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Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: K.N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8189221191
Pages: 468
Cover: Paperback
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As was wished, this book represents the biggest landmark in the march of Jyotisha towards the desired goal of in-depth understanding of a horoscope through various ways. The earlier landmark was in 1991 when I produced advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions. This book shows how much greater progess inresearch is being made. the difference that while advanced techniques of Astrological Predictions had to be produced single handedly by passing on, in most cases, y parameters; in the present case ( in this treatise) most of the papers are the product of original thinking of the contributors with me helping them here and there.

There are astrologers and astrologers, quacks who run their journals even and show their breeding, indulge in vituperation against others because they hav no single astrolgical prediction worthy of mentioning. They have no example to show how a well argued astrological prediction is arrived at.

If astrologers had taken to academic discipline, as the teachers and a tiny fragment of research students of the Bharatiya vidya Bhawan, new Delhi have, there would have been a tremendous progress.

Wait for many more volumes of such high quality as this.

it has been called Finer Technique of Astrological Predictions because it is a collection of such techniques.

As the Gregorian twentieth century comes to its stormy end, a landkarm in jyotisha worth remembering and quoting is this book.



Nature and value of an astrological research
Like the "sex and shopping best sellers" which are not in demand now in 1999 according to a newspaper of England, astrology-lovers may also be experiencing a very perceptible change that has become their demand. They want, being realistic, even cynical and down to earth, an astrological methodology that "works".

Teaching large classes of students in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan for more than twelve years now (1987-99). it has been the experience of the teachers that the demand for successful predictive techniques must be met. No astrologer can satisfy these students, who are in a hurry, to become experts and famous overnight.

We, as astrologer-teachers, cannot ignore this challenge though mercenaries in this field will keep disturbing us as has happened six times between 1989 and 1997 when drastic action has had to be taken against some trouble-making persons.

Sometime in 1995-96, series of articles on "astrological research" were written by a writer with no clear cut ideas of what an astrological research should be. He compiled a list of some published articles from the past issues of a magazine to describe them as research without even understanding that they were only some untested observations. In a US visit, this Indian did not get his talk on astrology to be tape recorded lest his ignorance be exposed and his claims to possessing ability to guide research. This writer's limitation is that he never ever proved that he had learnt any fine predictive technique himself to give to Hindu astrology a modern look which can and must be done. There are other pyromaniac astrologers whose only contribution till date has been their false but trumpet blowing claims.

A tour of the USA to do astrological readings can be very rewarding in many ways for them to know how primitive they are with their predictive tools, with their mumbo-jumbo which is fancifully described as esoteric astrology.

The verdict of the next century
The Gregorian 20th century is now drawing to a close. The astrology that will survive in the next decades will have the discipline of physical sciences with statistical validity. The astrologers of the next century will denounce most of the astrology writers of this century who neglected the workable techniques which could be tested, as though, it was the laboratory test the physical scientists are used to. Some of the many conclusions they will come to will be:

Non-creative astrologer
That articulate astrologers of India have rarely been creative. They were pontiffs mouthing platitudes picked up from hundreds of cook books, the sickening regurgitation readers of astrological books are familiar with. They will be despised and forgotten for their ill-advised forays into what they called and regarded as astrological classics.

Bhrigu or nadi astrology
The traditional ones, particularly those who claim to know the secrets of Bhrigu astrology or nadi principles might have contributed a tremendous scientific methodology in establishing the validity of replicable principles, if they really knew nadi astrology, though they have missed no chance to make such claims even with some published works. Some books on nadi astrology have confused more astrologers whose eagerness to learn these secrets have given them no •definite ideas. It is well-known that it is nadi astrology which will provide rich material for true and scientific astrology. Then, it becomes necessary to keep searching these secrets, ignoring the available literature which is misleading: all claim and no scientific reliability, a strike in the dark which may hit the target.

