Charisma of Upchaya Houses (Conquering the Internal Nature)

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Predictive astrology is a science to interpret the planetary movement of heavenly bodies in the cosmos and impact of their composite gravitational and electromagnetic pulls on human beings. The horoscope of a native is a map of the zodiac showing planetary positions at the time of his birth. It gives a clear indication about his past, present and future. Hardly there is anything which can not be answered through stunningly accurate system developed by our ancient sages.

Over the centuries, basically three systems have been developed by our seers for interpretation of astrological indications- they are Parashari system, Gemini system and Nadi system. Among these, Parashari system is the most popular one for the simple reason that it was formulated &developed by several sages of yore in a systematic way and it has withstood the test of time.

For convenience, the zodiac has been divided into 12 more or less equal parts called houses/Bhavas. The 12 house have reference and cover all the material relation of a Jeeva (soul) in its journey from the womb to the grave. In the process, each house or Bhava has a divine goal and have a definite purpose to indicate which include good as well as bad significations in varying degrees. Fore the purpose of study these houses have been grouped together into various combinations depending on their common traits. Some of these groupings are: (a) Kendras or Vishnu sthans-1, 4, 7 &10th houses. (b) Trines or Lakshmi sthans-1, 5 &9th houses. (c) Panpharal Succedent houses-2, 5, 8 &11th houses. (d) Apokliml Cadent houses-3, 6, 9 &12th houses. (e) Upachay houses-3, 6, 10, &11th houses. (f) Trika/ Dusthana houses-6, 8 & 12th houses. (g) Maraka houses-2, 7 &12th houses.

As per Vedas & classics, there are full basic goals of human life. They are Dhama, Artha, Kaam & Moksha. Each of these are represented by Trikone of house- Daharma Trikone by 1, 5, & 9th house; Artha Trikone by 2, 6 & 10th house; Kaam Trikone by 3, 7 & 11th house; and Mokasha Trikone by 4, 8 & 12th house. The Dharma & Moksha Trikone shows one’s spiritual growth & advancements, whereas Artha & Kaam Trikone shows native's growth, improvement & accumulations of material gains. Our classics have never given any importance to material gains over spiritual ones. However the present age talks of nothing but the material gains/ advancement. Today human life is sustained and revolves around materialistic values. These are cynosure of all eyes and beyond doubt the most sought after things. It is the nectar of life, ever stimulating tonic of energy & vitality and quintessence of name, fame & prosperity.

Upachaya house indicate growth, improvement, accumulation of materialistic gains. In the quest of their aim, they have taken the best out Artha & Kaam Trikone leaving out the Maraka houses (2nd & 7th ) and retaining the rest i.e. 3, 6, 10 & 11th houses. It is common knowledge that benefics produce good results, but the beauty of Upachaya houses is that they produce excellent results even with natural malefics, sun, mars, Saturn & Rahu, if they are not further afflicted. Normally natural benefics in a Kendra or Trikone give good results; and natural malefics are good in Upachaya houses. Any planet benefic or malefic is inauspicious in 8th house and in 2nd & 12th houses is intrinsically neutral. The Trikone (1,5&9th) and Upachaya (3,6,10&11th ) houses enhances the good results of the kendras. Benefics if owning these houses or posited in these houses, give full benefit and support to the Kendra houses. Shri mantreshwara in phaldeepika says that a lagna is very strong if its lord is an upachaya house i.e. 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house.

Another notable feature of Upchaya houses/ lords is that the growth and expansion that they bring is so sudden and spectacular that it often seems to be miraculous. One upachaya lord in another upachaya house or aspected by another upachaya lord brings excellent results. 3rd lord showing self efforts, courage, purshartha & free will and 10th lord showing kriyamaan karma allotted for this life play a prominent role. Association between 3rd & 10th houses/ lords between 3rd/ 10th lord and 6th or 11th lord produce benefic results. Any desire whether materialistic or otherwise is generated in 3rd house, developed in 6th house fighting six enemies of humanity; one acts on them as per his past & present karma; and then finally the desire is fulfilled or otherwise in 11th house.

3rd house is associated with some of the basic qualities of 2nd, 8th and 9th house also, because by principle of Bhavet bhavam, it is 2nd from 2nd, 8th from 8th and just opposite to the 9th house. 6th house signifies disease, debt, enemies, litigation, theft, mental anguish, service, condition, corruption, black magic, competition etc. It is 12th of 7th (partner), 2nd to 5th (intelligence & progeny) and 7th to 12th (expenditure & enjoyment) house. Litigations normally bother only VIPs or affluent persons of the society and beggars or down trodden have no such worry. Should one prefer to be a beggar to avoid enemies/ litigations? On the material plane, the lives of almost all great men are full of challenges, enmity & litigation. As per Shri Gopesh kumar Ojha, the 3rd or 6th is to be deemed and viewed as upachaya, only if it is free from aspects of malefics or of an enemy of the lord of that house. Mars is the benefic karaka of 6th house. 6th is 9th (luck) of 10th and 10th (karma) of 9th house, thus forming Rajyoga. However only one malefic in 6th may be welcome but more than one malefic shatters health and adversely affects the significations of 5th , 7th & 12th house.

10th house is the most important and strong Kendra because it is the karma sthan; karmas that a native perform to enhance one’s life materially or spiritually. 10th is 6th from 5th house, thus it is house of service or profession. Its mid-cusp is the zenith of one's chart and hence shows his power and status in the society. 11th is house of gains, Labha, improvements and fulfillment of desires. All planets whether benefic or malefic provide gains depending on their nature. Gain is a very broad term and includes almost anything and everything. The desire can be Satwik, Rajsik or Tamsik. Similarly the means to gain objective could be good or evil. Then it being 12th to 12th shows end of losses & recouping of health; being 6th of 6th shows enemies of enemies i.e. friends; and being a Kendra from 8th it shows legacies & suddenness of gains. The only rider is that it is a Badhak sthan also for natives having movable Lagna.

