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Author: Gopesh Kumar Ojha and Ashutosh Ojha
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788120819184
Pages: 178
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.6 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
From the Book

The present book proposes to bring Astrology within the easy grasp of the layman. Shorn of tough astrological verbosity, it treats the subject with clarity and detail. Verily the answer to the layman’s need. The book presents the essence of Astrology (Jyotish) in a systematic form for the enlightenment of knowledge seekers.

You will be delighted to unravel the mystery of your future, and that of your near and dear ones. What is more, you need no longer be the victim of unscrupulous people who exploit the layman’s ignorance of the subject. The future is right here, contained in these very pages-a future that you would like to wait for with pleasure, or guard against!

This work is based on Mahrishi Parashar’s Classical works. In includes the essence of all learned texts in modern idiom.

About the Author

Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha, one of the best astrologers in the world, was a great scholar and pioneer in writing books on Vedic Astrology, physiognomy, palmistry and various branches of Samudrik Shastra. Many of his books on Astrology are used as text books in India.

He has a number of books in Sanskrit, English and Hindi to his credit.

Pandit Ashutosh Ojha, son of Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha is carrying on the tradition of the family by writing a number of books on Astrology. He holds a degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in English Literature. For the last four decades he has been intensively practicing and teaching Astrology. He has a clientele spread out in more than one hundred and thirty-five countries.


The destroyer of all misfortunes, the Giver of all affluence, the Bestower of all happiness, I bow again and again to Shri Rama.

When we wrote the present book we had in mind those of you who are acquainted with the term Astrology or Jyotish, but did not understand how to use it for their daily needs. They keep going on to an astrologer every time an important event has occurred or decision has to be made. With this statement we do not want to undermine the importance of an astrologer-an expert in his profession has headaches we give him a pain-killer viz., anacin, aspro etc., or for small and minor injuries apply a balm and a small bandage at home. We do not rush to a doctor or call an ambulance all the time.

To come back to the present book we assure that reading this will equip you in the first instance with substantial knowledge so that you are able to ask better questions and understand Astrology properly.

It is possible that in the beginning the mathematical part may appear to be tiring to a few. However for all that, we have now softwares which do all the necessary calculations accurate and fast.

When the calculation part is done you need to understand the basic meanings of planets and houses in order to decipher correctly. If you do not know anything than the chart will look like ‘Tralisman’.

If we may be bold enough and suggest to the courageous and strong minded readers who value truth to spend a few weeks with this work (and a few weeks are necessary). Once you have the grasp of the basic subject-matter, you can go ahead and examine you own horoscope as well as the horoscopes of people around you. With experience and knowledge so gained one can arm oneself to get a warning of the coming events and ‘Forewarned is Forearmed’.

The local saying is that a new Astrologer and an old (experienced) Vaidya are better. The new Astrologer is better because he is not lost into the pros and cons of the principles of astrology and sticks to the basics.

Who is a good astrologer? The answer is one who is pleasant in appearance; has consideration for others, is religious and God-fearing, has respect for the ethics of life, has full knowledge of the subject-matter, is not cunning and does not have his own wheel to grind. Such a person is the right astrologer.

Astrology is not for people who are fearful, who can not face the truth and go into tempers and/or depression when faced with the coming shadows cast by malefics viz., Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars. They keep on brooding making life miserable not only for themselves but for people all around them. They do not understand that when we drive a car and the road sings tell us that there are bumps and dangerous curves ahead, we become careful and drive cautiously. We do not abandon the car and keep brooding.

We have life so we will have problems, we have mind so we will have worries, we have intellect so we will have negative thoughts. This is life and it moves in cycles.

Astrology or Jyotish illuminates what is in store for us. It tells when to take action and when to lie low. We should use this knowledge of the ‘Vedas’ for improving our life. Directing the energies into the proper channels when the times are favourable, will ensure easy success i.e., success with less efforts.

We now state certain matters not mentioned in books but these may help us to analyse certain problems in life.

There are times when the body temperature is one degree above normal in general. The reason is that when we pass through the periods, Major or Minor, of Mars, it increases the temperature in the system. In the same manner during the periods of Moon, one feels comparatively colder.

Similarly, in life chronic fatigue comes and it defying all logic lasts for a few weeks to almost thirty-eight months. The reason in this case is that during the Minor period of Venus in the Major period of Saturn and vice versa, fatigue comes. There are exceptions and that is, if Venus and Saturn are placed in one House or have a Sambandh, then they confer a very auspicious time in the major period of one and the minor period of the other. By taking vitamins and calcium, the health is improved.

One’s temperament and physical appearance is transformed as one takes the hue and luster of a planet whose mahadasha and antardashas one is passing through. A good or evil transit also affects the entire personality. The tolerance and anger manifests, the skin colour undergoes changes, the desires increase or subsides for various activities.

The timing of events is very important. Just as a seed when planted at the right season and right time, turns into a grand tree with flowers and fruits, so the selection of an auspicious time for marriage, opening up of new office, expansion in business, signing of an agreement or contract is very much needed for ensuring success.

