BEYOND ETHICS An Enquiry into Values for the Business of Life

BEYOND ETHICS An Enquiry into Values for the Business of Life

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Item Code: IDF129
Author: Shashi Misra
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8176211700
Pages: 621
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.6" X 6.1"
Weight 740 gm
About the Book:

This book addresses itself to the reader who is looking for answers and guidance to lead a life of exuberance and harmony, both inner and outer. The contents are based on a proven framework. Known and universally acclaimed texts like the Geeta, the Bible, the Quran and inspired writings over the ages have formed the basis for the principles set out in this book. Above all this framework stands validated by everyone's own individual experience. Beyond Ethics takes you through a journey - an insight into how to honour one's own experience, to make a resolve to follow it regardless of commonplace views and options, and to commit oneself to this resolve.

This book, therefore looks beyond ethics, the scope of which is limited to interactions. Beyond Ethics leads the reader into the innerscape of the human being, which is the domain of values.

The framework given in the book has found acceptance as a module in training events for young professionals, including administrators and students. It was commissioned by the Lal Bhadur Shastri National Academy For Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie.

About the Author:

Shashi Misra was born in 1945 in Kanpur, UP. Backed by a gold medal from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, from where she did a Masters in history, she entered the Indian Administrative Service in 1968 (Maharashtra Crade) and married Ravi, her colleague, a year later. His passing away twenty-one years later, eventually led to an enquiry into the essence of life and its manifest processes. Some of the exploration is reflected in this book.

In the administrative assignments that came her way, mainly in the Sectors of Food, Agriculture and HRD with the sprinkling of Planning and Finance, in her interests the human being has remained centre stage - seen as a process that has the potential to achieve optimal refinement. Facets of this perception were there during her childhood and through her married life, but holism of prespective developed after she came into contact with Mr Dhamendra Mohan Sinha, under whom she began a study of the Geeta.

After her retirement from the IAS in August, 2005, Shashi Misra now lives in a sunny suburb of Mossoorie at Barlowganj. She continues to write, train and counsel from that perch. Her other interests include reading, classical music, flower arrangements and cooking, some of which are shared by her two sons and daughter-in-law-.

Dedication 7
…And Gratitude 9
This Book 12
The Context is Surrealistic 19
The Centripetal 64
The Outer Road 89
Catching The Worm 133
Karma: Electable, immutable and inexorable 139
The inner Route: of Experience 153
Approach to Identity 175
Identity: The Paradim of a Fundamental Enquiry 201
The Self 231
The Macro-Micro Dynamics 251
The Dilemma 272
Action and its Path - Ravvish 316
A Liberative Framework for Action 345
Action in Perspective 393
The Responsive Environment 436
The Context Revisited 483
The First Movement of the Surround: the Family 516
The Second Movement 534
Epilogue 580
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