Easy Guide To Reiki

Easy Guide To Reiki

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Author: Dr. Rekha Kake
Publisher: Fusion Books
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788189605933
Pages: 181(48 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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About the Author

Dr. Rekhaa Kale has been teaching Reiki since 1992. She has developed Acu-Reiki and Reiki-dowsing methods that are briefly briefly discussed here. Due to her dedication to Reiki and her deep meditations, she has been able to establish astral communication with the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui.

About the book (About Reiki)

Reiki is an ancient Japanese science of healing. It involves the use of REI means universal light and KI means life force and energy governing all functions in the universe. This helps you ‘real all kinds of problems by touch or thought.

This is just a complementary aid to medicine that one can use with REJU, i.e. attunement or initiation. Without initiation one cannot use it effectively. Those who try to practice this just by reading a book may get only a part of the healing effect that will be initiated with their own energy, not the universal life force.

Here, I have tried to give detailed information about all the levels of Reiki that any seeker needs to know. This means, this book can be treated as a detailed Reiki learning manual. I have been using this manual in my Reiki classes since 1996. Now have brought it for all of you. The Reiki teachers can use this as a manual of Reiki class with my permission too!

Apart from the traditional Reiki information, there is the information about ADVANCED Reiki, i.e. the additional level of Reiki that I have added that includes the symbols that Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki,. personally gave me ACU-Reiki and Reiki-DOWSING, the methods that I have developed, easy Reiki meditations, basic anatomy and above all an easy glossary of healing.

Also,. I am giving some research work, achievements and symbols received by our foundations students who are, now successful Reiki teachers.

This book has come with blessings and orders of Dr. Mikao Usui and other ascended masters that guide me. Thanks Reiki! Thanks Dr. Usuit Thanks students!


Reiki is the universal life force that exists everywhere. We experience its presence at all the times. Different people call it by different names and know it in different forms. This energy runs the whole universe. It is LOVE OF GOD ALIVE! It is just there irrespective of recognition or imagination as sun, moon and air that are present everywhere. IT IS ABOVE ALL RELIGIONS!

Our body systems are designed to have an access to this force. This is the reason why whenever we have any pain, we automatically place our hand over the paining area. Our body mechanism is designed to heal by placing the hand over the ailing area, just as the systems of animals are designed to heal their ailing area by licking it continuously!

Due to our ignorance, we are not able to establish this access. Due to disuse, many people also lose this ability to establish connection with this energy. This is why though simple to use, many cannot use this energy in their daily routine. To regain this wonderful power we need to undergo a complete training and have the connection to this power restored during this. training, by a. simple procedure known as attunement that is given as a part of Reiki training. This is where the Reiki teacher comes into the picture.

A Reiki teacher re-establishes the contact of the student with the universal life force by way of a process known attunement or initiation. This process lets you access to Life force end even transmit it to others for healing. As one is attuned, one may have some unique experiences. These vary from- person to person. But that does not make this science objective and imaginary. The Reiki attunement enables you to heal not to initiate. But the Reiki healer finds a transformed life!


Benefits of Reiki
1 History of Reiki 12
2 How and from whom To Learn Reiki20
3 What is healing 22
4 How to heal 24
5 Who can heal at what. stage 26
6 What is attunement 29
7 Reiki-1 manual 31
8 Reiki-2 manual 61
9 Reiki-3 manual 74
10 Reiki-advanced manual 82
11 Achievements by our teachers 134
12 Dr. Usui’s handwritten text 144
13 Usui Reiki hikkei 147
14 Dr. Hayashi’s Reiki manual 156
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