Some of us cannot read books in Sanskrit so this book, Astrology and You in English language will be a boon for you. It enunciates the principles of Astrology as laid down by Mahrishi Parashar, Mantreshwar, Kali Das and other Sages.

A question is sometimes raised that many a times exalted planets in various charts do not show good results. Look at the Horoscope of Shri Rama:

With so many exalted planets what did he get out of life? Exalted Mars in the 7th House (wife) made him fight to get wedded; to fight and get her back from Ravana; to discard and abandon her even after she was made to prove her purity through Agni Pariksha and then to lose her in the end.

Exalted Saturn made him wander in forest due to a mother for 14 years. Exalted Sun (His Vanaprastha) was the cause of his father’s death. His Moon in Cancer and exalted Jupiter could not protect him from the venom of Saturn from the fourth and the blast of Mars from the seventh house-And all of them exalted.

His exalted Venus and strong Moon in the chart did give a beautiful wife endowed with the qualities most desirable in a woman but she was also one of the cause of his problems. So Exalted Planets are they good?

Although the question raised above is a very debatable one yet the answer is that it is nice to have exalted planets but debilitated planets should not be condemned.

No planet is good or bad. All of them have three types of tendencies viz., of the earthly level of the rajsik level or of spiritual level:


a. Love for women, wine, luxurious life, desires in abundance.
b. Artists, poets, musicians, actors and fame in these lines.
c. Divine love, Bhakti marg (like Shri Chaitanya, Sh. Hari Das, Sh. Ramakrishna adopted).


a. Gluttons, sumptuous food eaters, always laughing and cracking jokes which are not of high taste. Blood disorders or chronioc headaches.
b. Bankers, financial managers, persons doing charitable and longevity for husband in case of a woman. No happiness from son/sons.
c. A sanyasi, a recluse, still wealth follows him, famous if a king.


a. Success in journalism, writing money from properties; some good friends. At times an egoist; cunning, unfaithful and sharp.
b. Fame in acting, recognition and honour, subtle sense of humour, god lawyers, beautiful hand-writing, famous surgeons.
c. Worshippers of lord Vishnu and Krishna. Learned Sanyasis and great Astrologers (soothsayers).


a. Strong Soul, arrogance and pride of being from a high family.
b. Helping attitudes towards others; Love for the family, father in particular; An aristocratic look but not arrogant.
c. Spiritual, Kings and Commanders who are wise and renounce in the end. Worshipper of Sun. Whatever they say comes true. There is a glow on their face.


a. Courage, accident prone, at times bullies, foundness for sports, can be quarrelsome.
b. Well behaved, polite, army commanders, doctors of medicine, physically fit and strong and honourable, problems in married life.
c. Many brothers; problems on account of brothers, success, powerful kings, fame, expert in warfare.


a. Benefit from Lands (agricultural) and ancestral property, antiques, old people, oil etc.
b. Renunciation in young age. (Like Adi Shankara), Anandmayi Ma. Disenchantment with life as in the case of Prabhupada. All of them had Exalted Saturn.
c. Recluse. Poverty. True Sanyasi due to disenchantment with ‘Maya’.


a. Popularity with the masses. Oversensitive by nature. Fat in appearance.
b. Wealth and success. Unhappy married life. Love affair with married women or a widow (good looking).
c. Excessive talkers, high imagination, psychics, hypersensitive, psychitzopherania.

By understanding Astrology, we shall be able to avoid pitfalls. When we realize that an exalted Saturn may take away even the basic necessities of life so that one is drawn towards God.

Exalted Jupiter may make one lost to this world. The ‘Bhuval Sanyasi’ case. He had an exalted Jupiter in the 8th house. Poisoned by his own queen and saved by wandering Sanyasis, he moved and traveled with them for a duration of sixteen years of Jupiter Mahadasha. He had lapse of memory but all of this passed in the beginning of Saturn. His memory came back and he won his kingdom.

We have found Exalted Venus in the Horoscopes of addicts but ultimately Divine Love changed it all. Realization of the Lord through Chanting and Music. (See case of Sur Das).

This is a complete book and when you read it, you become a master of the subject. We have kept it simple and methodical to suit the taste of everyone. The subject-matter has been properly dealt with. An appendix gives the precession of the equinoxes (ananamsa) on First of January. The exact Ayanamsa can be taken from the Lahiri’s or any other ephemeredes for that year.

Some Astrological words as well as Sanskrit words are added in the end. Their brief meanings and pages where they occur are mentioned for ready reference.

