Bhagavata Purana

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Author: Ramesh Menon
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8129109956
Pages: 1449
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
From The Jacket

Even after he has composed the awesome Mahabharata, the Maharishi Vyasa finds no peace. Narada Muni says to him, 'Ordinary men will be delighted by your work, but what about the sages of heaven and earth? Can swans that swim upon the Manasa Sarovara be delighted by the lakes of Bharatavarsha? You have described the human life, its strife and its ends, but you have not yet described the Lord himself. You must turn your great gift to that task; only then will you find peace.'

Veda Vyasa composes the Bhagavata Purana, in eighteen thousand slokas and twelve kandas. He teaches it to his illumined son Suka, who narrates the 'Secret Purana' (which even the Devas do not possess, which Ananta Sesha recites from his thousand mouths) to Yudhishtira's heir, King Parikshit, on the banks of the Ganga.

No other Indian scripture claims that it can bestow Moksha merely by being heard; but the Bhagavata Purana is a living embodiment of the Lord Narayana.

Just before Krishna, the Avatara, leaves the world, Uddhava says to him, 'The kali yuga has begun and evil will rise up and seize the earth. Who will be our light in the gathering night? Leave us a tangible form, Lord, in which we can find you, touch you, and be near you.

Krishna enters the Bhagavata Purana with all of his being: to read this amrita Purana is to be with Krishna. It consumes the sins of a million lives, it bestows untold fortune, and it is said to be the rarest treasure on earth.

This book is a full literary rendering of the Bhagavata Purana, bringing all the wonder, wisdom and grace of the Book of God to the modern reader.

Ramesh Menon was born in 1951 in New Delhi. He has retold the Siva Purana and the Devi Bhagavati, written modern renderings of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and juxtaposed the holy Bhagavad Gita and Krishna's life from the Bhagavata Purana in his book Krishna: Life and Song of the Blue God.

