Buddhist Meditation In The Southern School

Buddhist Meditation In The Southern School

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Author: G. Constant Lounsbery
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing,Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788177693461
Pages: 197
Cover: Paperback
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Preface to the New Edition

There have been books written about both Buddhism and Meditation, and many dwell in detail on the facts and theories of the subjects. But there are far fewer titles which deal exactly with the methods of doing the meditations associated with Buddhism.

In this book the eminent writer on things Tibetan and Buddhist, W.Y. Evans-Wentz, adds his own thoughts on the subject matter. Evans Wentz is an anthropologist and he spent some years in the Himalayas, particularly in Kashmir/Ladakh, Garhwal and Sikkim. He himself has produced several books on Tibetan traditions, the Tibetan Yogi Milarepa, and Tibetan Yoga. He has clearly discussed the key features of this book and he leaves us little reason to add much more.

Suffice to say that the author, G. Constant Lounsbery has set out the various methods, which fine-tune the mind to meditation. He has succinctly encapsulated the differing exercises and methods one needs to learn in order to achieve some success in this most difficult and often baffling of practices.

The lessons of Buddhist Meditation in this book, first published in 1936, are as true today as they were when the ideas were first put to press. By following the procedure outlined here one can seek a higher clarity and rejuvenate one's whole being.

About the book:

Since the dawn of time man has sought to define his status in the universe, to seek a path that explains the mysteries that surround this earthly life. But what has Buddhist Meditation to offer in the way f defining these conundrums?

What are the 'Four Noble Truths', and how can one define the 'Eighth Fold Path' and understand their concepts?

This book will answer those questions and then act as a practical guide to meditations that will develop the reader's mental capacity and enlarge his field of understanding.

By G. Constant Lounsbery, Buddhist Meditation will bring the subject to life; it will create a pathway for those intent on expanding their consciousness and awareness.


  Foreword by W. Y. Evans-Wentz vii
  Preface by the Author xv
The Theory of Meditation
Chapter I General Outline 3
Chapter II Essential Ideas 11
Chapter III Concentration 24
Chapter IV Character 33
Chapter V Classical Subjects of Meditation 42
Chapter VI Subjects of Meditation Suitable for Occidental Students 48
Chapter VII Jhanas 53
Chapter VIII Preparation-Posture-Respiration 73
Chapter IX Meditation upon Peace 83
Chapter X Meditation upon the Four Divine States 100
Chapter XI Meditation upon the Four Fundamentals of Attentiveness 119
Chapter XII Meditation upon "the Self" 130
Chapter XIII Meditation upon Respiration, Anapana Sati 139
  Bibliography 171
  Pali Terms 173

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