lazy Man’s Way to Enlightenment 155
11. And the Wheel Moves 172
12. Mind Is the Whole Problem 192
13. Misery Is Nothing but Choice 212
14. Just By Celebrating 230
15. The Real Riches 248
16. Treasures or Dragons 265
17. Existence Has No Hurry 283
18. Intelligence Is Our Only Treasure 299
19. The Bliss of Aloneness 319
20. Tears of Gratitude 335
21. Only If Love Allows 355
22. The Watcher Is Not Amused 381
  About Osho 397

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