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Astrology The Divine Order of The Universe (Houses, Numbers, Signs and Planets)

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Item Code: NAM450
Author: Joni Patry
Publisher: Saptarishis Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 208
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Author

Joni has attained the highest level of achievement in her field of Vedic astrology and is revered as one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrology in America. Her writings are intended to inspire others to become aware of our true nature and to understand why we are here on this earth.

We are all meant to inspire and teach the truth. She has been the online Vedic Instructor for the Online College of Astrology, a western astrological certification program. Her course, Introduction to Vedic Astrology, is accredited by major astrological organizations. She has also taught for the American College of Vedic astrology online program and is a faculty member for ACVA (American Council of Vedic Astrology). She served as the executive for CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology) where she published and distributed CVA Journal.

Joni has organized the ACVA International Symposiums held in Hawaii, and organized the first national conference of Its kind, "Eastern Astrology for Western Minds" to teach Vedic Astrology to Western astrology, Joni dedicates herself to bridging the gap East/West disciplines by teaching Western astrologers how to incorporate Eastern techniques into their practice.

She has lectured at national and international conferences such as BAVA (British Association of Vedic Astrology), ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), UAC (United Astrology Conference), ACVA (International Symposiums for the American Council of Vedic Astrology, Eastern Astrology for Western Minds Conference and the Blast. She is the keynote speaker for national and international conferences, and been on national television and radio programs as an authority on both Western and Vedic astrology. Her clientele includes the who's of American and Hollywood celebrities.

Her book Eastern Astrology for Western Minds: A compilation of No-Vedic Astrology is a complete manual to learn Vedic astrology. Joni's book Awaken to the Power within You is written to inspire us to seek our reality. Her book Answers gives the power to know that we have connection to the divine and that we have our own answers within ourselves.

As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, writes for Saptarishis Astrology www.saptarishisastrology.com in India, Faces in Turkey and the Galactiv Center. She specializes in Prediction, with books and websites for world, sports, and financial prediction. Her newest venture is the online magazine Astrologic, 


This is not your ordinary astrology book on the houses. Many books appeal to the novice and they just memorize the meaning of planets, signs and houses. But this book is very different in the effect that is meant to activate the mind to truly und3erstand the meanings that make astrology work. With an understanding of these meanings the entire Universe open as if through a mystical experience. The true purpose of astrology is to understand the self, which is the core of the Universe. This in essence is the law of nature and numbers. Numbers are simply the measure of vibrations that direct the life. They determine the process of the journey of life. Astrology is the study of numbers, signs, houses and planets. This will teach the connection of everything and everyone in life.

To understand the meaning of the Houses is to understand astrology and the University Plan and Divine Order. The houses are the framework and experience of life. Every human experience falls into a category of a house. And there is a pattern or order as we pass through these experiences from birth to death. When we understand the order of the life cycles the Universe begins to make sense.

Astrology is the most ancient and powerful of all the sciences because it encompasses all of science. Astrology is math, numbers, geometry, physics, chemistry, astrology, psychology, and spirituality.

My love of Eastern philosophy brought me to Vedic astrology. I was drawn at an early age to the teachings of Paramahamsa Yogananda. As a student of astrology in my teenage years I discovered Paramahamsa Yogananda's guru Swami Shri Yukteshwar was an astrologer. I later discovered that he practiced Vedic astrology, which was different from western astrology. So I set out on the journey to learn the astrology the great seers practiced. From then on my readings took on a much deeper meaning and I truly began to understand the meaning of numbers and cycles.

The oldest references to astrology in India came from the ancient spiritual texts of India, the Vedas. These spiritual teachings date back to 1500-2000BCE. There are references to nakshatras, which are a major component of Vedic astrology. The Vedas were written in the form of hymns and refer other 'Kaala Purusha', meaning body of man, and astrology is referred as the eyes of man. This means astrology has the power to give sight.

The deepest wisdom comes from experience. This book is the enfoldment of my studies of astrology and represents self-discoveries, personal and collective, through living the many astrological meanings through a lifetime.

I have lived the astrological meanings throughout my 30 years of experience. I know what Saturn's over the Ascendant feels like when mother died. I know what Jupiter's transit in the 5th house means as I discovered I was pregnant. I know the experience of falling in love and marriage as Venus and Jupiter aspected the 5th and 7th houses. I observed Ketu's transit over the Sun and my father died. My mother had Saturn transiting over her Moon in the 8th house as my father, her husband of over 50 years died. I lived through great financial losses when Saturn transited over my Moon, the ruler of my 2nd house. I have lived the cycles of the planets through my chart and understand from knowing and feeling what it brings, and this can only come through experience.

My knowledge keeps growing advancing, opening the mind more to the infinite knowledge of the Universe, which is the study of astrology.

