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Crafts and Projects for Children

Crafts and Projects for Children
Item Code: NAH543
Author: Vikas Khatri
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788122312201
Pages: 136
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 200 gms
About The Book

Every craft and project in this book has been carefully designed to give boys and girls from age of 6-13 years of age imaginative and exiting things to do. Each project can be made from discarded, waste or inexpensive materials, most of which are available at home.

The simple principles learned from this book will encourage the reader to create many more projects of his/her own. Sometimes a little help or guidance from an older person may be necessary - this should be kept to a minimum to enable the child to get the maximum satisfaction from the finished result. This book will prove a useful tool in their search for fun.


1Growing Pains9
3The Game of Command12
4Home Broadcaster14
5Your own Farm16
6Paste-up Notes18
7Fun with Sound19
8Sand Bottles21
9Paper Pottery23
10Become a Juggler25
11Your Name on an Egg27
12How to Make False Ears28
13Crayon-paint Pictures30
14Tricky Tumblers32
15Stickers for your Books34
16Bathtub Canoe36
17Cup Ball37
18Corn Jewelry38
19Cannibal for your Coat40
20A Paper Serpent42
21The Amazing Race Horse44
22Pasteboard Dancer46
23Bouncing Soap Bubbles48
24Envelope People50
25Cork Horse52
26Diwali Can-rattle54
27A Trademark Stamp56
28Flashlight Funny Face58
29Hoop Stunts60
30Walnut-shell Navy62
31Patchwork Pictures64
32Rubber-legged Spider66
33A Ghost for a Party67
34Desk Calendar69
35Make a Skullcap71
36School Party Game73
37Coloured Paper Mats75
38Oscar, the Hungry Man77
39Patriotic Yarn Dolls79
40A Handkerchief Box80
41Magnetizing a Stick82
42A Glass Tray84
43Over the Bridge86
44Pasteboard Acrobat88
45A Cardboard Sundial90
46Arms-and-Iegs Stunts92
47Slap Hands94
48Loose-jointed Dancer96
49Greeting Cards98
50Movie Game100
51Ice Cream-stick Fan102
52Name Pin103
53Racing Paper Dolls105
54Bouncing-ball Games107
55Play Calendar Pitch109
56Home-made Goggle-eyes111
57Rubber-band Moaner113
58Be a Weatherman115
59Scissors Pictures117
60An X-ray Card118
61You're a Jumping Jack119
62Wild Pancakes120
63Decorate your Belt122
64Paper Sleeve-guards123
65Yarn Puffballs125
66Amusing Embroidery126
67Office Desk127
68Diwali Lantern128
69A Finger Dragon130
70Pole Stunt132
71Home-made Draughsboard132
72Handy Water Sprayer134

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