An Evening in Lucknow: Selected Stories of K.A. Abbas

An Evening in Lucknow: Selected Stories of K.A. Abbas

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Item Code: NAD480
Author: K. A. Abbas and Suresh Kohli
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789350291023
Pages: 266
Cover: Paperback
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About The Author

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (1914-87) was a prolific political commentator, short story writer, novelist, scriptwriter and a film-maker who preferred to call himself a communicator. He published seventy-three books in English, Urdu and Hindi, including an engaging autobiography, I Am Not an Island, and two semi-autobiographical novels, Inquilab and The World Is My Village, detailing contemporary Indian history. His works have been translated into several Indian and foreign languages including Russian, German, Arabic, Italian and French. Abbas received several state and national honours, including the Padma Shri in 1969, and was involved in the making of sixty Hindi films. Suresh Kohli (b. 1947) is a poet, writer, translator, editor, literary critic and film historian with more than twenty-five published works. He is also a short and documentary film-maker, with over a hundred films to his credit. He lives in Delhi. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas was that rare Hindi film-maker who had an equally successful career as a journalist, novelist and short-story writer.

This collection brings together seventeen of his best-known stories, from ‘The Sparrows’, which nearly every schoolchild in India has read, to ‘The Umbrella’, a quiet tale of a modest proof-reader in Mumbai vying for the attention of a European girl. True to his view that ‘writing inspires not only social reform but also social revolution’, Abbas writes of caste and class exploitation, and of superstition, with an unerring sense of timing and irony. In

‘The Sword of Shiva’, an untouchable saves the life of a young girl, in ‘An Evening in Lucknow’, a nasals son attempts to shake off the apathy that is part of his lineage, in ‘Sylvia’ a nurse finds solace with her patients in the absence of family—in each of these stories we recognize the voice of reason, of a strong social conscience, and above all, a deep sense of compassion for human frailty Drawing upon his rich experience in journalism and film-making, Abbas explores in his stories, situations both real and imagined. The partition of India and Pakistan, the new nationalism of the mid-twentieth century, the struggles centered on race and gender discrimination all over the boric—Abbas writes with equal felicity of both home and the world, constantly reinforcing his belief that ‘the improvement of mater mission of a writer’.


The Sparrows 1
Flowers for Her Feet 10
Sylvia 36
The Miracle of Prajapur 47
The Sword of Shiva 59
The Flag 74
The Dumb Cow 79
An Evening in Lucknow 92
June in December 105
The New Temple 114
Three Women 124
The Umbrella 128
The Green Motor Car 139
The Black Sun 151
The Rock and the Dream 187
The Madness of Man 205
Revenge 215
PS Section 227
An Introduction 229
A Letter 236
The Medium Is the Message 241
Man and Superman 250
An Interview 258
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