In this book I refer to the Sidereal zodiac used in Vedic astrology. Western astrology uses the Tropical zosiac. The Sidereal zodiac is based on the stars which are slowly are slowly moving backwards through the zodiacal signs. This movement is called Precession of the Equinoxes. The tropical zodiac is based on a fixed zodiac that doesn't move and is relative to the Sun's movement that creates the seasons. But no matter what system of astrology is used, 6the houses will still have the same meanings. So this understating can be used in Sidereal or Topical astrology.

But the rulers of the houses and the power a planet in the chart can only be referred to in the sidereal Vedic chart for the planet's signs will be different. The planets and ascendant will be different based on the fact that everything reverts back about 23-24 degrees in backward motion in the zodiac from the tropical placements.

The meaning of this houses from Vedic philosophy is defined through the houses' relationship to the signs. There are 12 Signs and 12 houses. From the start of Aries as I through Pisces as 12, the signs are numbered. If someone's ascendant is Aries then the houses and signs will have the same numbers.

1. Aries = 1st House
2. Taurus = 2nd House
3. Gemini = 3rd House
4. Cancer = 4th House
5. Leo = 6th House
6. Virgo = 6th House
7. Libra = 7th House
8. Scorpio = 8th House
9. Sagittarius = 9th House
10. Capricorn = 10th House
11. Pisces = 12th House

The elements and their qualities give specific meanings to the signs and houses, as they are a very important component to the world and life.

1.The elements to the sign/house are fire, earth, air, and water.
2.The qualities of the signs/house are cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

The manner in which the house are organized not the sequential order of 1.12, but is divided into segments that give more meaning to understand the houses on deeper level. The elements are related to the four aims of life – the purpose of man's life.

The four Aims of life are Dharma/Fire, Artha/Earth, Kama/Air, and Moksha/Water. From this analysis the purpose of life emerges.

The application of what each house means based on its relation to all the other houses is delineated in Bhavat Bhavam. Which is the power of each house repeated, 1st from the 1st, 2nd from the 2nd, 3rd from the 3rd, 4th from, 5th from the 5th, 6th from the 6th, 7th from the 7th, 8th from the 8th, 9th from the 9th, 10th from the 10th, 11th from the 11thand 12th from the 12th.

The planets as they rule a house are then placed in same or another house, as the case may be, which connects one house to another and adds a dimension of meaning to a chart.

Another variable to be considered is the power of certain signs.

The Planets gain or lose power in certain signs. This can make a big difference in the effects of the planets.

The signs planets rule are vitally important in understanding which house are connected. The ruler of a house is the planet that rules the sign on the house in question. The planets are the energy, the signs give meaning and power, and the house is the area of life that the experiences take place.

Meanings of the house are relative to numbers and the meanings interrelate to one another, this is what gives each house its meaning. This will be observed through life's experiences and our interconnection to everything and everyone. This is astrology in action, the study of humanity. The meaning and understanding this will bring personally is transformational.

There are two charts of famous personalities in each chapter to further explain meaning for the houses being studied.

The last chapter looks at the planets as they transit through the houses to make future predictions.

The nine planets are used, with the old rulerships, Mars rules Scorpio, Saturn rules Aquarius, and Jupiter rules Pisces. The outer planets are trans-personal and reflect larger generations. They have personal effects but influence many born in the same era, both personally and collectively.

The most mystical number of all is 108. This is because 9 planets in all 12 houses equal 108 interpretations. Another reason 108 is so important is that there are 9 divisions of a sign, called navamshas and there are 12 signs that are divided 9 times, meaning there are 108 navamshas to the chart. This is a deeper aspect of the numerological meanings relative to Vedic astrology.

As I referred to the outer planets indicating the mass level of consciousness I have noticed that now people are ready and are understanding astrological concepts like never before, which means there has been a breakthrough in the consciousness here and now on planets earth.




  Introduction v
  The Houses (Bhavas) 1
  Bhavat Bhavam House to House 9
  Part I  
1 Fire Triplicity - Dharma House 16
2 1st House: Birth of the Self 18
3 5th House: Inspiration of Creative Expression 31
4 9th House: Truth and Judgment 41
  Part II  
5 The Earth Triplicity - Artha Houses 53
6 2nd House: Self Worth and Wealth 55
7 6th House: Health and Overcoming Obstacles 67
8 10th House: Career and Purpose 76
  Part III  
9 Air Triplicity - Kama Houses 85
10 3rd House: will Power and Communications 88
11 7th House: Commitment and Sharing Life 102
12 11th House: Hopes and Dreams 114
  Part IV  
13 Water Triplicity - Moksha Houses 125
14 4th House: Happiness and Security 129
15 8th House: Surrender and Transformation 140
16 12th House: Escape and Endings 154
17 Predicting Your Future 170


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