Charisma of Trika Houses

Charisma of Trika Houses

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Grief is the substance of which life is generally made of Everywhere one looks, one sees people unhappy for various reasons. People often wonder why they are the victims of a cruel and merciless fate, when seemingly they have done no wrong. Morality becomes irrelevant because of purposelessness and unfairness of life and the universe looks nothing but an aimless chaos. Only a handful of persons can go very high in life, others in spite of their great efforts cannot succeed beyond a certain limit. In Srimad Bhagvatam in 10th Skand of Chapter 36 Akrura says to Kansa:

“We should have equanimity of mind towards success and failure because results of our present actions are dependent not only on the merits of our present deeds, but also to some unforeseen hands, which are nothing but the results of our own Karmas of previous births. Inscrutable are ways of fate or destiny. We build castles in air, unaware of the fact that our Prarabdh has already maimed and dampened them”

Every human being is controlled by his own past Karmas. Metaphysically each person is a microscopic universe. Seers of ancient India discovered that universe is controlled by unforeseen power, which though generally unalterable but is responsive to prayers, rituals, planetary oblations and enchantment of Mantras. Astrology is simply an indication, possibility of future, an intuition and spiritual & divine knowledge. Astrology is a science of trends or tendencies. With the help of this divine science one can see albeit sketchily, what one has to endure and what one can overcome, instead of either frustrating attempts to change a certainty or sink back into utter defeatism.

The Trika houses indicate loss, disease, adversity and change of environment. Basically they denote the struggle of life and the capabilities of a native to fight back. Viewing adversity as challenge, and not loss or failure, is part of positive thinking. Changes come through many way – some hit us hard, others are rather sneaky. We are designed to cry; express sorrow, frustration, anger and resentment, even give up for a while. But we are also designed to have hope, recover, be stronger and even inspire others as a result of change. It is useless to let any adversity hold us back from moving forward. Whether it is health, or issue relating to loss of job, divorce or death, one should navigate through adversity and elevate oneself spiritually where one experiences and treat sorrows or happiness with equanimity. All adversities bring home one true certainty in life that despite all odds, the life moves on.

In a horoscope the twelve houses have reference to the material relation of soul in its journey from the cradle to the grave. In the process each house or Bhava has a divine purpose and have definite significations to indicate which include good as well as bad significations in varying degrees. If we carry out deep analysis of and house, including a Trika house, we will find that like mythological Sagar-Manthan, each house will bring out good as well as evil results. Our ancient sages must have had in view some scientific basis for the allocations of various events of human life to the twelve houses (Bhavas). However one cannot say with definiteness, why particular events of human life are attributed to particular houses in horoscopes. The ancient Maharishis’ who have propounded the various allocations and rules of astrology were sages of high psychic development. They examined various terrestrial and celestial phenomena by their divine sight or Divya Drishti. They could see and comprehend many phenomena, which the so-called scientists of today could hardly hope to see with their highly advanced instruments & technology. Our sages have provided the rules in highly subtle form without giving details of their logic and rationale. They had left it to their future generations to develop this ability by themselves.

Misfortunes are of various types – losses of health, wealth, honour, marital bliss or wife/children, litigation, continuous failure, imprisonment & exiles, asylums, hospitalization etc. Trika houses/lords indicate most of these and weak Saturn is the Karaka of these sufferings. Poverty is the greatest curse, greater than an incurable disease. Lords of Lagna, 2nd, 9th, 10th and / or 11th lord in a Trika house cause poverty. The Almighty in His infinite wisdom has not made anything absolute good or bad. Every bad element has with it inherent goodness as well. The behaviour of planets during their Dashas is subjected to a variety of influences, which at times work at cross-purposes. Natural benefices, exalted & Yogkaraka planets or certain specific planets produce excellent results when associated with Trika houses. The inherent strength of any chart plays an important role in regulating the result of any planet.

