Astronomy (Relevant to Astrology)

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Author: V.P. Jain
Publisher: Bharatiya Prachya Evam Sanatan Vigyan Sansthan
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8186089179
Pages: 166 (12 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Shri V.P. Jain MA (Maths) was born at Rewari (Haryana) on 31st August 1931 in a respectable Aggarwal family. He retired as Audit officer from Indian Audit and Accounts department.

He passed the examinations Jyotisha Praveena and Jyotisha Visharada from Indian council of astrological Sciences and is senior faculty member of ICAS. He has authored another book text book for Shadbala & Bhavabala.

He represented Delhi State in National Chess Championships many times and is a national Arbitor of chess. He is a life member of Delhi Chess Association. He remained general Secretary of Delhi Chess Association for 10 years. He was Vice President of Delhi Chess Association and also Vice President of All India Chess foundation. He was manage of Indian team represented by Grand Master Vishwanthan Anand in 1986 at Okham in England.



The present book of astronomy has been written for students who want to learn Hindu Astrology and posses knowledge of mathematics up to the 10+2 standard and known the elements of plane geometry algebra etc. Though the book contains the figures of three dimensions yet the students can understand the astronomical concepts. Using their imaginations and grasping the points explained.

In writing this book help has been taken from the class notes on Indian Astronomy by Shri R.N. Vashist (I.A. & A.S. Retd.) Elements of Astronomy by George W. Parker Spherical Astronomy by W.M. smart and A to Z Astronomy by Patric Moore.

I hope students will find these lessons useful for understanding astronomy and its utilization in astrology.




Introduction 7
Chapter 1  
Historical Background 9
Names of Astronomers 12
Indian Astronomy 15
Siddhantas 17
Important Astronomical Scholars 21
Revolutions of Various Planets in a Mahayuga of Solar Years 22
Surya Siddhanta and Bija Corrections 23
Comparison of time of Revolutions for various planets 24
Differences between modern and Indian classical Astronomy 26
Chapter 2  
Sphere Celestial Sphere 31
Great Circle, Small Circle, Plane 32
Pole of a circle in a sphere 33
Terrestrial Equator, Meridians, Longitude 34
Terrestrial Latitude 35
Celestial Poles, Celestial Equator 35
Ecliptic 36
Zodiac 36
Celestial Longitude Declination 37
The Right Ascension 37
Declination Circle, Hour Angle 38
Altitude Azimuth 39
Zenith, Nadir, Celestial Meridian 40
Verticals Prime Vertical 40
Changes in the Sun’s Declination 41
Obliquity of Equator and Equinoxes 42
Chapter 3  
Stars, Planets, Satellites and Solar System 44
Ecliptic 47
Formation of Seasons 50
Earth on Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox 52
The Moon 53
Cycle of Moon 55
Chapter 4  
Inferior Conjunction and Superior Conjunction 56
Mercury Venus 57
Mars, Jupiter 58
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune 59
Pluto 60
Comets 60
Halley’s Comet, Encke’s Comet 61
Minor Planets or Asteroids Meteors 61
Meteorites Kepler’s Laws 62
Names of the days of a Week 62
Why Planets Become Retrograde 64
Chapter 5  
Precession of Equinoxes 67
Nutation Movable and fixed Zodiacs 69
Division of Zodiac into signs and constellations 71
Chapter 6  
Phases of Moon 74
Nodes 76
Rahu and Ketu 77
Sidereal Period, Sidereal Time 78
Synodic Period 79
Chapter 7  
Lunar Eclipse 82
Solar Eclipse 84
Occultation Combustion 87
Chapter 8  
Mean Solar Day 88
The Local Mean Time 89
Units of Time 91
Light year Astronomical Unit 92
Parsee 93
Civil Day Sidereal Day, Lunar Day or A Tithi 94
Solar Month 94
Luner/Anomalistic Nodical Month 95
Lunar/Anomalistic Nodical Year 96
The Sidereal year, Tropical Year 96
The Calendar Year 96
Luni Solar Year 96
Chapter 9  
Five Limbs of Panchanga 98
Day 98
Tithi 100
Nakshatra 109
Karana 111
Yoga 114
Chapter 10  
Upagrahas 117
Stars 120
Mean Places of Stars 122
Comets 124
Galaxy, Extra galactic Nebulae 125
Chapter 11  
Rising and Setting of Planets and Their Contribution 127
Diurnal Motion 127
Longitudinal Motion 128
Combustion of outer planets 129
Combustion of Inner Planets 131
Test Yourself 135
Chapter 12  
Update knowledge 135
Important terminology 138
Short Notes 141
Points to Evaluate Knowledge 149
Test Yourself 158
Index 161
Tables of Planetary 162

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