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Delhi Historical Glimpses

Delhi Historical Glimpses
Item Code: NAE333
Author: R.V.Smith
Publisher: Aryan Books International
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788173053696
Pages: 127 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch x 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 500 gms
About the Book

Everyone coming to the beautiful historic city of Delhi is fascinated by its wealth of cultural heritage from the ordinary settlements to the imperial precincts. It is almost like a never-ending dialogue to know more about the cultural and architectural heritage of the city.

The book gives the facets of a historical city, with its monuments and the legends connected with ii. This is, however, not just another book on Delhi. It links the monuments, and many neighbourhoods of the city, with events in history. Most of the contents are related to the medieval period, though one will find scattered references to the dim past peeping out of the crust of the latter-day events.

One has to give credit to the brilliance of the author, R.V. Smith, whose passion for several years has been to discover and collect stories and legends about the histories of Delhi’s many monuments, known and unknown.

The book is thus a valuable addition to the literature on the Capital.

About the Author

Ronald Vivian Smith, former News Editor of The Statesman, has been writing historical and other articles since 1958. Author of the Delhi that No-one Knows, Tales the Monuments Tell, Uncanny Tales and Jasmine Nights & The Taj, a romantic novel, he has also brought out three collections of his poems. Smith has also contributed special columns like Then & Now, Quaint Corner and Quaint Places to The Statesman and Down Memory Lane to The Hindu. He has also co-authored North India: The Christian Link with his father. Born in 2938, R.V. Smith’s latest interest is films on Delhi’s monuments and the walled city.


This book on Delhi gives the facets of a historical city, with its monuments and the legends connected with it. Where else could one find a better dwelling place for Clio than the ‘eternal Capital’, which is as old as history itself and at par with the Luxor of the pharaohs and the Athens of the Greeks? Most of the contents, however, are related to the medieval period, though you will find scattered references to the dim past peeping out of the crust of latter-day events. Delhi lures the heart like a beloved who can never be forgotten — affectionate no doubt, but a proud entity who cannot be the mistress of anyone, no matter how great and powerful. One is supposed to just admire her many nuances down the memory lane and take her to heart, if not to bed.

These articles, the labour of many years, have appeared in the ‘Down Memory Lane’ and ‘Quaint Corner’ columns of The Hindu and The Statesman, with sketches by my son Tony. My heartfelt gratitude to the two newspapers and to my father, the late Thomas Smith, who inculcated in my brothers and me art intense love for history, particularly in the Golden Triangle comprising Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Perhaps some of our infatuation may get rubbed on to the reader too.


Pre-Moghul Period
1Forgotten medieval new delhi3
2Tomb of a genius Amir khusrau5
3Lost ambience of hauz khas7
4Glazed mystery in dome10
5Ship-shaped place12
6Arabic sultana's dream14
7Mosque of the windows16
8Lies here the sultan18
9Bahlol lodhi's tomb in chirag delhi20
10Fortress of the barber22
11Bridging fact and fiction24
12Bhuli bhatyari: The fair inn-keeper26
13Well among skyscrapers29
Moghul era
14Khan-e-khanan's tomb33
15Here rest the moghuls35
16Moghul treasure37
17A Babari mosque40
18Mysterious fobidden gate42
20Ghalib's tomb: The muse's bower46
21Oudh's link with delhi48
22Robert clive's pensioner50
23Lal bangla of lal kanwar52
24The swings of sawan55
25A market full of spices57
26The shoe-sellers Riot59
27Lane of royal cooks near jama masjid61
28Delhi's agra bazar64
29The amazons of delhi66
Faith & piety
30Where girsl pray: Mazar of bibi fatima71
31Matka pir hazrat azmat sheikh74
32The legacy of a pir77
33Drinking to the deity79
34site of secret ritual81
35Kalkaji temple83
36Bela's Smadhi85
37Gurdwara in the palace of raja jai singh87
38Rakabganj gurdwara: When nature Frowned89
39Abode of the matas near rouse Avenue91
40Mast Qalandar93
41Delhi's Parsi connexion95
42Still surviving on gossip98
43Grotto of our lady100
44Burning day and night102
45Sari for the virgin104
European legacy
46Sikandar sahib109
47Muztar and azad112
48Armenian connexion115
49The french connexion117
50Good old halls of the raj120

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