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Ayurvedic Clinical Diagnosis: Based on Madhava Nidana (Two Volumes)

Item Code: IDF264
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Author: Dr. G.D. Singhal
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8170843606
Pages: 1245
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

It is a great pleasure and a valuable stimulation for those interested in the important science of Ayurveda, that another Sanskrit work of basic importance becomes available in an English translation, so as to also reach a growing group in Western countries.

After elaborating a most valuable translation of the Susruta Samhita under the title of "Ancient Indian Surgery Series", published by Dr. G. D. Singhal, the same team is now bringing a translation of the Madhavanidana, which is a work of fundamental importance to ayurvedic diagnostics. The Brhattrayi is well known to persons in the West, devoting interest and work to Ayurveda, since the Caraka Samhita has become available in a few translationas (of which, regret-tably, not all have been finished), as has also the Susruta Samhita especially in the series mentioned above. The Astangahrdaya Samhita, however, has been fully translated only into German-translations into English are so far not complete. The Astangasamgraha has not yet been fully translated. The Laghutrayi has, except for partial translations of the Madhavanidana and a small part of the Bhavaprakasa, not been accessible to Westerners without a profound knowledge of Sanskrit. The only translation of the Madhavanidana into English is incomplete, but constitutes a very important work by the Dutch physician and sanskri-tologist Dr. C. J. Meulenbel d, an internationally known authority un Ayurveda. English translations of the Sarngadhara Samhita and the Bhavaprakasa are still lacking, and are much wished for. It would also be valuable, if the existing parts of the Bhela (Bheda) Samhita were to be translated, and if one narrow selection of other translated ancient scriptures on Ayurveda were to be completed and widened. We are, after all, dealing with a medical philosophy of fundamental importance.

In the interest of Western readers, I add a list of translations of ancient scriptures on Ayurveda into Western Languages (excluding a few articles in journals, which only bring extracts, except for works mentioned above). Where no other language is mentioned, the translation is into English.

I wish to congratulate Dr. G. D. Singhal and his team for another monumental work and an important effort for bringing Ayurveda closer to readers not well-versed in Sanskrit, for thus aiding to spread the knowledge of this important science beyond the borders of India.


  Chapters Page
Volume I
1. The Five Aspects of Diagnosis 1
2. The Diagnosis of Fever 19
3. The Diagnosis of Diarrhoea 63
4. The Diagnosis of Grahani Disease 81
5. The Diagnosis of Piles 97
6. The Diagnosis of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Gastro-enteritis, Alasaka (? Mechanical Intestinal Obstruction) and Vilambika (? Paralytic Ileus) 121
7. The Diagnosis of Worm Infections 152
8. The Diagnosis of Anaemia, Jaundice, Kumbha Kamala and Halimaka 153
9. The Diagnosis of the Haemorrhagic Disorders 171
10. The Diagnosis of Rajayaksama Ksata and Ksina (Tuberculosis and other Emaciating diseases) 185
11. The Diagnosis of Cough 207
12. The Diagnosis of Hiccough and Dyspnoea 221
13. The Diagnosis of Hoarseness of Voice 245
14. The Diagnosis of Anorexia 255
15. The Diagnosis of Emesis 265
16. The Diagnosis of Thirst 279
17. The Diagnosis of Fainting, Vertigo, Sleep, Drowsiness and Coma 291
18. The Diagnosis of Excessive Drinking, Hangover, Alcoholic Gastritis and Chronic Alcoholism 309
19. The Diagnosis of the Burning Sensation 325
20. The Diagnosis of Psychoses 337
21. The Diagnosis of Epilepsy 361
22. The Diagnosis of Vatika Diseases 373
23. The Diagnosis of the Vata-rakta (Gout) 423
24. The Diagnosis of the Urustambha 439
25. The Diagnosis of Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) 449
26. The Diagnosis of Abdominal colics, Duodenal ulcer and Gastric ulcer 459
27. The Diagnosis of Udavarta and Anaha 475
28. The Diagnosis of Gulma (Abdominal Swellings) 491
29. The Diagnosis of the Heart Diseases 507
30. The Diagnosis of Mutra Krccha (Dysuria) 517
31. Diagnosis of the Obstructive Uropathy 529
32. The Diagnosis of Urolithiasis 545
Volume II
33. Diagnosis of Diabetes Syndrome, Boils and Carbuncles 559
34. Diagnosis of Obesity 589
35. Diagnosis of Abdominal Enlargements 599
36. Diagnosis of Oedema and Inflammation 618
37. Diagnosis of Inguino-scrotal Swellings 637
38. Diagnosis of Goitres, Lymphadenopathy, Cystic Swellings and Tumours 649
39. Diagnosis of ( Filarial ) Elephantiasis 667
40. Diagnosis of Abscess 677
41. Diagnosis of Inflammatory Sweelings 691
42. Diagnosis of Endogenous ( non-traumatic ) Ulcers 703
43. Diagnosis of Acute Traumatic Wounds 717
44. Diagnosis of Fractures and Dislocations 735
45. Diagnosis of Sinuses 747
46. Diagnosis of Fistula-in-ano 757
47. Diagnosis of Penile and Veneral Diseases 767
48. Diagnosis of Penile Diseases 777
49. Diagnosis of Shin Diseases including Leprosy 793
50. Diagnosis of Allergic Skin Manifestations 819
51. Diagnosis of Gastritis 831
52. Diagnosis of Spreading Cellulitis 839
53. Diagnosis of Pustular Eruptions 855
54. Diagnosis of Pox 867
55. Diagnosis of Minor Diseases (43 in number) 885
56. Diagnosis of Oral Diseases 915
57. Diagnosis of Diseases of Ear 953
58. Diagnosis of Diseases of Nose 969
59. Diagnosis of Eye Diseases 987
60. Diagnosis of Diseases of Head 1039
61. Diagnosis of Menorrhagia 1051
62. Diagnosis of Gynaecological Disorders 1061
63. Diagnosis of Yonikanda 1075
64. Diagnosis of Obstructed Labour 1083
65. Diagnosis of Puerperal Disorders 1095
66. Diagnosis of Mastitis / Breast Abscesses 1103
67. Diagnosis of Breast Milk Abnormalities 1111
68. Diagnosis of Paediatric Diseases 1119
69. Diagnosis of Poisoning 1137


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