Bhagavatam for Beginners (Quest for Creation)

Bhagavatam for Beginners (Quest for Creation)

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Item Code: NAC568
Author: Swami Ramanujananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur
Edition: 2006
Pages: 64
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Weight 80 gm

Bhagavatha is the most important Purana. It is noticed that the people of Kerala and Gujarat celebrate ‘Bhagavatha Sapthaha’ to show their devotion to this holy text.

There are many philosophical ideas in Bhagavatha which cannot be simplified into one booklet. Therefore we have taken up that portion of Bhagavatha which deals with the creation of universe, to be discussed here.

Readers must remember that the text is a Purana and therefore the idea of creation may not tally with the modern science. We have taken up this topic for discussion because the Puranas cannot be dismissed as nonsense, as they contain many truths presented as stories. So even those who are not willing to subscribe to the views presented by the Puranas can have a perusal. Thus they an know what our ancient thinkers thought about creation.

Swami Swahanandaji, Swami Dayatmanandaji and Swami Shivamayanandaji have given encouragement and help to this author. Mr. P.R. Parameswara Kurup is a great help. Mr. Praveen Panicker has gone through the manuscript and is very helpful. We are grateful to all those who have helped us directly or indirectly in brining out this work.

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