In the Naimisa Vana3
Narada and Bhakti5
The Secret Purana11
Atmaveda, the Brahmana17
The Two Brothers22
Vyasa and Narada33
Narada's past life36
The Story of Parikshit40
A Sudra, a Bull and a Cow41
The Curse44
On the Banks of the Ganga47
Virata Purusha50
The Way of Dhyana52
Narada Questions Brahma56
The Avataras of the Lord63
Whom the Lord Blesses67
Parikshit's Questions70
Suka Replies72
Krishna, Uddhava and Vidura77
The Beginning of Creation79
Adi Varaha83
Daksha's Daughter, Diti85
The Arrogant Dwarapalakas88
Kardama's Penance97
The Perfect Wife105
Kapila Vasudeva110
Devahuti and her Son113
Samkhya: the Teachings of Kapila117
The Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight-Fold Path125
Bhakti Yoga, and the Power of Time129
Samsara and the Narakas133
The Torments of the Jiva, the Rajasi Gati136
Bhaktiyoga, the High Road139
The Enlightenment of Devahuti142
Svayambhuva Manu's Daughters149
Daksha and Siva155
On Kailasa159
The Razing of Daksha's Yagna166
The Mercy of Siva169
The Tale of Dhruva177
Dhruva invades Alaka188
The Descendants of Dhruva195
Vena and the Birth of Prithu200
Prithu's Anger at the Earth208
Prithu's Anger at the Earth213
The Sons of Prithu227
The Prachetases246
Nabhi and the Birth of Rishabha258
Bharata, the Great267
Jada Bharata271
The Palanquin Bearer276
Bharata's Dynasty284
The Geography of Legend287
The Six Other Dwipas297
The Sun303
The Moon and the Planets305
Vishnupada: Dhruva and the Sishumara Chakra307
The Narakas314
The Story of Ajamila321
The Descendants of Daksha330
Brihaspati Forsakes the Devas339
The Curse of Parvati367
The Birth of the Maruts370
The Lord is not Partial381
Diti Consoled385
Hiranyakashyapu's and Tapasya391
Hiranyakashyapu and Prahlada395
Prahlada's Sermon405
Knowing the Self409
The Death of Hiranyakashyapu415
The Hymn of Prahlada422
The Story of Prahlada431
The Varnas of Men and their Dharma 438
The Dharma of Brahmacharins and Vanaprasthas443
The Sannyasi's Way447
The Way of the Grihasta453
Moksha, the Final Ideal458
The First Four Manvantaras469
The Lord of Elephants in Danger473
The Hymn of Gajendra477
The Lineage of Gajendra481
Before the Churning of the Kshirasagara485
The Later Hymn of Brahma492
Lakshmi, Amrita and Mohini504
The Drinking of the Amrita511
Devasura Yuddha515
The Last Seven Manvantaras532
The Manvantara536
The Ascent of Mahabali538
Kashyapa teaches Aditi the Payovrata544
Aditi's Vision551
Vamana Comes to Mahabali's Yagna555
What the Vamana Wanted559
The Vamana Reveals Himself564
Bali Bound569
Bali Saved572
Bali Goes to Sutala576
The Matsya Avatara580
The Tale of Sudyumna589
Manu's Other Sons and their Descendants594
The Line of Saryaati598
The Tale of Ambareesha604
Durvasa and Ambareesha612
The Line of Ambareesha616
The Line of Mandhata623
The Legend of Sagara627
Amshuman to Khatvaanga631
Rama Avatara638
Uttara Ramayana648
Kusa and his Descendants654
The Lineage of Nimi656
Pururavas of the House of the Moon659
The Legend of Parasurama565
The Bloodletting670
Pururavas' Other Descendants674
Yayati and Devayani676
Yayati's Relinquishment681
Dushyanta and Bharata684
Ranti Deva, the Kind One689
Bheeshma, Kuru, the Pandavas and Others693
The Sons of Yayati and their Sons699
The Lineage of Krishna704
Before the Lord's Birth720
The Birth of Krishna726
The Devi732
In Gokula737
Putana Moksha740
Shakatasura and Trinavarta745
Krishna's Boyhood750
The Salvation of Kubera's Sons760
Leaving Gokula: the slaying of Vatsa and Baka766
The Liberation of Aghasura773
Brahma Tests Krishna779
Brahma's Stotra786
Dhenuka Moksha795
The Chastening of Kaliya801
More about Kaliya809
Another Fire in the Forest816
The Seasons 818
The Songs of the Gopis824
The Gopis' Clothes828
Moksha for the Brahmana Wives833
The Indra Yagna840
A Mountain Lifted844
They Declare he is God847
Krishna Govinda850
The Vision of Brahman and Vaikuntha854
Rasalila: with Gopis856
The Gopis Separated from Krishna863
The Song of the Gopis868
Krishna Reappears872
Raasa Krida: the Dance of Love876
The Salvation of Sudarshana and Sankhachuda882
Yugala Gitam886
Kamsa's Resolve889
The Slaying of Kesin and Vyomasura896
Akrura comes to Gokula900
Departure for Mathura906
Akrura Hymns Krishna913
In Mathura918
Before the Wrestling924
The Depth of Kamsa934
After Kamsa's Death940
Uddhava goes to Vraja946
Uddhava and the Gopis952
Trivakra and Akrura962
Akrura's Mission966
Muchukunda finds Grace977
Jarasandha Again, and the Message from Rukmini983
The Abduction of Rukmini988
Krishna Marries Rukmini994
The Birth of Pradyumna1000
The Syamantaka1004
The Later Story of the Syamantaka1008
The Wives of Krishna1012
The Slaying of Naraka1019
The Killing of Rukmi1032
Aniruddha and Usha1037
The rescue of Aniruddha1041
The Tale of Nriga1047
Balarama and Yamuna1052
Samba and the Kurus1064
Krishna, the Grihasta1070
Two Messengers in Dwaraka1076
To Indraprastha1082
The Liberated Kings1095
Sishupala of Chedi1099
The Humiliation of Duryodhana1105
Salva Dies1115
Dantavakra Moksha1120
The killing of Balvala and Balarama's Tirtha Yatra1125
The Tale of Sridama1129
Festival at Samantapanchaka1141
Krishna's Wives Speak of Him1148
Vasudeva's Yagna at Samantapanchaka1154
Krishna and his Parents1162
The Marriage of Subhadra and the Tale of Srutadeva1170
He Vedas1178
The Tale of Vrikasura and Rudra1194
The Brahmana's Children1201
Krishna, the Perfect1201
SKANDHA 111209
A Final Task1211
The Sermon of the Navayogis1215
The Sermon of the Navayogis (Continued)1222
The Sermon of the Navayogis (Continued)1230
The Sermon of the Navayogis (Continued)1235
Krishna Near the End of His Avatara1242
Uddhava Gita: The Avadhuta's Sermon on his Gurus1248
Dattatreya's Sermon on his Gurus (Continued)1255
Dattatreya's Sermon on His Gurus (Continued)1260
The Limitations of Vedic Ritualism1265
Of Freedom and Bondage1270
Satsangha: the Association with Holy Men1276
The Song of the Hamsa1280
Bhakti as the Supreme Way1285
Siddhis: Occult Powers1290
Manifestations of Glory1295
Varnasrama: Vanaprastha and Sannyasa1307
The Spiritual Goal, Exhaustively1314
Bhakti, Gyana, and Karma Yoga1321
The Realm of Paapa and Punya1326
The Atman1333
The Song of the Mendicant1341
Creation and Dissolution1348
Freedom from the Gunas1352
On Avoiding Evil Company1356
Kriya Yoga, the Rites Company1360
Gyana Yoga, the Way of Knowledge1366
Krishna's Last Teaching to Uddhava1372
The End of the Yadavas1378
After Krishna Leaves the World1383
SKANDHA 121387
Royal Dynasties and their Degeneration1389
The Advance of the Kali Yuga1393
Overcoming the Evils of the Kali Yuga1398
The Four Pralayas1404
Sri Suka's Final Words1409
The Emancipation of Parikshit1411
The Puranas1419
The Greatness of Markandeya1422
Markandeya's Vision1428
Markandeya and Siva1432
The Skandhas of the Bhagavata Purana1441
Final Salutations1447
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