The modern female
The society that now exists with the success of contraceptives and women's liberation has created the predatory female ever ready to throw herself into any type of sexual encounter. The notions that stick to female sexual chastity and the strait-laced uses of the Thrimsamsha look ridiculous now, with the other so-called niceties of female horoscopes. Women who do not have to have babies, even if married, can behave with the bluster and dominance of the male. Women can satisfy their baser instincts with as much boldness as men could do in all eras, openly or hypocritically. Then talking of puritanical morality as most astrological writers did till the late nineties is fossilized astrology of mediaeval ages. Hindu astrologers cannot even think of modernizing themselves to be in consonance with these realities... seize the moment, enjoy sex, drinks and whatever falls within the ambit of one's definition of enjoyment unconcerned with consequences is the modem art of living. Can an astrologer look into these areas in a horoscope? Is he equipped at all to do it? He cannot do it because female horoscopy has always been centered around her sexual chastity only. This modem female is unfit to be a good housewife in a traditional sense. In earlier ages, woman's 'chastity' was adultery within the secure domesticity of her marriage. Now, it is 'lib', the freedom of the womb. The Shakesperean Romeo is a boy friend, a 'guy' liked or hated now.

AIDS spread and it appeared to be a mini-epidemic. The reaction to it was the compulsory use of contraceptives, not sexual restraint because those who advertise their products, which are modern adjuncts of sophisticated flesh trade, cannot suffer commercial losses if men and women go back to a life of sexual chastity.

No one studies Nyaya.. Mimamsa, Sankhya and other such traditional subjects even in India unless a Sanskrit student opts for it. Where in any book of astrology, we call classics, are even hints available to understand management courses, journalism or the complex electronics, information systems, chemistry, physics and cosmetology etc? Is there any research in this area? These patterns are so many and so baffling.

Complex career patterns
A woman who is a pilot, has done a course in landscape painting and is lesbian, destroys all known astrological techniques of predictions when she challenges an astrologer to trace her career pattern, education and 'marriage' without she herself giving a hint about it.

Erosion of traditional areas
All this is because the erosion of traditional values has created a society which should not be called anarchical only because it does not accept old concepts of education, marriage, child-upbringing or the tallying of horoscopes as sacrosanct. Everything must change as the river of Time is never stagnant. The term "heritage" is luminescent sometimes, dismal sometimes.

Confused understanding of 'classics'
The verdict of the bold astrologer of the next Gregorian century (21st) will be that the writers of text books of this century never even understood the uses of the techniques given in what they regarded as 'classics'. Many of the writers of those 'classics' were brilliant astrologers. But they wrote down what were their observations dictated by the circumstances of their times and their own idiosyncrasies which shaped their thinking. The escapist generation of astrologers of succeeding centuries. particularly of this century, mistook them for infallible conclusions.

From that one serious mistake. the next inevitable leap was into greater darkness by the writers of books and editors of astrological journals known for their excessive dogmatism. The result was that even in the seventies of this century a very famous Hindu astrologer wrote that if Saturn was transiting in the 7th house from anyone's lagna, it was a very inauspicious time for marriage.

These writers have contributed nothing to a new and radical re-thinking about those observations. Their own astrology was caught in, "the viewless winds" of their own chaotic understanding of jyotisha. No greater proof of this is needed than to read all the translations and commentaries available on Brihat Parashura Ham Shastra. Brihai: Jataka. Saroartha Chintamani. Maansagari and Saravali. Slavish and irrational has been their dogmatic stand on these books.

They thought that if they ever called those observations as anything other than conclusions. they would create a menagerie of fears for themselves and get gobbled by it. Heretofore. such has been the consensus among these astrologers who were. as though. afraid of looking hideous because they had no research of their own to stimulate fresh thinking without doing much Violence to those ancient texts of astrology. There is absolutely no iota of any difference of opinion in the commentaries written by B. Suryanarain Rao, Subramanya Sastrt. B.V. Raman among them or from the views expressed in older texts.

Both B. Suryanarain Rao and B.V. Raman wrote on Jaimini astrology with serious technical deficiencies. the former never even testing his translation to see that the Pada Lagna can never be in the 6th. 8th or 12th houses from the lagna and. the latter. writing a whole book on Kalachakra Dasna which is totally erroneous even in the method of calculating the dasha. From this poor technical starting point. the book is a series of slips into blunders from the beginning to the end. None of these writers even doubted whether the ancient texts were complete. not corrupt and without any interpolation.

