Be Still - It Is The Wind That Sings
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Be Still - It Is The Wind That Sings

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Item Code: NAN616
Author: Arthur Osborne
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788182880924
Pages: 430
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 470 gm
About the Author

When Arthur Osborne founded The Mountain Path in 1964, he daeclared: "The aim of this journal is to set forth the traditional wisdom of all religions and all ages, especially as testified to by their saints and mystics, and to clarify the paths available to seekers in the conditions of our modern world." And then he added: "The Mountain Path is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi."

This anthology of articles and poems that he contributed to the journal under his own name and various pseudonyms complements an earlier volume, For Those with Little Oust. Included is a longer work on the 'question of Progress' as well as 16 hitherto unpublished poems.

Taken together, they form a powerful testament of the clarity and dedication he brought to bear upon his chosen task as a devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Whether elucidating the subtleties of Bhagavan's life and teachings, bridging the apparent diversity of religious practice and belief, or simply surrendering to the exquisite inspirations of his Muse, Arthur Osborne's energetic writings from the last decade of his life continue to strike an inner chord at the turn of the millennium.


There is not Much One Can Say as a Foreword to this collection" of the various writings of Arthur Osborne his words speak for themselves. This is the second collection of articles, mainly gleaned from the earlier editions of The Mountain Path when he founded it and initially, before getting world-wide contributions, he also wrote many of the articles himself under various pseudonyms. Most of these he abandoned as time went by and the magazine acquired a larger and more international readership and list of contributors. Abdullah Qutbuddin carried on longer than many of his other aliases and I have a suspicion that he had more than a sneaking fondness for H. Sebastian Gubbins.

Although founding The Mountain Path, putting it together, writing many of the articles and doing the editing was very hard work, he never seemed to make it so. As a child I could, without anxiety, interrupt him when he was working and he just picked up again where he left off. It was only when he was trying to do something practical with his hands like making toast that he had to make a supreme effort to concentrate, and we interrupted him at our peril.

My father was a man of towering integrity that comes out in all his writing and in spite of his great erudition he never used a complicated word when a simple one would do. This was because he believed implicitly in the value and the essential simplicity of truth. It was the core of the man and basis of his love for Ramana Maharshi and his quest for Self-realization.


Foreword by Kitty Osborne 11
Arthur Osborne by Lucia Osborne 13
Sri Ramana Maharshi  
The Look That Pierced 27
Ramana Still Lives 31
The Ascent 34
The Maharshi's Place in History 37
The Essential Teaching of the Maharshi 50
The Nature and Function of the Guru 54
Self-Realisation as Taught by Bhagavan 63
Stilling the Mind Through Vichara as Taught by Bhagavan 65
Why Bhagavan Ignored Symbolism 69
Effort, Grace and Destiny 72
Physical Supports of Grace 77
The Two Kinds of Guru 80
Austerity 83
Vegetarianism 86
The Collaborator 90
Sri Bhagavan's Teaching - The Literary Testimony 97
Happiness 102
Advaita 107
Bhakti Marga and Jnana Marga 108
The Threefold Scripture 111
The Name 115
Krishna, Teacher of Dharma 123
The Swami Vivekananda Birth Centenary 139
Buddha and Ramana 143
The Four Noble Truths 149
Some Consequences of Anatta 152
Ignorance and Sin 155
The Tibetan Doctrine of Incarnate Buddhas 160
Islam and Advaita 167
Is Sufism Islamic? 168
Shirk and Tawhid 171
The Lesser and Greater Jihad 173
The Sufi Path of Love 180
A World-Sanctifying Religion 185
The Sufi Science of Lataif 189
Paradise and Nirvana 191
Al-Khizr 198
ISLAM (continued)  
Jnani, Prophet and Avatar 200
Petitionary Prayer 205
The Meaning and Use of the Rosary in Islam (Sunni) 210
"We Will Show Them Our Signs" 211
"Which, Then of Your Lord's Bounties Will You Reject?" 214
The Will to Perversity 218
Shari' at and Tariqat 223
The Miracle of the Koran 225
The Place of Islam in History 228
An Aggressive Teacher 233
Spiritual Traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church 236
"Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine" 246
"Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen" 250
Jnana and Bhakti in Christianity 254
Render Unto Caesar 256
I and My Father Are One 260
"Be Ye Therefore Perfect" 265
Can a Christian Follow the Maharshi? 268
Christian Healing 274
A Christian View of Reincarnation 278
Traces of Reincarnation in the West 281
The Basic Christian Symbol 287
CHRISTIANITY (continued)  
The Cult of Suffering 289
Christian Free Will 293
Good and Evil 296
Was Christ an Avatar? 300
Predestination and Prayer 301
The Concept of Progress 304
The Question of Progress 314
1 - Progress and History 315
2 - Progress in Religion 337
Comparative Religion  
Comparative Religion as a University Discipline 359
A New Approach to Comparative Religion 365
Modern Idolatries 376
Moral Philosophy 381
Rene Guenon 385
The Symbolism of the Quest in the Odyssey 389
Hermetic Symbolism 392
The Symbolism of Numbers 400
The Relations Between Religion and Art 404
Shakespeare's Morality Plays 412
The Death Wish 419
A Testament 423
The Guru 437
To Arunachala 438
To Bhagavan 440
Brief Eternity 443
The Tiger 444
The Indewller- II 444
The Initiatic Death 445
The Dark Night 446
Desolation 447
The Lady of Shalott 448
Complete Your Work 449
The Sleeping Beauty 450
Anatta 451
The Two Windows 452
To Whom? 453
The World 454
The World - II 455
The Shakti 456
Ergo Non Sum 456
The Dream-Self 457
Others -II 458
The Expanse 459
POEM (continued)  
Fantastic Things 460
To Christians 461
What Remains? 462
The Song 463
This Dream 464
The Poet 465
Day and Night 466
The Waning Moon 467
The Elixir of Youth 468
Otherness 469
List of articles by Arthur Osborne 471
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