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Chaitanya's Concept of Theistic Vedanta

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Author: Swami B.V. Tirtha
Publisher: Sree Gaudiya Math, Madras
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
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The essence of the teachings of the Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has been embodied in my brochure. His Teachings are based on the Vedas. His philosophic conception is 'Achintya-bhebabheda which means inconceivable simultaneous distinction and nondistinction between the jiva soul and the Supreme Being, against the theory of pantheism. The theory of absolute monism is not the purport of the Vedanta that Shankara point of view, (we are all identical with Brahman) the self revealing chit is not correct. It is only a partial and negative aspect and is not supported by Sruti, Agama and common sense. On the contrary the subject matter of this scriptures is the full fledged manifestation of personal God with all His power, grandeur, glory and beatitude, the Supreme Entity, the holiest of beyond the limitations of the three inherent qualities of Satva, Raja and Tamas.

The scholars of Northern India understand Vedanta means the idea of monism. The predominant modern tendency also appears to be towards monism and absolutism. The Vishistadvaita-Vada of Sri Vishnuswami have not been properly studied and discussed by those scholars of Northern India. 'Achintyabhedabheda-Vada of Sri Chaitanya Deva, the 'Sat-sandharbha of Sri Jiva Goswami, a staunch follower of sri Chaitanya Deva and the unparallel Vedantist scholar of India and the 'Brihat- Bhagavatamritam' of Sri Sanatana Goswami have not also been peoperly studied and discussed even by the scholars of Bengal. Very few of North and South India have discussed the special gift of Sri Chaitanya Deva couched in those books. In India the study of scripture has been neglected at present to determine the nature of the Absolute Truth. Individual ideology is passing as religion. The peculiar specially of Indian culture and history is what has not been approved by the three systems, Prasthanatrays, viz. Sruti, Smrity and Nyaya have not been accepted by the Indian Philosophers in Nyaya have not been accepted by the Indian Sadhana. The Indian tradition is that the scripture reveals the nature of the Ultimate Reality-Brahman. The doctrine of 'Achintya-bhedabheda- Vada which has been established of the Tree of wishes in the form of Vedas fulfilling all desires in the fullness and greatest unison of theistic philosophy. The Bhagavata is the greatest scripture of India and has been subsequently added as fourth authority (Prasthana). It proclaims, the service of God is the religion of man and the religion of Lord Vasudeva is truly the religion of man. The philosophy of 'Love and Devotion is the Logical outcome of the Vedas and Vedantas. Theism is a challenge to human thought.

This my abridged book is meant for drawing attention of the learned scholars. Sri Nandadulal Brahmachari, Secretary of Sri Gaudiya Math, Madras has taken pains and keen interest in publishing this book and has thereby secured the blessings of Sri Guru Gauranga.




  Publisher's Supplication  
Chapter I Need of Religion 1
Chapter II Fundamental Creed 37
Chapter III Sri Krishna and His Service 69
Chapter IV Sri Chaitanya, Beloved, God of Love Transcendent 85
Chapter V Bhagavata Dharma 116
Chapter VI Fundamental Vaishnavism 157

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