Bengali Religious Lyrics Sakta

Bengali Religious Lyrics Sakta

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Author: Trans. By. Edward J. Thompson & Arthur Marshman Spencer
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1986
ISBN: 8170300207
Pages: 103
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket:

The ritual of all the greater gods and goddesses of modern Hinduism is the result of syncretism. Visnu, in his avatars as Rama and Krishna, and Siva divide the allegiance Saktas, Worshippers of the Female energy. Sakti of these deities. Their worship is an expression of the age long Hindu recognition of a dual practice in nature, pursha (Male) and Prakriti (Female). Saktism may be regarded as the worship of Durga or Kali, Siva, consort. Sakta hymns contains many references to both the philosophy and practice of the cult. Some references will be found in hymns of Ramaprasada Sen in this. The present book contains English translation of lyrics from the Sakta literature. The poets included here are are Ramaprasada Sen, Kamalakanta Bhattacharya, Maharaja of Nator, Rasikachandra Ray, Saiyed Jafar, Nilkanta Mukhopadhyaya, Ramachandra Datta Dwihadasa, Navakishor Modak and some annonymous lyrics. The book also contains an introduction, tracing the development of Saktism and of the literature it has produced.


Sakta Songs
By Ramprasad Sen:
I.The Child's Complaint of His Mother's Neglect31
II.She is Utterly Indifferent31
III.He will Turn to His Stepmother, since His Mother is Apparently Dead32
IV. His Mother is His Only Hope33
V.He Will Endure Her Tricks of Deception No Longer33
VI.Her Neglect of Humble Worshipers and Her Partiality for the Violent33
VII.The Worshipper Complains of the Inequality of Lots34
VIII.Kali's Service has Made Him a Mendicant35
IX.His Days are Passed in Misery36
X.The Vanity of Life after Life36
XI.He Trusts Kali, though She Neglects Him37
XIIHis Vain and Earnest Search for Salvation by Knowledge37
XIII.He Would be Accepted for Service38
XIV.Medicine for His Mind Disease39
XV.The Foolishness of Pilgrimage40
XVI.The Holiness of Kashi Explained40
XVII.He Sometimes Longs to Rest at Kali41
XVIII.The Foolishness of Sacrifice42
XIX.The Soul's Sleep of Death43
XX.He is Old, Dependent, and Despised43
XXI.The Useless Toil of His Days44
XXII.The Tyranny of a Divided Will45
XXIII.Kali Neglects Her Worshipper, in Mad Dance45
XXIV.Kali the Battle-Queen46
XXV.Siva Under Kali's Feet46
XXVI.The Storm-Procession of Siva47
XXVII.The Worshiper's Heart is Kali's Home48
XXVIII.Negelected Opportunity48
XXIX.The Tyranny of Rebirth49
XXX.Strength Within Oneself50
XXXI.The Unguarded House51
XXXII.The Storm-Smitten House51
XXXIII.Perli of Tempest51
XXXIV.The Mind's Boatman are Craven52
XXXV.The Worshipper's Case Comes to Court52
XXXVI.He Will Appeal to Siva53
XXXVII.He Has Paid All Rent-Dues54
XXXVIII.His Mother Has No Lawful Claims Against Him55
XXXIX.Sin Must Bear Its Punishment55
XL.He is Bankrupt55
XLI.Prosperity the Snare of the Soul56
XLII.The Fear of Death57
XLIII.Life's Fourth Stage57
XLIV.He is poor and Helpless58
XLV.He is a Slave in His Own House58
XLVI.The Life to Come59
XLVII.Kali the Only Refuge60
XLVIII.Life's Affictions60
XLIX.Night Drawing Nearer61
L.The Cords of Death61
LI.Death at Hand62
LII. And After Death the Judgment62
LIII.He Longs for Deliverance63
LIV.Preparation for Death63
LV.His Helplessness64
LVI.Kali the Fence-Maker64
LVII.He Faces Death65
LVIII.Defiance of Death65
LIX.This Day Will Pass66
LX.He Heeds Not Men's Blame66
LXI.His Play is Ended67
LXII.And He is Free from Fear of Rebirth67
LXIII.All Error is Ended67
LXIV.Crying to Kill, He Will Leave Life68
LXV.The End68
Ascribed to Ramprasad Sen:
LXVI.He Has Wandered Without Being Wise70
LXVII.Conquest of Self70
LXVIII.The Queen of the Dependent on Kali70
LXIX.Kali the Refuge71
By Kamalakanta Bhattacharya:
LXX.He is Identifier to His  Worldly Fortune72
LXXI.He is Entirely Dependent on Kali72
LXXII.Kali's Power73
LXXIII.The Poet's Great Happiness73
LXXIVExtreme Unction74
By Maharaja Ramakrishna of Nator
LXXV.The Hour of Death75
By Rasikachnadra Ray:
LXXVI. The Worshiper Will Conquer Kali by Her Own Stregth 76
By Saiyad Jafar:
LXXVII. Kali Cannot Help Her Worshipper 77
By Nilakantha Mukhopadhyaya:
LXXVIII. Kali is the Universal Object of Worship 78
LXXIX. The Callous Mother 79
LXXX. The Devotee Victorious 79
By Ramachandra Datta:
LXXXI. The Poet, in Peril of Death, Prays to the Mother 81
By Dwijadasa:
LXXXII. The Worshipper Laments His Neglect of Kali 82
LXXXIII. A 'Walpurge' Dance 83
LXXXIV The Poet's Heart a Burning-Ground 83
By Navakisor Modak:
LXXXV. Durga is Falsely Called Merciful 84
LXXXVI. Her Afflictions are Her Mercy 85
LXXXVII. The Son Has but One Desire 85
By Kangal:
LXXXVIII. True Adoration 87
By Ramprasad Sen:
LXXXIX. An Incident of Uma's Childhood 88
XC. The Same Continued 89
XCI. Menaka Has Discovered Uma's Greatness 90
XCII. Menaka Sends for Her Daughter 92
By Ramprasad Sen:
XCIII. The Joy at the Coming of Uma 93
By Rajanikanta Sen:
XCIV. A Neighbour Gives Tidings of Uma's Approach 94
By Ramprasad Sen:
XCV The Arrival of Uma 95
By Rajanikanta Sen:
XCVI. Uma's Mother Speaks 96
By Vaikuntha of Maliara
XCVII. Uma Reproaches Her Mother for the Year's Neglect 97
XCVIII. Uma Explains Her Inability to Come 98
By Dasarathi Ray:
XCIX. The Neighbours Come to Congratulate Menaka 99
By Ramprasad Sen:
C. Menaka Will Not Send Her Daughter Back Again 100
CI. Siva Claims His Bride Again 100
By Rajanikanta Sen:
CII. The Mother's Grief to Let Her Daughter Go 101
CIII. The Grief When Uma Has Gone 101

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