It is the endeavors of the author to project the brighter side of Trika houses and their lords through the medium of this book. I have tried to bring out this view with illustrations of 90 charts. I have not the least intention to offend any native of the illustrated chart. However if inadvertently it has been done, I offer my unconditional apology. Similarly the birth details have been collected from a number of sources. There could be an error somewhere for which I again seek an apology, but the sole aim has been to bring home an astrological point.

The author will appreciate suggestions from the learned readers, for the improvement of the book in future editions.

About the Book

The classical texts have condemned Trika (6th, 8th & 12th) houses and their lords as evil with a negative role. These are considered to represent all the anti-forces that act against a native and are held responsible for all the miseries, sufferings calamities and diseases that befall a native.

However there is nothing absolutely good or bad in the universe. All the houses are part of a divine scheme and have a definite function to perform. Trika houses represent the struggle of life and the capabilities of a native to fight back. Viewing adversity as challenge and not as loss or failure is a positive attitude and elevates one spiritually.

The Trika houses denote unconscious and sub-conscious mind which are vital to understand any native. As the level of consciousness elevates, native’s perception and mode of operation drastically changes and barriers like hatred, jealousy and revenge etc. get dissolved,

It is interesting to note that certain dispositions or Yogas by Trika lords in a horoscope not only shun the evil denotations but also bring fortune, wealth, health and happiness. Mars/Jupiter in 6th, Mercury/Saturn in 8th and Venus in 12th house if placed alone and unafflicted gives excellent results. Benefics and trinal lords if exalted, Yogkaraka or in Mooltrikone sign in a Trika house helps a native to rise high in life. This book highlight such positive aspects of Trika houses/lords.

About the Author

The author is a mining engineer from “Indian School of Mines” now known as IIT Dhanbad. He has put in 28 years of service in the Army as an Engineers’ officer. He is a Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. For a long time, he has been pursuing astrological studies as a keen student. His researches reflect his analytical approach to go into the details as an engineer and then he puts them across frankly as an Army officer.

The author has earlier written books on “longevity”, “Prashna” and on “Vargas” which have been received well by the astrological fraternity.




Chap. No.   Page No.
1 Preface v
2 Journey Through Trika Houses 1
  1. General 1
  2. Trika houses 2
  3. Laws of Karmas 3
  4. State of mind 5
  5. Planets in Trika houses 8
  6. Aphorisms for set back in life 11
  7. Aphorisms for auspicious results 13
  8. Role of planets in Trika houses 19
  7 charts  
2 Charisma of 6th house 22
  1. Meaning of 6th house 22
  2. Views of classics 23
  3. Significations of 6th house 24
  4. Karakas of 6th house 27
  5. Various Signs in 6th house 28
  6. Various planets in 6th house 30
  7. 6th lord in various houses 43
  8. Various lords in 6th house 59
  9. Exchanges of 6th with other lords 73
  10. Conclusion 84
  31 Charts  
3 Charisma of 8th house 86
  1. Meaning of 8th house 86
  2. Views of classics 87
  3. Significations of 8th house 89
  4. Karakas of 8th house 92
  5. Various Signs in 8th house 96
  6. Various planets in 8th house 98
  7. 8th lord in various houses 113
  8. Various lords in 8 house 128
  9. Exchange of 8th with other lords 144
  10. Conclusion 154
  32 Charts  
4 Charisma of 12th house 156
  1. Meaning of 12th house 156
  2. Views of classics 158
  3. Significations of 12th house 160
  4. Karakas of 12th house 165
  5. Various Signs in 12th house 165
  6. Various planets in 12th house 170
  7. 12th lord in various houses 184
  8. Various lords in 12th house 200
  9. Exchange of 12th with other lords 214
  10. Conclusion 225
  27 Charts  
5 Trika houses revisited 227
  1. Introduction 227
  2. Significations 228
  3. Karakas 231
  4. Planets in Trika houses 231
  5. Trika lords 232
  6. Factors influencing Trika houses 233
  Alternate Lagna, Div Charts, Bhavat-Bhavam, Dasha lords, Lords of dispositor signs& Nakshtra, Transit, Kaam Trikone, Badhaksthan, State of mind  
  7. Conclusion 240
6 List of Horoscopes 241


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