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Cutting More Ties That Bind

Cutting More Ties That Bind
Item Code: NZW351
Author: Phyllis Krystal's
Publisher: Sai Towers Publishing, Bangalore
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788178990934
Pages: 225
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.31 kg
About The Book

This is the sequel to "Cutting the Ties that Bind"and contains advanced information that can be used to release ourselves from more complex systems that program behaviour. These include familiar and national custom — things we do without even thinking about them. This is the book that will make us "see" what we are doing; it will help us release thought forms; it will help us be the kind of parents we wish we had! This is a book of effective self-awareness that opens the door to a lifestyle of self-assured and happy people.


In the first book, readers are shown how to detach themselves from the more obvious outer security symbols or controlling factors in their lives, such as parents, teachers, family members, partners and friends, as well as material objects and aims such as money, jobs, cars, houses and various addictions.

But, after a person is free from these outer controls, there are many inner ones, to be released. These include inherited characteristics, character traits, familial behavioural patterns, religious and family affections, and a multitude of other influences to which we are heir as soon as we are born and take our place as members of a family.

After the first book had come out, specific techniques were forthcoming which clearly belonged in another book —this one.

Both my previous books had been started during visits to see Sathya Sai Baba in India. While staying at his ashram, I was able to concentrate for long uninterrupted periods, which is rarely the case during my very busy life at home, when my days are full, working with people individually, conducting seminars, answering the many letters and telephone calls requesting help, in addition to running a house and carrying out the duties of wife, mother, grandmother and friend. So, again, I decided to start the actual writing of this book on our next visit to Baba.

When we arrived in India, I discovered that the stage had already been set. Baba's very first question was, 'How is the new book and what is the title?' At that time I had given no thought to the choice of a title and was startled by the question which, from Baba's amused expression, was quite obviously his intention. I replied that it would probably be something like, Cutting the Ties that Bind, Part Two. On hearing this, he made a wry grimace and shook his head, indicating that he was not at all happy with that suggestion. He elaborated by saying, 'Swami does not like that at all.' So I quickly mentioned that my husband had chosen the titles for the first two books. Sidney replied that he could not provide a title until he had read the book, and it was only just being started. With that, Baba turned back to me with a questioning look, so I quickly asked him if he would supply the title. He smilingly agreed, saying, 'Swami will.' But how or when he would do so I had no idea. I was well aware that he would not necessarily tell me verbally, since he invariably discourages people from relying too heavily on his physical form or spoken word. Instead, he expects them to seek within, to receive their answers from the inner spark of divinity, what I have learned to call the High C. I, therefore, concentrated on writing the book and put the title out of my mind for the time being.

In addition to Baba's direct personal encouragement, I was given other very practical aids to allow me to concentrate on the task with minimal distractions. We had made an arrangement with an American couple to occupy our room at the ashram in our absence, which they had been doing since Baba's sixtieth birthday in November 1985. They had supervised tiling the floors to make it easier to clean in that very dusty place and the installation of-netting at the open windows as protection from the voracious mosquitoes and other little creatures flying around in search of victims.


In my first book, Cutting the Ties That Bind, I set forth a method of counselling based on the understanding that our true identity is not, as many people believe, the temporary and imperfect body or the personality. It is much more than that. It is the inner, permanent and perfect Self which I refer to as the High C — the Higher Consciousness. Most people are unaware of It because It is hidden from sight,' unlike the outer physical form.

The method given in this book is designed to help individuals make contact with this inner reality and allow It to guide them in their daily lives as only It is wise enough to do.

The techniques and symbols employed can help those who choose to use them to cut the ties to any controlling factors which prevent them from following the directions of their High C. These include people, things, desires and beliefs and thought-systems that have control over them.

We cannot serve two masters, nor can we be guided solely by the High C, our one reliable inner mentor, until the distraction or control by all the other security symbols is removed. Only then can we know who we really are and be at peace.

Since this method was first defined, there have been many new developments.

I have been working more extensively with children and teenagers and, in the process, it has become apparent that the work can be very helpful in raising and educating children. But so that this system can be successfully used with them, it is necessary for parents and other adults concerned with their training to experience the work themselves and then to be willing to use it in their own lives in order to enable them to introduce it to children.

Accordingly, this book is divided into two parts. The first contains methods of applying the work to children, together with suggestions for understanding and using it by parents and others responsible for their training. Included in this part are certain teachings of Sathya Sai Baba that supplement and implement the work.

The second part presents new insights and more advanced techniques. It gives instructions on how to release oneself from the larger, multiple, more complex systems that have programmed our behaviour in specific ways. These include the familial and national customs, religious and political affiliations, the various roles people play, the hats they wear, superstitions and taboos, prejudices and fears, and a host of other influences to which we are all heir as soon as we are born and again as we take our places as members of a family. This part also includes material on reincarnation and dream interpretation.

It ends with a brief summary of the most recent work on negative thought-forms. We have all contributed some energy to these, by our negative thoughts, in this as in past lives. Also considered are various addictions, with the powerful thought-forms to which they are attached; it is these forces that control the addicts, and that is why it is so hard to break away from such compulsions.

This book, like the first two, is the result of learning to consult the inner guide within everyone whether or not we are aware of it. I shall be referring to this inner reservoir of wisdom and love as the High C, or Higher Consciousness, as I did in my first book on the subject. With practice, we can succeed in breaking with the old ways in which we have all been taught to seek answers and security from outer influences, such as people, books and various thought-systems, and to arrive at this very different but more effective way of finding the answers within ourselves.

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