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Collected Papers on Yoga and Sanskrit (Proceedings of a KYM Seminar)

Collected Papers on Yoga and Sanskrit (Proceedings of a KYM Seminar)
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Item Code: NAK069
Author: Dr. M. Jayaraman
Publisher: Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788187847342
Pages: 98
Cover: Paperback
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weight of the book: 140 gms

This hymn is addressed to Vagdevi thatseeking her blessings in all endeavours. Further, the ideas conveyed in this mantra are very apt to be deliberated upon at the very outset. The hymn states – Devim vacam – the divine speech. In contrast to defining speech or language as mere tool for communication this mantra clearly indicated the fact Speech is divine, implying that it leads to divinity.

This hymn also states dhenur vak – Speech is cow. Cow in Hindu tradition, symbolizes Holiness, Gentleness and above all motherly affection. According to this mantra then, Speech should have all these attributes. Further kvasvidasyah paramam jagama – who has crossed the greater (reaches of speech)? Asks the mantra, highlighting the depth and subtlety of speech. This hymn also states – vedanam mata Speech is the mother of the Vedas, the fountain head of all knowledge secular and spiritual. Amrtasya nabhih – speech leads to immortality, the hymn states. By being the mother of the great Vedas speech leads to immortality. Yamrsayo mantrakrto maisinah anvaicchan devastapasa sramena – Such speech is being sought by the Rishis, the great sages and the even the gods by Taps (self – disciplining) and srama (effort). Such is the greatness of speech. And such is the greatness of the Sanskrit language in which such sublime ideas, one rarely come across elsewhere, are present.

Many things can be said about the greatness of Sanskrit, that, it is the mother of all languages, it is the language of various sciences etc. But this fundamental ideal that speech is worship worthy and has to be sciences. But this fundamental ideal that speech is worship worthy and has be attained by Tapas and srama clearly accentuates the greatness of Sanskrit. Many such elevated and ennobling thoughts, important and remarkable systems of knowledge have emerged from.

Yoga is one such illustrious offspring of samskrtamata, that has radiated peace and harmony, provided solace and healing and spread happiness and welfare worldwide.

But it is felt that this umbilical link between Sanskrit and Yoga is quite often lost sight of due to various factors which may include yoga's globalization, commercialization etc.

Similar is the position of Yoga in the field of Sanskrit and Vedic learning. In scholarly deliberations Yoga's representation is felt, insufficient. Yoga also does not form part of curriculum of most centers of Traditional Vedic and Sastraic learning.

As is the position of Sanskrit learning in Yogic teaching – learning process so is the role of Yoga in Vedic and Sanskrit education.

Hence it is high time this very important issue is addressed and efforts are made to strengthen and fortify mutral relationship between Yoga and Sanskrit. This in short was the objective of the one day seminar that was organized on 29th of August 2013 during the occasion of world Sanskrit Day at Krishnamacharya Yoga Manadiram in collaboration with Samskrita Bharati, Tamilnadu.

Eminent scholars in Sanskrit and seasoned practitioners of Yoga participated and presented illuminating papers. A lot of Sanskrit and yoga enthusiasts participated in the seminar. A follow up four month program called "Yogabhasha pravesha – foundation course in functional Sanskrit" was also conducted. It is a happy occasion to release this collection of papers of the seminar during the valediction of the four month course.

I thank all the eminent speakers of the seminar for consenting to publish their papers.

I also record my gratitude to Dr. Lata Satish, Managing Trustee for providing encouragement to organize the seminar and also publish the proceedings of the seminar.

I thank all the trustees and colleagues of krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram for their support and encouragement.

Thanks are due to Vignesha Printers, Triplicane for their fine printing job.




1 Papers presented  
A Words of Benediction 9
B Samskrta the Language of Many Sciences 13
C Wealth of Yogic Literature in Sanskrit 25
D Yogacharya, T Krishnamacharya, the Sanskrit Scholar 31
E Need of Sanskrit knowledge for better appreciation of yoga literature 35
F Role of Sanskrit Knowledge in the Practice of Yoga 51
G Imparting Indian knowledge systems through Samskrtam 57
H Benefits of Yoga practice and Study of Sanskrit 65
I Is Sanskrit difficult? 69
2 Invited articles  
A Karmayoga and kriyayoga Analogous key to transform Attitude 75
B Traditional views on the Relation between sabda and Artha 83
3 Appendix I and II  
  Photos of the Seminar  
  Messages for the seminar 89
A MDNIY, New Delhi 91
B Ramakrishna Math, Chennai 92
C Smt. Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, Puducherry 93
D ICYER at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry 94
E SVYASA Yoga University, Bangalore 96

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