Dental (Diseases and Their Homeopathic Treatment)

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Item Code: NAS335
Author: Dr. Kamal Kansal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788131902851
Pages: 64 (6 B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description

About the Book

The book by Dr. Kamal Kansal deals with the various diseases of teeth, jaws and tongue and incorporates the homeopathic remedies valuable for these conditions along with their indications. Apart from the treatment it also advises the preventive measures to keep the teeth and oral cavity healthy. This book will guide the readers to take total care of their teeth as well as of their entire family.

  • Book for the public at large
  • Treatment as well as preventive measures have been explained
  • Abookin easy to understand comprehensive language
    • About the Author

      Dr. Kamal Kansal did his graduation from NHMC, Delhi and received medal from Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi and Dr. Kaura Lal Ram Krishan Sachdeva Memorial Award for good academic performance. He is founder of Homoeopathic Education Forum and Editor of ‘Homoeopathic Up-date.' He has written various articles and has enriched the homeopathic literature by his monumental work. In the recognition of his literary contribution and dedication to homeopathy, he has been awardéd B. Jain International Award {Gold Medal) in Homeopathy for the year 1993 and a ‘Special Award’ for the year 1994.


      Teeth, jaws and tongue together perform various significant activities like helping in making sound, chewing and swallowing food, getting taste, etc. To accomplish these tasks and to build an attractive personality through a better health, it is necessary to have a healthy mouth.

      Keeping the mouth healthy is necessary right from the birth. A healthy mouth can help the body to discharge its functions effectively.

      To achieve all this, there should be an effort to know the diseases and problems of teeth, jaws and tongue; their simple treatment, preventive care, etc.

      This booklet will guide the parents to take total care of their own teeth as well as their children’s. It will also give advice as to when to consult a dentist and will help to follow his advice far more effectively.


      Let me first of all thank my publishers for extending to me an opportunity to undertake the translation of this booklet into English. This booklet was primarily written in Hindi by an eminent homeopath, Dr. Kamal Kansal.

      Here I wish to express in brief how this booklet has impressed and inspired me to accomplish my work sincerely for the benefit of all. Before beginning my task as a translator, I went through the whole book to acquire a prior knowledge about the subject. I immediately found it highly useful for a family. It yields an extensive knowledge about various diseases of teeth along with their symptoms and gives complete description of the useful homeopathic remedies. Under its guidance, one can easily cure common dental diseases occurring in day- to-day life and can thus keep the doctor away. And for emergency cases, do’s and don’ts have been advised.

      It will not be an exaggeration if I call this booklet "a family physician". Always with you and for you in need. Keeping it in your home will prove immensely useful and stand you in good stead. Hence it is a must for every home the world over.

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