A Complete Guide for Structural Body Work - A Manual Therapy (The Theory and Practice)
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A Complete Guide for Structural Body Work - A Manual Therapy (The Theory and Practice)

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Author: Tulsi 'Nina'
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789385721076
Pages: 176 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Often I observed the Body of My new client and I pointed out the areas of pain or discomfort in their body, and described also their psychological states, in general; and they often asked me with a surprises,

"Are you psychic?.... How do you know?"

NO. I just read your Body."

In other words, your posture is the mirror of your personality.

Structural Body work transforms your posture and so also it transforms your personality to healthier, more beautiful, and positive.


"Health is Wealth"

I knew this for always. It was my hobby to learn anything that could enhance the health, like yog, healthy diet, physical and mental discipline etc. So, when I went to California, I decided to work in Medical field. I became Medical Assistant and did also Nursing assistant. But very Soon I was disappointed that 'Medical' could not offer a lasting solution for most of diseases or pains. I quit the job.

One summer afternoon, I was gazing the ocean at Laguna Beach, and wondering what to do. Suddenly, Fred, one of my friends, came back form his long hours of treasure hunting and he looked miserable. "Oh my back is hurting" he said. I got up and spontaneously, I put my hand on his back, "I am sorry Fred, that you are in pain" He took a deep breath, "Nina you have healing hands" he said, "Try massage business and you will find job in any corner of the world"

I did not know, at that time, what he meant , but I took his advice, and soon, his words became a prophesy.

I went School of Holistic Health, learn many kinds of modern and medical massages, and then became 'Holistic Health Practitioner' and finally chose Structural Work as my specialty. Because, even though massages offered much better solution than pain killers or Chiropractic, they did not provide any solution or lasting solutions in certain kind of physical conditions of the patients. But the Structural Work did. And for me personally it provided always a possibility to discover more mysteries hidden in Human Body. After more than ten years of my experience in this field, I am still learning. I love my work. Work is my prayer, my Sadhana, the means of personal progress as well as the progress of my clients. It is truly said, "We touch lives, we touch hearts"

During my association with Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, India, Revered Acharya Balkrishna ji inspired me to put together my knowledge and experience in this field in a form of a book, and "STRUCTURAL BODY WORK, a manual therapy" is the outcome of this inspiration. I believe, this book will be useful for the students in this field as well as therapists.

I firmly believe that a disease is the consequence of disorder within and imbalance or disintegration of structure. It is part of the philosophy of Yog and Ayurved that the state of our mind and emotions affects the state of our body and vice versa. The positive or negative psychological state reflects in our physical structure

There are many therapies invented by man kind to recover form different types of disorders and imbalances. 'Structural Work' is one of them. It is a kind of manual therapy which helps not only to transform you physically and make you more fit, but it also make you mentally more positive, more aware of your own being.

This is a New Scientific Therapy invented in USA, in last century, by Dr. Ida Rolf It seems based on the concepts of Yoga. This book will not just make people believe more in a natural way of healing but will also teach people about the many secrets that make our bodies the way they are.

I bless Miss (Tulsi) Nina for the success of this title "STRUCTURAL BODY WORK - A Manual Therapy".


Human body is the most wonderful creation of Mother Nature, but living in most unnatural way of today's hectic life, we have exerted excessive tension or stress on our 'body & mind' The innumerable diseases spread in the world today are the natual consequesnces of our unnatual way of living.

Like Yog & Pranayam, Structural Body Work, a modern manual therapy also plays an important role in the recovery of such type of physical disorders & helps the patients to recover, in the natural way, from many types of conditions incurable medically.

The Structural Body Work is based on science.

Tulsi' Nina had worked as Holistic Health Practitioner in California for over 10 years and she is a "Healer': At present she is serving in Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar, India.

A student from Patanjali Yogpeeth Gurukul had a serious accident. He suffered from severe pain. X ray showed 5 slip disks. He was bed ridden for a month. When none of the medical treatments helped, the Structural Work by Tulsi' Nina rescued him from being disabled. She worked for 4 hrs the first day, and he got up from the bed. There after he received several Structural sessions in 3 months and he was cured. His new X ray indicated he had no more slip disks.

Tulsi' Nina's work in the title "STRUCTURAL BODY WORK- Manual Therapy" will prove to be beneficial both for patients & students of Structural Integration, I wish.


  Part I: The Theory  
  Index 11
1 Introduction to Structural Body Work 11
  Definitions (Healing touch, art, science, occult science, Psychosomatic) 13
  Hath Yoga and Structural Work 14
  Massage and Structural Work 15
  Before and After Structural Work 17
  Dr. Ida Rolf the inventor of Structural Work 18
  Yogi Jyengar and others 19
2 Pre-requirements for students or Structural Work 19
  Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology 19
  Deep tissue and more 20
  Understanding of Emotional Release 21
3 Dr. Upledger and Sri Aurobindo 22
  Abhimanyu and pregnant mother 23
  Five elements of Structural Work  
  (Gravity, Geometry, Fascia and Skeleton, Movement, Touch and Awareness)  
4 The Force of Gravity of Earth. 1 23
  Gravity and Animal Body 24
  Gravity and Human body, and Evolution 24
  Ideal body 26
  Defarmed bodies 26
  Cause and Prevention of Ten si on: (physical, mental, subconscious, other) 32
5 Geometry of the body.2 44
  Directional reference and three planes 44
6 Fascia and skeleton.3 46
  Introduction of Fascia 46
  The Fascia, the Ground substance and the Nervous system 48
  Relation between Fascia and the Skeleton 48
7 The Movement. 4 49
  Definitions 49
  Expansional Balance 52
  Expansional Balance oJtherapist 54
8 Touch and Awareness. 55
  Body's wisdom 55
  Communication by touch 55
  The necessary conditions Jor the "Communication by Touch" 57
  Instructions to be given to client 57
9 Vampire 59
10 Secrets of my success in Structural Work 63
11 Themes 70
12 Medical forms, assessment guide and more 82
Part 2: Hands on Work
1 Preparation 89
2 Terminology 90
  Step 1. Releasing external layer of muscles the body (sessions 1, 2, 3) 91
3 Session 1 "Inspiration" 91
4 Session 2: Standing on one's own feet 107
5 Session 3: Reaching out 114
  Step 2. Releasing Deep layers, the core work (sessions 4, 5, 6,7) 125
6 Session 4 : Control and Surrender 126
7 Session 5 Guts 131
8 Session 6: Holding Back 139
9 Session 7: Lose your Head 149
  Step 3. Integration of the two layers, (sessions 8,9,10) 159
10 Session 8 Feminine Aspect 160
11 Session 9: Masculine Aspect 165
12 Session 10: The TotalIntegration, Bahoobali 167
13 Notes on Mysterious Experience in "Structural Sessions" and "NSA" 169
14 Tips for HHP 173
15 Integral Holistic Treatment (Different types of imbalances) 173
16 The Source of Holistic Therapies 175


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