Caraka Samhita (Purvardha - Sutra, Nidana, Vimana, Sarira and Indriyasthana)
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Caraka Samhita (Purvardha - Sutra, Nidana, Vimana, Sarira and Indriyasthana)

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Author: Dr. P. V. Tewari
Publisher: Chaukhambha Visvabharati , Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789381301982
Pages: 1312
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Abbreviations of Books and Sectionslxxx
PART - I Sutrasthana
Chapter-1The chapter pertaining to 'Longevity'3-60
Chapter-2The chapter pertaining to 'Dehusked seeds of Apamarga' 61-70
Chapter-3The chapter pertaining to 'Argvadha' 71-76
Chapter-4The chapte pertaining to 'Six hundred Evacuatives' 77-92
Chapter-5The chapter pretaining to 'Quantitative dietetics' 93-116
Chapter-6The chpater pertaining to 'One's diet'117-131
Chapter-7The chapter pertaining to 'Non-suppression of natural urges' 132-151
Chapter-8The chapter pertaining to 'Desription of sense organs' 152-169
Chapter-9The chapter pertaining to 'Short Quadruple of therapeutics' 170-178
Chapter-10The chapter pertaining to 'Great quadruple of therapeutics' 179-188
Chapter-11The chapter pertaining to 'Three basic desires' 189-219
Chapter-12The chapter prertaining to 'Merits and demerits of vasta' 220-228
Chapter-13The chapter prertaining to 'Oleation/unction 229-250
Chapter-14The chapter prertaining to 'Sudation' 251-267
Chapter-15The chapter prertaining to 'Preparation (of cleansing therapy')268-279
Chapter-16The chapter prertaining to 'Skilful Physician' 280-288
Chapter-17The chapter prertaining to 'Number of Head-Disorders' 289-313
Chapter-18The chapter prertaining to 'Three swellings (Inflammations/edemas')314-327
Chapter-19The chapter prertaining to 'Eight Abdominal disordres' 328-337
Chapter-20The chapter prertaining to 'Major disorders' 338-350
Chapter-21The chapter prertaining to 'Eight condemnable persons' 351-363
Chapter-22The chapter prertaining to 'Reducing and nourishing/promoting 364-373
Chapter-23The chapter prertaining to 'The chpter Satiaing/saturating procedure' 374-380
Chapter-24The chapter prertaining to 'Precepts of blood' 381-392
Chapter-25The chapter prertaining to 'The origin of person' 393-421
Chapter-26The chapter prertaining to 'Discussion between Atreya and Bhadrakapya' 422-470
Chapter-27The chapter prertaining to 'Precepts of Food and Drink' 471-546
Chapter-28The chapter prertaining to 'Various types of Foods and Drinks' 547-567
Chapter-29The chapter prertaining to 'Ten seats of life' 568-574
Chapter-30The chapter prertaining to 'Ten Great vessels with roots in heart' 575-602
PART - II Nidanasthana
Chapter-1Diagnosis of Fever3-34
Chapter-2Diagnosis of Raktapitta i.e. Bleeding Disordres 35-44
Chapter-3Diagnosis of Gulma (Abdominal lump)45-54
Chapter-4Diagnosis of Prameha 55-68
Chapter-5Diagnosis of Kustha 69-78
Chapter-6Diagnosis of Sosa or Phthisis 79-89
Chapter-7Diagnosis of Unamada or Psychosis 90-101
Chapter-8Diagnosis of Apasmara i.e. Epilepsy 102-116
Chapter-1Specifi characters of Rasa119-139
Chapter-2Specifi characters of three of Kuksi i.e. Stomach 140-148
Chapter-3Specifi characters of Epidemics149-169
Chapter-4Three methods of diagnose specific diseases 170-177
Chapter-5Specifi characters of Srotasas178-188
Chapter-6Specific Features of Diseases189-201
Chapter-7Specific Features of Patients202-215
Chapter-8Specific threapeutice of Diseases216-295
Chapter-1Various states of Purusa (Atman)299-345
Chapter-2Atulya Gotriyam (Non-consanguinity)346-366
Chapter-3Minor chapter on Descend of (Jiwa with Sattwa in) Garbha367-389
Chapter-19Minor chapter on Descend of (Jiwa with Sattwa in) Garbha390-414
Chapter-20Enumeration of Entities of Human-being 415-428
Chapter-21Enumeration of Entities of Body429-450
Chapter-22Enumeration of Body Parts451-463
Chapter-23Mensures of procreation464-507
Chapter-1Prognostic features pertaining to Complexion and Voice511-523
Chapter-2Prognostic features pertaining to Body odour simulating flowers524-529
Chapter-3Prognostic features pertaining to touch or or palpation530-533
Chapter-4Prognostic features pertaining to sense organs534-540
Chapter-5Prognostic features pertaining to premonitory features 541-550
Chapter-6Prognostic features pertaining to corporeal status551-556
Chapter-7Prognostic features pertaining to disfigures shadow or reflected images 557-564
Chapter-8Prognostic features pertaining to inverted image of head 565-569
Chapter-9Prognostic features pertaining to swarthy signs570-574
Chapter-10Prognostic features pertaining to sudden death575-578
Chapter-11Prognostic features pertaining to diminished body-fire579-585
Chapter-12Prognostic features pertaining to sow dung-like power586-601
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