They never even expressed any bold and clear opinion to reconcile what are clear contradictions. To treat those ancient books as classics and then to treat their modern translators-cum-commentators like B. Suryanarain Rao, B.V. Raman and others as modern authorities on those books and as astrologers of high intellectual stature is to perpetuate a dogma. There can never be any logic in the belief that there must be one and only one conclusion flowing from the ancient Shlokas and Sutras.

It is only books of Sheshadri Iyer, K.S. Krishnamurthy based on Nadi Astrology of Meena and "Predicting through Jaimini's Chura Dasha" or "Predicting through Karakamsha and Mandook Dasha" that broke some of these barriers. What remains to be done is staggeringly enormous.

The longevity factor
No single method of calculating the span of life works. Medical progress has made even combinations for balarishta look ridiculous.

Limitations of Trikalagnas
Trikalagnas too have their limitations. They have reached a level of understanding which is far superior to ours. The puny mortals. But they too give different explanations of the phenomena of the world we live in.

It is too elaborate a topic. Enough it is if we remember the great Veda Vyas whom rishis approached before Kaliyuga was to begin.

What, in the corrupt era of Kali would be the nature of the world, religion and society was the question uppermost in their minds.

The great Veda Vyas, said in an unbelievable way that he had no answer as he had not known all the tattwas (elements) of the world! The rishis found it difficult to believe the statement and asked him who was there who understood it. He said only his father Parashara, who we believe rightly or wrongly, gave us jyotisha shastra for our age.

The rishis went to Parashara and asked him what would be the code for Kaliyuga. The Parashara Smriti came to be written giving so many relaxations as are not available in the rigid Manu Smriti

Veda Vyasa admitted that his Divine knowledge was incomplete! Trtkalagnas are far too below in the scale. Below the trikalagnas are the other saints and yogis whose limitations are too many.

Who then can explain the mysteries of His Universe. The answer is HE alone.?

The raucous frog How do you then like the boast of an astrologer who claims to speak like an authority on all the mysteries and inscrutable quirks of human destiny?

Koopa Mandooka the Sanskrit refers to the frog in the well which fancies that it has all the knowledge of the world. Worst of all those who approach the astrologer go with the expectation that he would be able to explain and predict everything. And in course of time you find that the big croaking frog called the astrologer creates his own following of small frogs, the association of frogs, the sponsors of the frogs, the publicity and promotion of the frogs. It is what I seem to have watched through all these decades.

But I am concerned with myself and my limitations. I ran from astrologer to astrologer and found that each one of them had limitations, terrible limitations. Only a few admitted. Others were angry or insolent and arrogant.

Varahamihira's dasha system
A person held a big celebration for Varahamihira some years ago. I asked people to tell me what was the dasha used by this great astrologer. Once, a Jaipur astrologer claimed that he knew it and would reveal it but he never did and is perhaps dead now. Was it all based on traha and rashi bala? If yes, which was the method of calculation he followed out of the four types known to us. How many know that the rashi and graha balas are to be calculated in four ways and not one, as some computers and books give, depending on the details of the birth.

The function was a great success. The television covered it, the newspapers reported and a ubiquitous political dignitary also spoke. Someone was described as modern Varahamihira, titles were distributed, some were honoured traditionally with shawls. No one asked the inconvenient question what was the dasha Varahamihira used.




About the book

You cannot be an astrologer for modern India unless you learn many techniques of Hindu Astrology. The old generation of astrologers techniques of Hindu astrology. The old generation of astrologers gave to the society astrology openly by bringing it out of the houses of pundits. What we owe to that generation is the stage they created for the acceptance of astrology, not technical excellence and notable researches.
Read in these research papers:
1. How mighty men who claim and boast of shaping the destiny of a nation are rarely unware of how planets cause their rise and fall. Understand the importance of elipses in their lives.
2. You wish to own a house? Will you have one?
3. Have you examined your third lord? Your efforts and struggles to rise in life is what must draw your attention now when we are living in a highly competitive world of sciences and technology and the unending rat race with its tensions, agonies but not without some joys of achievements. Have you examined it in your own horoscope?
4. Rahu in the third house helps in ascertaining the undeniable physical facts of your life and more often than not determines your position among your siblings.
5. Rahu in the eleventh house helps in ascertaining the undeniable physical facts of your life and more often than not determines your position among your siblings. It can even show other facts of which you have been oblivious so far.
6. Moon in the 8th house is not the end of the world for you. It may be that lurking goddess in your horoscope who promises to protect. Have you understood that hidden divine grace?
7. Mars in the 8th house is not story of curtailed longevity in all cases. It can even be a blessing and a promise of a long life if some conditions are fulfilled. But when and how?
8. Dreams and omens have more meanings and messages to convey if only you knew and had the wish to read Hindu scriptures keenly



