Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar (The Art and Science of Pregnancy)

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Author: Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe
Publisher: Balaji Tambe Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 9789380571874
Pages: 288 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe is considered is pioneer in Ayurveda, going far beyond mere herbs, medicines and remedies, in his holistic approach to the science. The grand unity of the disciplines of Ayurveda, Yoga, food science, spirituality and healing music, are explained in a clear and entertaining manner in his discourses.

He has taken on the near impossible task of researching and reminding us of the great treasure that is the ancient Vedic culture. He explains with flair how the traditions, festivals, rituals and philosophies pertain to present life and deliver immeasurable value, if followed with understanding. He cuts through myth and superstition and works to take forward the inspiration and knowledge that the ancients left behind for us to discover. He shows easily how those traditions are truly applicable in every phase of human development, since they are based on the human being’s involvement in all natural phenomena. It is clear that our times are most urgently in need of such guidance. It is Dr. Tambe’s passion and mission that this way of life should bring about progress at material, psychological and spiritual levels, everywhere.

Some of his longest standing and most important work have been in the field of women’s health, especially relating to pregnancy and childcare. This area of health. It is easy to see that if women are helped through this period, all of human society will benefit immensely. Over several decades, it became impossible to serve the number of people requesting guidance on the subject. Therefore, the Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar became a book. It is the culmination of this thought process and effort.

In his forty years of medical practice and research, Dr. Tambe has come to the conclusion that flaws and deficiencies in parents to be can be passed on to their future children. In fact, there are precise correlations between the behavior of parents throughout the process of concaving and having a child, and the health of their children. This is a complete science that helps you maximize the potential of your child. The aim of the Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar is that your child should be healthy, happy and capable in every possible way. The book presents an astonishing level of detailed advice for the man and woman planning a baby, and for their entire family. The far-reaching consequences of this process are really worth experiencing and bringing to life.



Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe was born to Shri Vasudev Tambe Shastri and Smt. Lakshmibai Vasudev Tambe. Among those of the spiritual path, Shri Vasudev Tambe Shastri has attained a very high spiritual authority, and the child Balaji’s attraction to and intelligence in that sphere were apparent and ingrained very early. The atmosphere at home was very conducive to the study of the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and mantras and other spiritual techniques. At the age of five he began formal schooling as well as a formal spiritual education and completed both with degrees in engineering and Ayurveda. With the blessings of parents and the grace of Sadguru Shri Dattatreya he had studied both worlds the physical, visible and rational, as well as, the spiritual, subtle and omniscient. And further, he studied and researched the Indian traditions, Ayurveda and other Vedas, puranas, mantra and tantra (verbal and physical techniques), Yoga, Astrology and music, to understand their essence and see how they can be applied to enrich various spheres of life.

Since the year 1965, he has been writing under the pen name ‘Aum Swarupa’ and established a centre for meditation under that aegis. He has given diksha (spiritual initiation) to many into the Aum chanting meditation practice called Santulan Om Meditation or SOM Yoga, and inspired their spiritual development. A large number of his disciple, both in India and abroad now practice this meditation technique. This seven fold technique’s most important features include social service and group meditation. Since 1982, Dr. Tambe Conducts an annual seminar in the monsoon, where he focuses on the sciences and rationale of spirituals subjects, and demonstrates their practical aspects as well.

Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe has, over the years, developed both SOM Yoga, for meditation, and a special yoga technique called Santulan Kriya Yoga (SKY). Numerous people, through many centres, both in India and abroad, continue to benefit from these systems.

Over the last forty years, Dr. Tambe has been untiringly lecturing on subjects from the ancient scriptures and sciences, and the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta, the Ramayana, Mahabharta and Ayurveda. In the sphere of health, apart from practicing and spreading Ayurveda, he regularly conducts concerts on healing music, spreading its health effects, in India and abroad. And in following Ayurvedic instructions in an uncompromising manner, and through his research and experiments, Dr. Tambe healing. The mastery of yoga and Ayurveda is, it seems, embedded in his being.

To bring life in balance he has established the Atmansantualana way of life. Its purpose is not merely to cure disease, but to increase health, and enhance one’s entire outlook towards life. In 1982 on the basis of the Vedic Gurukul lifestyle, he established, in the peaceful pure and spiritual environs of Karla, the Atmasantulana Village. He has since constantly been evolving practices that help keep life in balance. Dr. Tambe’s ability to present ancient and complex spiritual concepts in extremely easy terms endears him even to new generations.

To ensure that medicines are produced strictly in accordance with Ayurvedic instructions and tradition, a pharmacy has been established at Atmasantulana village. Dr. Tambe says that music is not merely for entertainment, and he has composed and produced several albums of healing music. And so along with physical health he has provided the elixir of psychological and spiritual health to many.

In both India and internationally, his writings on yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Healing Music and Spirituality, appear in leading newspaper and magazines, on a regular basis. He has written several books over the years, including Sanyulan Kriya Yoga, Ayurvedic Home Remedies (English and Marathi), living meditation through Aum Swarupa (in 4 parts), Shri Ram Vishwapanchyatan in Marathi also published as the Aatma Ramayan in Gujrat (which reveals the real meaning of the Ramayana) Chakra Sudarshan that explains the seven chakras in the body (Marathi) and Ayurveda Uvach (Marathi), among others. He has been, since its inception, the editor of the ECHO magazine that is published at the Atmasantulana village. He is the chief consultant to the Family Doctor, a weekly supplement to the leading Marathi newspaper, sakal. Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe has a daily (mon to sat) show on the Marathi TV channel, saam, called Shri Geeta Yog Version 2011 in which he conducts discourses on the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta. He has recently begun writing series of books on the Bhagwad Geeta in English as well as Marathi one book for each of its 18 chapter. The series is called peacock Feathers and Shri Geeta Yog Shodh Brahmavidyecha in Marathi, and one from the series in English have already been published.




  Preparing for pregnancy  
1 Values lasting through multiple lifetimes 18
2 For healthy reproductive cells 23
3 Culturing the seed 29
4 Creating the atmosphere 34
5 The Body's reproductive infrastructure 40
6 Feminine balance 44
7 Difficulties during conception 48
  Care of the Pregnant woman  
8 Early days of pregnancy 62
9 Diet during pregnancy 68
10 Fruits & vegetables for the pregnant woman 76
11 What & When should an expectant mother eat? 81
12 Some essential activities 88
13 Remedies for minor Problems 93
  Nurturing the Foetus  
14 Growth of the foetus and its nourishment 98
15 Some possible foetal defects 107
16 Yoga during pregnancy - 1 114
17 Yoga during pregnancy -2 118
18 Preparations prior to delivery 130
19 Delivery 137
  Care of the Woman after delivery  
20 Care of the Sutika 146
21 Diet after delivery 152
22 Ideal practical for the new mother 156
  Baby Care  
1 Care of the Newborn 166
2 Breast feeling 172
3 For a healthy baby 176
4 Diet for the baby 182
5 Rasayan fo the baby 186
6 Child development milestones 189
7 Raising a chld 194
8 Common Childhood diseases 198
9 Premature birth and child care 203
1 Concepts of Ayurveda 212
2 Investiations during pregnancy 238
3 Table for calculating delivery date 240
4 Family Planning 241
5 Balguti 242
6 Sixteen Sanskars 246
7 Immunisation 250
8 Experience Speaks 252
9 Word of experience from a doctor mother 256
10 Speicial Recipes 257
11 Scientific names of medicial plants 266
12 Santulan products for Garbha Sanskar 270
13 Glossary 277
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