Brhatkatha-sloka-samgraha of Buddhasvamin

Brhatkatha-sloka-samgraha of Buddhasvamin

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Author: Translated By: DR. Sudarshan Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Sanskrit Text and English Translation with Notes
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788171102723
Pages: 756
Cover: Hardcover
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About the Book:

The Brhatkatha Sloka Samgraha of Buddhasvamin considered to be one of the Sanskrit redaction of the Brhatkatha of Gunadhya in Cantos 28 displays altogether a different norm of descriptive delineation as compound to the contents of the other two versions e.g. Brhatkathamanjari of the prolific writer Ksemendra and Somadeva's Kathasarit Sagara both having eighteen Lambakas subdivided into gucchas and tarangas respectively.

The poem begins with an encomium of Ujjayini and the death of Mahasena or Pradyota. Gopala his son succeeded him but afflicted with the talk that he was aa patricide he abdicated in favour of his younger brother Palaka warned as if by a heavenly sign, he gave up his throne and Gopala's son Avantinvardhana ascended the throne. Then comes the story of his love with Surasamanjari. The 28th canto leaves us with Naravahanadatta in the company of Bhagirathayasas.

The Brhatkatha Sloka Samgraha of Buddhasvamin was out of print for many years and there was a great demand for it among Sanskrit scholars. The present edition contains not only the original Sanskrit text but also includes an authentic English translation with various notes useful for schorlarly world.




Prefatory Note iii
Introduction v-viii
Canto I 1-15
Canto II 16-32
Canto III 33-55
Canto IV 56-80
Canto V 81-137
Canto VI 138-143
Canto VII 144-157
Canto VIII 158-167
Canto IX 168-185
Canto X 186-229
Canto XI 230-245
Canto XII 246-258
Canto XIII 259-266
Canto XIV 267-285
Canto XV 286-310
Canto XVI 311-325
Canto XVII 326-355
Canto XVIII 356-474
Canto XIX 475-508
Canto XX 509-580
Canto XXI 581-610
Canto XXII 611-661
Canto XXIII 662-680
Canto XXIV 681-692
Canto XXV 693-709
Canto XXVI 710-718
Canto XXVII 719-737
Canto XXVIII 738-756

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