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Elements of Indian Aesthetics: Volume II (Two Streams of Indian Arts: Part II - The Tantrika Iconography)

Elements of Indian Aesthetics: Volume II (Two Streams of Indian Arts: Part II - The Tantrika Iconography)
Item Code: IDG010
Author: S. N. Ghoshal Sastri
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Edition: 1983
Pages: 180 (Fig: 27)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.0" X 9.0"
About the Author:

Born in an orthodox Brahmana family of Bengal and educated traditionally in Varanasi, Dr. S.N. Ghoshal Sastri started his carrier as a teacher of a Sanskrit Institution and an editor of the Chaukhambha Sanskrit Series, Varanasi.

During the time, he had the privilege to sit under the feet of some celebrated scholars of the time; like Mm. Pramthantha Tarkabhusana, Mm. Balakrsna Misra and Mm. Gopinath Kaviraj.
He took active part in the '42 Movement and went underground as a suspect of the Chukaghat-case, Varanasi; that provided him a chance to learn English.

Acquitted of the alleged charge, he completed university education from B. H. U. and joined Visva-Bharati with an experience of a Sanskrit lecturer for 12 years in Jaunpur and Varanasi, U.P. He was entrusted with teaching & editing MSS. In the Dept. of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrita. In addition to his normal duties, he extended cooperation to other departments, like Philosophy, Education and Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology.

As a veteran teacher and seasoned manuscriptologist, he edited two Urtexts on Indian Aesthetics of the Scholastic School as well as the Neo-Rasa-Scholastic School as well as the Neo-Rasa-School. He had the honour of compiling and publishing the Ist volume of the Descriptive Catalogues of Sanskrit MSS. Deposited in the Sanskrit MSS. Section, Vidya-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.

Now, as an inmate of poet Tagore's hermitage, Santiniketan; he dovoted his life to present the country a complete work on Indian Aesthetics, ventilating its three major streams; Poetry, Arts and Music, extracting their fundamental principles of 'one-in-Two,' from the Yamala stream of the Tantra-Sastra.

Dr. S. N. Gghoshal Sastri, M.A.; B.T.; Ph.D.;
Kavya-Vyakaranatirhta, Sahitya-sastri,
Reader, Department of Sasnkrit, Pali & Prakrta
Hony. Editor, Sanskrit MSS. Visva-Bharati: Santiniketan, West Bengal, India



PART II (A & B).

Tantrika Iconography: The Pratimadhikaranga of the Pingalamata from the Fayadratha-yamala, a stream of the Brahma-yamala under the Bhairava-stream.


Text and Translation:

Fascicule I: Wood for images and system of measurement 157-177
Fascicule II: Murti-nirmana or Art of Image-making 177-235
Evaluation: The Source Mss. And their influences: 236-244
Chapter I: Myths Behind the Siva-Tandava: 245-253
Chapter II: The Earliest Image of Nataraja: 254-264
Chapter III: Two Streams of Indian Fine Arts: 265-277
Chapter IV: Chronology of Tantrika Art: 278-287
Chapter V: Images of Nataraja devised by the South Indian School: 288-296
Index 1
Bibliography & Abbreviation 11
Errata 15

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