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जगन्नाथसिध्दान्तपरिशीलनम्: A Comprehensive Collection of Articles on Pandit Jagannath

About the Book
The work jagannathasiddhantaparisilanam ' by Dr. Sristi Laksmikumara Sarma throws a new flood of light on the theories proposed and established by Panditaraj Jagannatha in his celebrated work, Rsagangadhara. The book written in 12 chapters, discusses elaborately the doctrines established by present work goes deep into the writings of Panditaraja with ease of presentation without losing the spirit of theories of Panditaraja. Another notable feature of the book is that it surveys the predecesors views as presented in the works of respective authors of Alankara Sastra. After presenting such views, the author analyses the impact of these views on Panditaraja as well as the stand adopted by him in formulating such theories. Undoubtedly, the work is an excellent companion to the study on the Rasagangadhara and is welcome addition on the critical study on the view presented by panditaraja o the theory of poetics.

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