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Author: Shriram M. Chauthaiwale and Dr. Ramesh Kolluru
Publisher: Sri Sri Publications Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9789380592749
Pages: 244
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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What is Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Mathematics is ancient system of mathematics which was formulated and encapsulated in modern from by jagadguru Swami Bharthi Krishna Tirtha ji. He is the 143rd Shankaracharya of Goverdhan Peeth, Pur. He formulated sixteen sutras and thirteen upasutras. These sutras can be applied effectively in conventional mathematics for faster solutions than the methods usually being.

Why should one know Vedic mathematics?

The solution of the problem can be viewed in different dimensions, providing variety of ways to get the answer which is derived in a simple, fast and accurate manner.

How effective are Vedic math techniques?

Multiplication tables up to 5 are sufficient to solve a problem in Vedic Maths. It has the capability of performing multiple operations at one time-Vedic mathematics optimally utilizes both hemi-spheres of the brain is the seat of language and processes in a logical and sequential order, while the right side is visual(spatial), intuitive, random booting of memory and concentration.

Will it support school curriculum?

The Vedic Maths methods are parallel and supplemental to the school study. It does not confuse the child. Vedic Maths focus is on mastering the core skills that a child needs: to be successful in secondary education and beyond.The course syllabus can be designed dynamically in tandem with the school curriculum. This helps developing the mental abilities of a child. We can custom design Vedic Maths course according to the school academic requirements.

Will Vedic Maths be useful for higher classes?

Yes, concepts such as Quadratic Equations Simulatneous Equations, Trigonometry and even Calculus have been mad simple and easier Vedic mathematics.

Will Vedic Maths help a student to minimize careless mistakes?

In Vedic mathematics the one-line mental formulae have an inbuilt series o verifying methods. Therefore the chance for a wrong answer is minimized.

About the Authors

Shriram M. Chauthaiwale M.Sc. B.Ed working as lecturer in Mathematics since 30 years. He published 3 books on history of mathematics and 1 on Vedic mathematics with CD. 20 odd research papers published in national and international journals and conferences. Numerous articles in news papers and magazines. All india radio talk and Doodarshan T.V. program on Vedic Mathematics since 2008.

Dr. Ramesh completed M.Sc. and Ph.D in Statistics from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Worked as a Technical consultant for software development for one year, but his fascination for numbers found a creative channel when he joined as the Head of Vedic Mathematics Department, Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth (VVMVP) The Art of Living Foundation in July 2006.

Trained more than 120 teachers in Vedic Mathematics. Taken Vedic Mathematics (classroom and online) courses for national and international participants. Had given talk on Vedic Mathematics in World Space Radio.


In India higher and evolved forms of mathematics were in practice since the Vedic times as well seen through the instances found in the Vedas and related literature.

Swami Bharthi Krisna Tirtha (143rd Shankaracharya of Govardhana Peeth, Puri) derived 16 Sutras and 13 Upa-sutras which can be universally applied in various disciplines of mathematics. He followed the same tradition while explaining mathematics principles and procedueres.

These Sutras were found to be very effective and enjoyable, with the help of which many mathematics operations ranging from simple addition-subtraction to more difficult topics like Algebra, Differentiation, Integration, Trigonometry an Gemotry can be solved with ease. He gave his methods the name Vedic Mathematics through many misunderstand Vedic Mathematics to being the mathematical concepts enumerated in the Vedas.

The Beauty of Vedic Mathematics is it approaches through simple and direct, single line, non-monotonic, multi-choice, direction independent and faster methods unlike conventional mathematics. This definitely leaves behind wide options in the methodologies to be chosen. Vedic maths ensures a balanced utility of both the right and left brain (logic and creativity respectively). Through Vedic Mathematics the path to infinite wisdom on maths is enjoyable and creative.