This is the second volume of the Finer Techniques of Predictions series which has become necessary to be brought out so soon because research papers from different issues of the Journal of Astrology are being plagtartsed. It will help expose charlatans and quacks in astrological world of India who seems to spring up like the frogs of the Indian rainy season. Group researches produced so far. first in 1986. on Timing of Marriage guided and written by me (in the issues of the Astrological Magazine), extending the principle of double transit of Saturn and Jupiter. has been brought out in a book form by a group of seven writers with my name being omitted. One should sit down and compare the number of commas and full stops in the papers which were written by me and serialised in the Astrological Magazine to see If In this area they have made any original contribution!! Let me reproduce a part from my introduction to the book Saadhe Saati here:

From the book Saadhe Saati

"Till 1985. most of my researches based on tbe double transit phenoenon had been published. I showed a career's rise and fall.birth of children. of siblings and of marriage. For a replicable and statistical research on marriage, I decided to get produced a research by collecting a group of seven and gave them my parameters but. liked them to use their data which they did mechanically and tabulated them statistically. When it was serialised in the Astrological Magazine my name was always mentioned because it was my research and I guided the group oj seven.

, “1 Our team led by K.N. Rao consists of non-professional only."

2. At page 482 under About the Paper'I WIll be seen that we are making a beginning with only an applicatlon of the double transit principle given by K.N. Rao eertes "Three Stages of Prediction" 'lbe team of seven I had chosen consisted of1) Lalita Gupta, 2) Sood. 3) Poorntrna Joshi three women and four males 4) J.N. 5) S.N. Kapoor. 6) R.K.Misra and 7) M.N.Kedar. The most and hard work in producing it was done by M.N. Kedar.

They have brought it out with some changes and some unconvinc additions in a bookJonn omitting my name. I will not grudge it. I wish them well but surely hope that they will produce some original reseaio of their own. "

Now has come out a more blatant piece of plagiarism in the shape of Advanced Techniques of Astrological Prediction, (1991) which was my first attempt to guide and. in some cases. even rewrite man)' papers. again my name as guide and editor has been omitted. Wi deadly overspill of lies in the sacred field of jyotisha by plunderer should worry those who had hoped that the great tradition of hones: jyotisha would get revived in the astrological renaissance that is takinl place now. It shows why Kaliyuga has a meaning particularly wher from the stage these people quote scriptures. particularly the Ramc/wf( Manas of Tulsidas If a batch of dull and talentless fellows who took astrology only to satisfy their ego can induluge in such self aggrendizinig lies how can one be sure of the future of astrology to be safe? It hiC been going without a sense of shame and remorse-the act of repotting the plants of fraud in the fertile field of astrology. One batch of astrology research students replaces another as our training in astrology in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan classes shows better and better students preparing to prove their merit in what hal become a great hope in the encircling gloom of frauds in the world d astrology.

Group researches are of two types: one by different writters on different subjects as in the two volumes of Finer Techniques ri Astrological Predictions Volume One already published and r# Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions Volume Two. '!It other is all writers writing on one subject as in the book. Saadhe saati Between these volumes of the Finer Techniques of AstroloPl' Predictions came out a book containing research papers produced students on one subject and is now in the market Saadhe Saati students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. New Delhi.

