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Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects

Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects
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Item Code: NAC445
Author: Ernest J. Eitel
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8170308747
Pages: 155
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.9 Inch X 5.9 Inch
weight of the book: 340 gms
From the Jacket

The book presents a popular sketch of Buddhism, which is here viewed unders its different aspects, as an even in history as a system of doctrine, and as popular religion.

Preface to the Third Edition

The rapidity with which the first edition of these lectures was exhausted and the favour with which the book was generally received by the public press, especially in China, encouraged the author to satisfy the continuing demand for it by a second edition, which was published in the year 1873. This second edition having met with unexpected success both in Europe and in America, a third edition is now urgently called for. In view of the results of more recent investigations, the whole has been revised and extensive additions have been made here and there, but the original form and the main substance of these lectures have undergone but little alteration.

Preface to the First Edition

Two of the following essays on Buddhism formed part of a series of popular lectures, delivered in Hongkong in the course of the winter 1870-71. To complete the plan laid down in the first essay, it was necessary to add a thud, and the whole is herewith offered to the reader as a popular sketch of Buddhism, which is here viewed under its different aspects, as an event in history, as a system of doctrine, and as a popular religion. Considering the character of the audience before which these lectures were delivered, the author avoided as much as possible going into details, and confined his remarks to the more prominent features of Buddhism. Those who wish to make themselves further acquainted with this important religion may refer to the author’s ‘Hand-book for the Student of Chinese Buddhism; London, Trubner & Co., 1870,’ to which more painstaking work the present pamphlet may serve as a general introduction.


Lecture I – Buddhism, An Event in History
1. Magnitude of the Buddhist system 1
2. Importance of Buddhism 2
3. Division of Subject Matter 3
4. Historical Original of Buddhism 4
5. History of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha 6
6. Legendary Origin of Buddhism 7
7. Legendary Accounts of Buddha’s Life 7
8. Incidents resembling the Life of Christ 14
9. Origin of the Buddhist Canon 16
10. Origin of the Buddhist Church19
11. Origin of Buddhist Missions 21
12. Division of Southern and Northern Buddhism 22
13. Introduction of Buddhism in China 23
14. Completion of the Buddhist Canon 26
15. Extension of Southern Buddhism27
16. Extension of Northern Buddhism 29
17. Church and State in China 36
18. Church and State in Tibet 45
19. Historic Vale of Buddhism 51
Lecture II – Buddhism, A Theoretical System
20. The Doctrines of Buddhism 52
21. Development of the Buddhist Dogma 53
22. Summary of the Buddhist Dogma 58
23. Peculiarities of Buddhist Dogmatics 59
24. The Buddhist Theory of Physics 64
25. The Buddhist Theory of Metempsychosis69
26. The Buddhist Theory of Ethics 78
27. Buddhist Philosophy 84
28. Nirvana 88
29. Value of Buddhism, as a Theoretical System 90
Lecture III – Buddhism, A Popular Religion
30. The Truths of Buddhism 92
31. The Defects of Buddhism 95
32. Popular Aspects of Buddhism 96
33. Southern Buddhism as a Popular Religion 100
34. Northern Buddhism as a Popular Religion 105
35. Objects of Popular Worship 106
36. The Trinity 114
37. The Paradise of the West 119
38. The Goddess of Mercy124
39. Interior of a Monastery 131
40. Buddhist Polytheism 137
41. Buddhist Monotheism 138
42. Buddhist Notions of Atonement 140
43. Conclusion 144

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