A yogkaraka planet is a very auspicious planet for any native irrespective of its placement. They bestow results like elevation in status rise in career and wealth during their period. A yoglaraka planet has greater functionl efficiency than any other planet. When such a planet gets related to another planet in some way or the other, the latter inherits the benefic properties of the former. The ability of a yogkaraka planet to energise and entire horoscope depends on its strength and placement. However only three planets Mars (for cancer & Leo lagna), Venus (for Capricorn & Aquarius lagna) and Saturn (for Taurus & Libra lagna) act as yogkaraka. Some eminent astrologers believe that Mars and Venus also act as yogkaraka for pisces and Virgo lagna respectively because they are lords of 2nd & 9th houses to create the effects of great Rajyoga & Dhan yoga par excellence.

Astrologically there are houses which indicate growth of Dharma & Moksha and houses indicating growth & accumulation of materialistic prosperity. It is proposed to discuss in this book the second group of houses called the upachaya houses and effects of their lords and planets & other lords posited in these houses in detail with the help of 93 astrological birth charts. The balance eight houses are called Apachaya house which may be good or evil but are devoid of especial qualities of upchaya houses. For upachaya houses/ lords to deliver good benefic results, it is a must that lagna, Moon and 10th house and their lords are strong.

It is the endeavour of the author to project the brighter side of upachaya houses and their lords through the medium of this book. I have not the least intension to offend any native of the illustrated charts. However inadvertently if it has been done, I offer my unconditional apology. The sole aim has been to bring out an astrological point. The author is thankful to Mr. Narendra sagar for his suggestions & cooperation and to numerous members of astrological fraternity who have always received my books well. Last but not the least, I am thankful to my ever enthusiastic granddaughters-Monil & Ishita singhal, who inspire me constantly in the endeavour of my astrological pursuits.

The author will welcome with open heart and hands any suggestions for improvement of the book or its style of presentation.


About the book

As per classics there could be four goals in human life- Dharma, Artha, Kaam & Moksha. How ever in the materialistic world of today, most of us think, plan and act of / for Artha & Kaam only. Artha covers any / all activities connected with finance & livelihood and Kaam includes all types of desires sex, comforts & luxuries.

Upchaya literally means growth, accumulations, elevation, expansion, improvement, rise, aspiration, profit, gain, prosperity or excess of inflow without much effort and a much faster rate. Upchaya group of houses contains the best of Artha & Kaam Trikones by excluding their marka houses (2nd & 7th) and thus includes 3rd, 6th, 10th, & 11th houses. The rest of the houses are called Apchaya houses. The beauty of Upchaya houses is that even natural malefics produce excellent results here. They indicate growth & gain of any of all desires-whether good or evil.

Every desire originates in 3rd house. It is nurtured by strong determination & hard work of 3rd house, pointed concentration & competitiveness of 6th house and 10th house provides controlled Kriyaman Karma to enable desire to be fulfilled in 11th house. Every planet associated with 11th house ensures gain/ profit in its own way. The progress which human beings have made so far, can be attributed to these fighting qualities only. The 6th is a Trika house and 11th a Badhak house for mavable lagnas. However, this book highlights only the positive aspect of Upchaya houses.


About the author

The author is a mining engineer from "India school of Mines" now knows as IIT Dhanbad. He has put in 28 years of service in the Army as an Engineers' officer. He is a Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. For a long time, he has been pursuing astrological studies as a keen student. His researches reflect his analytical approach to go into the details as an engineer and then he put them across frankly as an Army officer.

The author has earlier written books on "Prashna: A Vedic Approach", Vargas: A Vedic Approach", "Charisma of Trika Houses", "Astro-Remedies: A Vedic Approach", "Finance & Profession: A Vedic Approach", and "Longevity: A Vedic Approach", which have been received well by the astrological fraternity.




Chap.   Page
No.   No.
  Preface ix
  List of Horoscopes xv
1 Glimpses of Upchaya Houses 1
  Classification of houses, Four aims of life and Trikones, Genesis of Upchaya houses, Laws of karma, Role of mind, Planets & Upchaya houses, Results of Planets in Upchaya houses, Abhijit Mahurata, 7 charts, Conclusion  
2 Charisma of third house 18
  General, views of classics, Significations of 3rd house, Analysis of 3rd house, Karakas, 3rd house & younger siblings, effects of various signs in 3rd house, Planets in 3rd house, 3rd lord in different house, Exalted 3rd lord for various Lagna, Various lords in 3rd house, Exchange of 3rd lord with other lords, 21 charts, Conclusion  
3 Charisma of Sixth house 66
  Introduction, Views of classical, Analysis of 6th house, Karakas, Effects of various signs in 6th house, Results of planets in 6th house, 6th lord in various houses, Various lords in 6th house, Exchange of 6th lords with other lords, 24 charts, Conclusion.  
4 Charisma of Tenth house 120
  General, Views of classics, Significations of 10th house, Analysis of 10th house, Karalas, Effects of various signs in 10th house, Results of planets in 10th house, Exchange of 10th lord with other lords, 22 charts, Conclusion  
5 Charisma of Eleventh house 169
  General, views of classics, Role of 11th house, significations of 11th house, karakas, Effects of various signs in 11th house, results of planets in 11th house, 11th lord in various houses, various lords in 11th house, Exchange of 11th lord with other lords, 19 charts, Conclusion  
Epilogue   214

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