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Compendium Viewa on Sroto Sharira

Compendium Viewa on Sroto Sharira
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Author: Dr. Alapati Vinod Kumar and Dr. Alapati Satya Prabha
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788176370738
Pages: 128
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 155 gms



It is with immense pleasure that I write this foreword note on the book entitled “Compendious Views on Sroto Sharira” of Dr. Alapati Vinod Kumar and Dr. Alapati Satya Prabha.


In the present era of globalization the concepts of Ayurveda have to be mull overed to correlate with modern science. Being the sources are scattered the authors have tried to stream line the subject with the contemporary science.


I am sure this work will be an additional informative for the Graduates, Post graduates and research scholars and also for the practitioners.


I wish both the authors for their bright futures and expecting more such contributions for the benefit of Ayurvedic fraternity.


May Lord Dhanvanthari shower with blessing over both the authors.




It is no doubt a matter of great pleasure for us to bring “Compendium views on Sroto Sharira” into light. Our personality and the structure of our body are such that as soon as there appears any impurity or imbalance in them due to Doshas or injuries, its external signs start manifesting them selves in the form of various symptoms.


These vitiated Doshas in the body will vitiate the Dhatus of the body through the Srotuses of the body only. As Acharyas have said without involvement of the Srotus there will not be any Vrudhi or Kshaya of the body substances. So it is clear that Srotuses have foremost role in maintenance of the body.


Many students are in muddled state on the concepts of Srotus regarding its Moola Sthanas and their actual role in the manifestation of the diseases. There is also a variation between the Acharyas regarding the concept of Srotus which also made much difficult to the scholars how it has to be understood on their grounds.


So it is our tiny effort to expound the concept of Srotus in compendium views which makes the scholars to be conversant with the Srotus regarding its moola sthanas and their importance, why those organs or structures or regions have been considered as Moola sthanas of the individual Srotus are considered in this edition and I hope that this book will become a mainstream to understand the concepts of Srotus in 'a better way.


In spite of best care and attention there would have human, electronic and printing mistakes would have occurred for which we feel very sorry and beg apology to the readers. Any suggestion and critics from the teachers as well as students will be thankfully accepted and considered with great respect for the further improvement.


We are obliged to our Honorable President Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala,Vice President Prof. Prabhakar, and Secretary Prof. Yashovarma, S.D.M. Education Society, Ujire - D.K.


We are also thankful to Dr. U.N. Prasad, Principal & CMO SDMCA, Udupi and all other teachers and students who had supported directly or indirectely. Lastely our sincere gratitude to our parents & all our family members with out their support it would not been completed. Last but not the least we are thankful to those, who had given heartful support in bringing this book to the light.





Introduction part of Srotuses



Charaka's Srotus Basics



Individual Srotuses



Srotuses Mentioned by Other Authors



Srotuses Main texts From Samhitas



Charakas Sroto Vimanam



Sushrurtas Dhamani Vyakarna's Srotus Part



Asthanga Hrudayas Srotus Related Part



Astanga Sangrahas Srotus Related Part



Sharanagadhara Samhita Srotus Related Part






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