BRHADARANYAKA UPANISAD with the Commentary of Sri Madhvacarya

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Author: Rai Bahdur Srisachandra Vasu Vidyarnava
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 9788170800471
Pages: 790
Cover: Hardcover
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Adhyaya I. Page.
The whole Creation is the Horse of Sacrifice 1
Creation is a Sacrifice: the secret of the Asva-medha sacrifice 10
Vayu, the first-begotten of God, is half male and half female: the Elects to Vayuhood 36
How Brahma and Sarasvati created the Universe 67
How the whole Creation came out of the Brahman 79
The seven kinds of Food: the three Worlds, i.e. of Man, the Fathers and the Devas: the spiritual relation of father and son: the worship of Vayu 142
Vayu is a triplicity of Name, Form and Work 173
Adhyaya II.  
Dialogue of Balaki and Ajatasatru: the condition of the Jiva in sleep: the Vijnanamaya Purusa in the Susumna Nadi: the origin and refuge of all whatever that exists 177
Vayu, the Infant in the right eye, is supported by Visnu and Rama 195
The Brahman is both the Murta and the Amurta as well as above and beyond both of them 202
Dialogue of Maitreyi and Yajnavalkya: the nature of the Atman 207
The Madhu-Vidya, also called the Hayagriva Brahma-Vidya 228
The family of the Teachers of the Madhu-Vidya 247
Adhyaya III.  
Janaka's Sacrifice: Dialogue of Asvala and Yajnavalkya: the Worship called Sampat 253
Dialogue of Artabhaga and Yajnavalkya: the condition of the Jiva at death 266
Dialogue of Bhujyu and Yajnavalkya: Vayu, the Deliverer 276
Dialogue of Usasta and Yajnavalkya: the nature of the Brahman 280
Dialogue of Kahola and Yajnavalkya: the Brahman is the Ruler of the Muktas also 287
Dialogue of Gargi and Yajnavalkya: the grades of the Muktas 298
Dialogue of Uddalaka and Yajnavalkya: the Brahman is the Antaryamin (the Inner Controller) 306
Dialogue of Gargi and Yajnavalkya: the Brahman is its own support: the nature of the Brahman 329
Dialogue of Sakalya and Yajnavalkya: the Devas, their nature number, nature and interdependence: Vayu is the highest Deva: the Brahman creates, supports and transcends them all 350
Adhyaya IV.  
Dialogue of Janaka and Yajnavalkya: Janaka's six teachers and what they taught: the four parts of the Divine Wisdom: the three Forms of the Atman in the Heart 409
Dialogue of Janaka and Yajnavalkya: the king of Kings on the Throne of the Heart 446
Dialogue of Janaka and Yajnavalkya: the Light within the Heart: the Brahman and the Muktas in Creation and Pralaya: the Sunya-vada and the Maya-vada: the different states of consciousness: the order of the Muktas and their Lokas 453
Dialogue of Janaka and Yajnavalkya: what happens at death to the Muktas and the non-Muktas: the nature of the Atman 543
Dialogue of Maitreyi and Yajnavalkya: the Joy of Immortality 599
The family of the Teachers of the Atma-Vidya: a superior caste may learn from an inferior caste 617
Adhyaya V.  
The Brahman as seen by Balarama 623
Humility, Charity and Mercy taught to the Devas, Men and Asuras respectively 626
Hridaya is a secret name of the Brahman 629
Vasudeva, the first avatara of the Brahman 631
The secret names of Vasudeva 635
The Brahman is the All-knower, the All-light and the All-good 641
The Brahman is the All-revealer 643
The Worship of Sarasvati 644
The Brahman as Agni Vaisvanara 645
Vayu, the Conductor of the departing Mukta 646
Meditation for ailing persons 650
Meditation on Brahma and Vayu 653
The secret names of Vayu 657
The Gayatri and its varieties with the Pranava 666
Aham and Asmi are the secret names of the Brahman: the immortality of Vayu 674
Adhyaya VI.  
Vayu is the Best and the Oldest of all the Devas 681
The secret of the Pancha-Agni-Vidya 695
The Pancha-Agni-Vidya is the Brahma-Vidya 714
Eugenics: procreation of pious children 732
The family of the Teachers of the Brahma-Vidya 738
Madhva's Conclusion: Madhva's claim to be the third avatara of Vayu rests on the Rig Veda 742


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