Something about the contents

1. Fifteen Prime Ministers of India - their rise and fall

It may be the most original research in mundane astrology to have been produced in this century(twentieth century). It has been plagiarised by six writers till now, five in Hindi and one in English. In the English version, I learn, the plagiarism is total as it is when the paper appeared in the Journal of Astrology July-September issue of 1997. Mr. Mishra a reader in the University of Agra at Agra, told me that he was surprised to see the entire research of mine lifted and when he asked the thief about it, he replied that he had done this research independently. Why then the same language, Mishra told me, he asked the plagiarist who had no answer. It is necessary for students of astrology to read this paper if they want to do mundane astrology soundly to predict the rise and fall of Prime Ministers in India or, for that matter, of the rise and fall of important politictans anywhere in the world to positions of power. Then this research should be carried on further with more observations added to it. This will help a sincere and genuine astrologer avoid the type of preposterous pseudo astrological trumpet-blowing of L.D .Madan who once predicted that Jyoti Basu of Bengal would become Indian Prime Minister. When and how was it ever possible astrologically is what L.D.Madan never explained creating an inevitable impression that his astrology is more a record of guesses and wild ranting than even elementarily sound. He hangs the thread of his dubious astrological prognostications on the information fed to him or what he collects from interested petty political intriguers of Delhi. More significant is that one should know under what planetary promise a politician shifts from state politics to the central political scene and vice versa. For men like Madan it is beyond their grasp, range or abilities. In the letters to the editor to the column of the 1985 January issue of the Astrological Magazine Dr. Raman published many letters exposing the fraudulent claims of Madan. A writer exposed Madan by quoting his prediction assuring and reassuring readers that Indira Gandhi, who according to his faulty calculation of her span of life and pseudo-astrology, would die a peaceful death after a fairly long life. Now, in some interviews to the press he claims that he had predicted her death. To this he adds that he had done so in the case of Rajiv Gandhi too which again he missed as he must because he has yet to learn the rudiments of the calculation of the span of one's life. Sometime in early eighties Surya edited by Maneka Gandhi had a long nasty piece on the go-between activities of Madan with Dhirendra Bhrahmachari and the mother of Maneka Gandhi. The late J.e. Luthra showed it to me and warned me to avoid this man who, through such activities, has brought down the level of astrological morality so low, so abysmally low.

Mundane astrology in India, particularly in Delhi, is of so very poor a standard at the moment that the horoscope of the present Indian Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee is still being discussed with Tula lagna in some television programmes and even in a book with a 1925 or 1926 birth. I have been using 25 December 1924 at 5/45 a.m. making very highly successful predictions about him for a decade now, from almost 1990. In a biography of Atal Behari Vajpai in Hindi the horoscope given is of Vrischika lagna. It bas been taken from family records which is what astrologers should not overlook. Then they should come out with their own analysis and arguments if they want to reject Vrischika lagna. Here is the correct horoscope.