Influence of Planets and Stars-Great and Learned Men Who Believed in Astrology-Some Excerpts from English Literature-Hindu Religious Scriptures and Epics-Widespread and Firm Faith of Hindus in Astrology-Zodiac-Signs-Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs-Longitudes of Planets-Names of Signs-Planets.
Birth Chart, A Map of Heavens at the Time of Birth-The Degree Rising at the Point Where the Ecliptic Cuts the Eastern Horizon-Calculation of the Birth Chart-Local Mean Time-Sidereal Time at Preceding Noon-Sidereal Time at Birth-Calculation of Degree Rising-Example Worked Out-Signs in Other Houses-Signs and Houses-Placing Planets in Signs-Retrograde Planets-Longitudes of Planets in the Example Horoscope-Birth Chart Worked Out-Different Patterns of Birth Chart in India.
Signs and Their Rulers or Lords-Movable, Fixed and Common Sings-Odd and Even-Male and Female-Signs and Parts of Human Body-Signs and Sub-divisions-One-ninth Division-Navansha-Vargottama-The Navansha Chart-Diurnal and Nocturnal Signs-Direction-Manner of Rising.
Significance of House in Birth Chart-Nomenclature for Houses-Angles-Succedent-Cadent-Trine-Upachaya-trik-Mathers Judged From Each House-First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eight, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and the Twelfth
Planet in Own House-Moola Trikona-Exaltation-Debilitation-Friendship Among Planets-Natural Friendship, Neutrality and Enmity-Temporary Relationship-Resultant Relationship-Example Worked Out-Effect of a Planet Occupying a House of Great Friend, Friend, Neutral, Enemy or Great Enemy-Benefics and Malefics-Aspects-Directions-Colours, Jewels and Metals-Sex-Ingredients of Body-Taste-Directional Strength-Planets as Significators-Combust planets.
Planet in own Sign-Exception-The Ascendant or The Moon in the Twelve signs-Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.-Effect of Sun being in Different Signs-Mars Occupying a Particular Sign-Effect of Mercury in Each of the Twelve Signs-Jupiter’s Location in Different Signs-Venus Occupying Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.-Saturn’s Location in the Twelve Signs-Favourable Signs for Rahu’s Tenancy-Ketu.
Position of Planets and Modifying Influences-Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu Occupying the First House-Effect of Each of the Planets in the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh or the Twelfth House.
General Guidelines-Lord of the House and the Various Factors Which Make it Strong or Weak-Location in Sign and Navansha-Dispositor of the Sign and Navansha-House Position-Conjunction with Planets-The Aspects a Planet Receives-Combust-Hemmed in between Benefics or Malefics-Judgment of a House-Tenanted by Benefics or Malefics-Aspects on the House-Hemmed in between Planets-Tenancy of Planets on other Houses Affecting the House under Examination-Houses Counted from the Moonsign-Karakas for Houses-Scrutiny of Karaka-Judgment of the Body, Parts of the Body, Temperament, Diseases, Wealth, Poverty, Immovable Properties, Speech, Brothers and Sisters, Mother, Conveyances, Friends, Happiness, Education, Children, Gain from Betting, Enemies, Wife, Husband, Longevity Legacy, Religiousness, Foreign Trips, Father, Career, Agriculture, Service, Independent Profession, Trade and Commerce-Good Yogas-Combinations for Wealth and Position Selected from Standard Sanskrit Works.
Various Systems of Planetary Period-The Most Popular and Widely Practised System-Table A Specifying Periods for Each of the Nine Planet-Nine Sub-divisions in Each of the Periods-Table B Specifying Order and Duration of Each Sub-period-How to Determine Ruling Period at Birth-Sub-division of the Zodiac into 27 Sectors-Nakshatras-Table C Giving Domain of Each Nakshatra-Example Worked Out-Balance of Period at Birth-Example-Sub-period in the Example Chart.
Events Fructify according to Indications in the Birth Chart-General Principles to Determine Quality of Planetary Influence-House Effects According to Ownership, Tenancy and Aspect-Planet Owning Two Houses-Placement in Signs Rising Head First Etc.-Rahu And Ketu-The First Test-Planet as Significator or Karaka According as it is Weak or Strong-Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu-The Second Test According as the Lord of the House is Strong or Weak-The Lords of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th House-The Third Test-A Planet Owning Good or Bad Houses-Yoga Karaka-Maraka-Key Planets for each of the Ascendants-Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricom, Aquarius and Pisces-Judgment of Sub-periods-General Principles Governing the Quality of Effects-Some Rough and Ready Methods for Fixing Timings-Wearing Jewels to Ward off Evil Influence of Planets.
Utility of Timing Events by Transits-What is a Transit-Moonsign at Birth-Transits of Sun-Good and Evil Effects-When They are Obstructed-Favourable and Unfavourable Transits of the Moon-When Held under Check-Mars when Good or Evil by transit-When Transit Effects are Nullified-Favourable and Unfavourable Transits of Mercury-when the Influence does not Operate-Good and Evil Transits of Jupiter, Timings when they do not Show Effect-Transits of Vanus-When the Transit is Ineffectual-Transits of Saturn-Good and Evil-When the Operative Influence Does Not Fructify-Transits of Rahu and Ketu.
APPENDIX I : Table of Precession of Equinoxes and Nutation 145
APPENDIX III : Sanskrit Terms 147
APPENDIX III: Astrological Terms 153
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