Ayurvedic Treatment On Acne, Urticaria and Other Skin Disease (As Well as Overall Protection of the Skin)
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Ayurvedic Treatment On Acne, Urticaria and Other Skin Disease (As Well as Overall Protection of the Skin)

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Item Code: UAD148
Author: Vasant B Athavale and Kamlesh V Athavale
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789389098228
Pages: 126 (10 B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 150 gm
The skin is the natural covering of the body. Skin performs different functions - It protects the underlying organs from external factors such as dust, breeze, heat, cold, cosmic rays, etc. The skin is the sense organ of pleasant-painful touch, feeling of high-low temperature. It maintains the body temperature through the medium of sweat. Sunlight helps the skin to manufacture Vitamin D, which is linked to cholesterol because we need cholesterol in our skins cells to make Vitamin D from sunlight. Skin has close bonding with the mind. An angry individual's face becomes red, whereas a terrified individual's face turns white. Continuous worry leads to skin diseases.

There are two Volumes on the subject of 'Skin diseases'. In the first Volume, topics such as structure of the skin, measures to be taken for keeping the skin healthy have been discussed. Additionally, symptoms of ailments associated with beauty such as burning of the skin, urticaria, skin ailments associated with beauty, etc. have been discussed and the remedies have been described. In the second Volume, information on the ailments of hair along with ailments such as ringworms, scabies, leucoderma has been given. This Text also elaborates on the various natural and artificial cosmetics. Both the Texts are worth reading for obtaining information on skin diseases and making efforts for maintaining the health of the skin.

One among the many reasons for skin diseases is `demerits of past lives' and the ancient Texts on Ayurveda advise Divine measures for curing them.

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