Brief History on Indian Mathematics
1.1 Numbers and Arithmetic 11
1.2 Algebra 12
1.3 Geometry 13
  Intorduction to Vedic Mathematics 17
2.1 Life and works of Bharati Krishna Teertha Ji 17
2.2 Art of Living' and Vedic Mathematics 21
2.3 Advantages of Vedic Mathematics 22
  Sutras 24
3.1 Meaning of the Sutras 24
3.2 Sapta Sutrani (Seven Sutras) 27
3.3 Pancha Upsutrani (Five Upasutra) 29
3.4 Other UpSutras 31
  Fundamental Concepts 33
  Definations 33
4.1 Complement of the number (Purakanka) 34
4.2 Digital Root of the Number 36
4.3 Vinculum Numbers 37
4.4 Normal toVinculum Conversion 38
4.5 Vinculum to Normal Conversion 40
4.6 Multiplication Tables 40
  Operators 42
  Additon 48
5.1 Place-wise Addition Method 48
5.2 Addition by Shuddha Method 50
  Subtraction of the Numbers 53
6.1 Subtraction by Shuddha Method 53
6.2 Vinculum Subtraction 56
6.3 Simultaneous Addition and Substraction 58
  Urdhvatiryak Multiplication 60
7.1 Single Digit Multiplier 61
7.1.1 1 x 1 Multiplication 61
7.1.2 2 x 1 Multiplication 61
7.1.3 3 x 1 Multiplication 63
7.1.4 4 x 1 Multiplication 64
7.2 Two-Digit Multiplier 66
7.2.1 2 x 2 Multiplication 66
7.2.2 3 x 2 Multiplication 68
7.2.3 4 x 2 Multiplication 70
7.3 Three-Digit Multiplier 71
7.3.1 3 x 3 Multiplication 71
7.3.2 4 x 3 Multiplication 73
7.4 Four-Digit Multiplier 75
7.4.1 4 x 4 Multiplication 75
7.5 Decimal Number Multiplications 77
  Multiplications 80
  (Some Special Cases) 80
8.1 Antyayordashke'pi_10 Multiplication 81
8.2 Antyayordashke'pi_100 Multiplication 84
8.3 Antyayordashke'pi_1000 Multiplication 86
8.4 Multiplier is 9,99,999 or 9999 88
8.4.1 Equal number of digits in multiplicand and Multiplier 88
8.4.2 Lesser number of digits ni multiplicand 91
  Alogorithim 91
8.4.3 Multiplicand with grater number of digits 92
8.5 Multiplication by 11 94
8.6 Multiplication by 101 96
8.7 Multiplication by 1001 98
  Sum of Products & Product of Sums 101
9.1 The Sum of Products: Single digit multiplier 101
9.2 Sum of Products: Two digit multiplier 104
9.3 Sum of Products: Three and Four digit multiplier 107
9.4 Sum of Products of Decimal number 109
9.5 The Product of Sums and differences 111
  Base Multiplication 116
10.1 Definitions  
10.2 (a) Near to base 10 118
10.2 (b) Near to working base m x 10 120
10.3 (a) Near to base 100 122
10.3 (b) Near to working base m x 100 123
10.4 (a) Near to base 1000 124
10.4 (b) Near to working base m x 1000 126
10.05 Very near numbers (Nikhilam Method) 127
  Squares 131
11.1 Anurupyena Method 131
11.2 Duplex Method 133
11.2 (a) Square of two-digit number 134
11.2 (b) Square of three-digit number 136
11.2 (c) Square of four-digit number 138
11.3 Square of the number by Nikhilam method 139
11.4 Square of Number ending with 5 142
11.5 Squares of numbers near 50, 500 or 5000 143
  Sum/Products of Squares 146
12.1 Duplex Method for Sum and Difference of Squares 146
12.2 Nikhilam Method for Sum and difference of Squares 149
12.3 Multiplication with squares of a Number 152
  Cubes 156
13.1 Anurupyena Method for Cube of number 156
13.2 Sum or Difference of Cubes 159
13.3 Nikhilam Method for Cube of Number 160
13.4 Product with Cubes of Two digit Numbe 164
  Dhajanka Division 167
14.1 Division with Single Digit Divisor 167
14.2 Division with Two Digit Divisor 170
14.3 Division with Three Digit Divisor 174
14.4 Division with Four Digit Divisor 177
  Division of Sums/Products 180
15.1 Division of Sums 181
15.2 Division of Product 185
15.3 Division of Sums of Products 189
15.4 Division of Product of Sums 192
15.5 Division of Squares and Cubes 194
  Square Roots of Number 197
16.1 Facts of Note 197
16.2 Square Roots by Vilokanam 199
16.3 Square Roots by Dwandvayoga Method 201
16.4 Square Roots of Sum or Product of Numbers 250
16.5 Square Roots of Sums of Squares 208
  Cube Roots 211
17.1 Facts of Note 211
17.2 Cube Roots by Vilokanam 213
17.3 Cube Roots by Division Method 215
  Divisibility 220
18.1 Divisibility Test for 2,4 and 8 221
  Test for 2 221
  Test for 4 221
  Test for 8 222
18.2 Divisibility Test for 3 and 6 222
  Test for 3 222
  Test for 6 223
18.3 Divisibility Test for 5 and 10 223
18.4 Divisibility Test for divisor ending in 9 223
  Test for divisor ending in 9 224
18.5 Divisibility Test for divisor ending in 3 227
  Test of divisor ending in 3 228
18.6 Divisibility Test divisor ending in 1 231
  Test for divisor ending in 1 231
18.7 Divisibility Test divisor ending in 7 234
  Test of divisor ending in 7 234
18.8 Divisibility of Sums and Products 237

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