If Atal Behari Vajpayee has Rahu in the tenth aspected by SatUI1l from the lagna with the tenth lord Moon debilitated in the second house he would have become an infamous man is what these astrologers discussing the wrong horoscope with Tula cannot see. This would then become the horoscope of India's most notorious charlatan in astrology. Now in a biography of Atal Behari Vajpayee in Hindi the original horoscope taken from family records has been published with Vrischika as the lagna.With Vrischika as the lagna and the tenth house receiving the aspect of Jupiter from the lagna and Moon and the association of Jupiter and the tenth lord, Sun, in Dhanu gives to him the image he has, of an ideal and charismatic leader-the feeble but appealing hero in the crowd of clowns, charlatans, hypocrites and corrupt men who also corrupt others in the politics of India. Atal Behari Vajpayee stands out as a lone flicker of idealism in this pall of hypocrisy. During the years the Congress party ruled, corruption became an inerasible tradition which Indira Gandhi justified by describing it as a "world phenomena ", And now, with the dominant Hindujmtnded parties in charge of the central government. there is cultural and international hypocrisy, with indigestible doses of Hindu fundamentalism to make it all look like patriotism. What is the reality? Talk of Swadeshi but encourage multi-nationals who can turn Valentine's Day into a national festivals for the sex starved Indian teenager: talk of ancient Indian culture and sciences and do just nothing to help the cause of the revival of astrological traditions of ancient and sacred times. Some modern tendencies visible in Indian life deserve astrological scrutiny and research now. Multinational cross cultural attractions, pulls, distractions and sexual exploitation in which woman's body is a cheap and attractive commercial commodity must become a subject of mundane astrology.
2. Owning a House It is a most useful research for modern India when people want to own houses which are easily available with housing societies. It is the first comprehensive research of this century (20th) on this subject Students of research are busy taking other aspects of house building as each subject of research in astrology becomes vaster and vaster and brilliant minds begin to grapple with the subject.
3. Third Lord the miracle baba?
It is the third lord that helps one rise above life's obstacles and therefore the third lord is the miracle baba. Collapse of traditional occupations with children in jobs different from their parents has led to newer avenues of rise and struggle. A question which arises and always needs tackling is if a person has will to fight and survive in the rather cruel competitive world of technology and industry. The importance of the third lord gets added importance in this context.
4. Success Through Self-Efforts
Both the third and the fourth papers should be read together for a total view of one's ability to rise through self efforts.
5. Rahu in the 3rd House: a group research Like the other linked paper, (Rahu in the 11 th house) these useful papers should be made use for the verifying a horoscope and predictions. If a sound research statistical research gets formulated Into a rule of prediction further research should be done to see when and how exceptions occur. And, if they occur, as must happen what new meaning is now available.
6. Rahu In The Eleventh House Like all other papers in this book, it is a very original and stimulating research.
7. Moon in the Eighth House It is wrong to make breezy predictions on the basis of the presence of the Moon in the 8th house. When such a Moon is like a Goddess protecting a person must be understood and appreciated. There areprotecttve shields available in every horoscope without looking at which to jump to a prediction on mere presence of Moon in the eight house is not astrology but a dangerous superstition.
7. Mars in the 8th house. It is an area which should always be examined critically. What effect it has on longevity is one question, but not the only question which astrologers should pay attention to.
8. An Insight Into Dreams Long before Freud, Jung or Adler probed into dreams. India's Puranas went into them and came out with original and stimulating findings which takes into account its analysis paranormal dreams which have truth inherent in them. It was Carl Jung who hinted at them and called them veridical dreams but in the west where rising above sleep-food and sex is a very Herculean challenge for the society, veridical dreams remain uninvestigated till today or have not found any widespread recognition.
About the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan 1. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi which has grown into the largest school of astrology in the world after its modest beginning in 1987 has now more than five hundred and fifty students.
2. It has produced more researches in astrology that all other known astrologers of India during the last nine decades of the twentieth century. Members of the Institute of Astrology of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan have written more than thirty five books in a period of less than six year beginning from 1993.
3. It runs the best and the only research journal devoted to research in astrology in India, may be in the world, the Journal of Astrology. The contributors of research papers to the paper are relatively unknown writers because few years ago they were students here. The researches they produce are first discussed in groups in research classes, presented in seminars and then published in the Journal of Astrology. These new writers are relatively new in the predictive side of astrology but technically sound, much better equipped technically than the familiar pandits one sees in India.
4. A tradition started to put astrology on sound footing academically has yielded desired results.






1 Introduction 5
2 Saturn-Ketu Conjunctions India and The World 18
3 Entry of Venus in Gemini - a trying time for government in India 46
4 Saturn Sorrow and Splendour - A Pauranic View 63
5 Mars in Puranas 74
6 Upgrahas and Mental Maladies 79
7 Don't be afraid of Mrityubhaga - i 96
8 The American 'Princer' Dies (JFK Junior) 112
9 Mrityubhag - II 119
10 Mrityubhag - III 123
11 Mrityubhag - IV 128
12 Ketu in the 5th House 138
13 Ketu in the 9th House 150
14 Saturn Mars Combinations and The Kshatriya Personality 164
15 Astro sketch of Dr. Rajendra Prasad 185
  Books by Vani Publications 244


Contents for Vol-II


1 Preface 7
2 Fifteen prime Minister of India 14
3 Owing a House 47
4 The Third Lord 77
5 Success through Self-efforts 85
6 Rahu in the 3rd House-a group research 94
7 Rahu in the Eleventh House 125
8 Moon in the Eighth House 139
9 Mars in the Eighth House 178
10 An insight into Dreams 200
  Books by Vani Publications 207

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