Astro Remedies (A Vedic Approach)

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Author: Raj Kumar
Language: English
Edition: 2024
ISBN: 8170820901
Pages: 333
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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A native suffers or enjoys (with the former having a dominant part) in life as per his Prarbdha/ destiny. Astrology does indicate what one has to endure and what one can overcome. Whereas great strides have been taken and wonderful results obtained regarding influence of planets, both benefic & malefic, on human beings, the same can not be said about finding out the remedies for their malefic results. Each remedy is basically a prayer to the Almighty to bail the native out of a difficult situation. It is our Kartvya Karma as part of Prarbdha/ Kiryaman Karma to observe remedial actions to keep our body and mind healthy.

In a horoscope, destiny I luck is indicated by 9th house and 3rd house represents Purshartha, the free will or Kiryaman Karma, done with a strong will & belief to smoothen the path of destiny. The life or the path of human development is a story of constant struggle between the destiny and Purshartha/ remedies, with dices heavily decked against the later. The success of the remedies rests upon the strong will, belief & faith one has in the remedy and one’s total unconditional surrender before the relevant deity. There are various modes of remedies, one can chose from depending on his faith! belief, like colour therapy & Gems, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra & Rudraksh, bath, fast & charity, propitiation of curses and age old folk treatments of Lal Kitab. All these have been covered in this book as an aide-memoire to a native in his fight against misfortune.


The author is a mining engineer from “Indian School of Mines” now known as IIT Dhanbad. He has put in 28 years of service in the Army as an Engineers’ officer. He is a Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. For a long time, he has been pursuing astrological studies as a keen student. His researches reflect his analytical approach to go into the details as an engineer and then he put them across frankly as an Army officer.

The author has earlier written books on “Longevity”, “Prashna: A Vedic Approach”, “Vargas: A Vedic Approach” and “Charisma of Trika Houses” which have been received well by the astrological fraternity.



I had an occasion to skip through some pages of book on ASTRO-REMEDIES written by Lt. Col. Raj Kumar. I found it a book, which may prove beneficial to astrology lovers, students of astrology as well as scholars.

Astrology helps in understanding and adjusting fate and freewill- Prarbdha (results of Dushkarmas and sukarmas done in past lives and in past), fate and Purusharthas (human efforts to ward off their evil effects to accelerate pace of growth). Neither Astrology nor law of Karmas makes a person fatalist. On one hand as per our Rishis, it indicates that one has to reap what he has sown. On the other hand it allows room for operation of freewill whereby the results of Prarbdha Karmas could be modified. As against operating negative force of past sins, omissions and commissions, by adopting Remedial measures positive force is generated to counteract negative force as much as possible in a given circumstance. Results in the modified shape of events would depend on relative strengths of positive and negative forces. Remedial measures sometimes prove additional weights put on the weighing machine to tilt the balance in favour of positive outcome, while sometime they appear to have failed due to more strength of negative forces.

Our great Rishis Lagadh, Garga, Shatatapa, Yajya Valka, Parashar, Jaimini etc. have suggested that suffering due to past Dushkarmas are required to be mitigated by Ashudha (medicine), gemstone (colour and radiation of cosmic energy), Daan (charity), Havan and Suraachana (worsip and prayers of the divine in different forms), Japa, observing Yama and Niyama, Yoga including Yogmudras, Vrata/ LJpvasa, Jeeva Daya and Poshan, worship of trees, rivers and ponds, visiting holy places and Satsung(meeting and taking blessings and advice of the good and great).In Satyacharya’s Karma Vipaka Samhita on the basis of Nakshtra Charan, Dushkarmas done in earlier births have been identified and Praayaschittas have been suggested to mitigate the agony.

One would appreciate that every religion prescribes certain code of conduct to help poor by giving charity. This is one way of worshipping Daridra Narayana, God, present in everyone’s body and soul. Great Rishi Parashar in Brihad Parashar Hora Shastra has prescribed specified Remedial measures during specific Dashas and Antras, in addition to preventive remedial measures in case of births at inauspicious time. Several mantras and rituals have been prescribed in Ayurveda. There is a very long list of remedial measures prescribed in various books.

What we are today is the resultant force of our past deeds, so the future is in our hand and we can make it better by adopting righteous path. It does not help any person to be fatalist by thinking whatever is to happen will happen. One should not blame God. He has always been kind to everyone. He only delivers the fruits of our deeds.

Lt. Cd. Raj Kumar has made certainly a very good effort by pointing out a methodology to indicate weak and strong planets and apart from Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Rudraksha, bath, fast and charity, he has also considered colour therapy as a remedial measure. He has also referred to the remedies prescribed by Lal Kitab. I think it was not possible for Lt. Col. Raj Kumar to refer all kinds of Vrat and Utsavas for a particular planet. He has also included certain parts from yogic treatment of Mitahar(diet control) and specified different classes of persons including elderly persons who could be given gifts to. This gift or charity is for once own satisfaction and from worldly point of view it would create better social binding for smoother life. It is a good effort which needs appreciation.

However I liked the approach and emphasis on the point that every one should choose remedial measures as per his faith, Astha and Vishwas. Faith alone generates the positive thought waves for bringing positive results. Total submission before Almighty and sincerity and humbleness are essential to take full advantage of remedial measures.

It is better if all the prescribed rituals are also performed but in the name of rituals and obstruction in channel creation between Almighty and the individual should not be caused. The Almighty had accepted sincere prayers even by accepting “Mara-Mara” as “Ram- Ram”. We have come across numerous incidents in the lives of hundreds of persons where impossible things have happened; and where medical opinions with negative results become positive by prayers.

I believe that this reader friendly book would be very useful for students as well as scholars in astrology to test the usefulness of the Astro-remedies suggested in the book.



Astrology provides us knowledge about the cosmic process, its influences& impediments to achieve its objective. Life is full of sorrow and agony with only a sprinkling of happiness here and there. Planetary position at birth gives enough clues for past, present and future happenings. When an evil planetary combination is noticed, it causes hindrances and can even deny fructification of otherwise good combinations in the horoscope. Vedic remedies refer to various methods of overcoming these hindrances! obstacles and helps in achieving the desires objectives.

There is a school of astrologers who believe that based on our past Karmas, what is destined, will certainly happen and therefore there is no need for any remedy. A graduate of this school will not suggest a native anything to do about his adverse planetary influence, other than to be aware of them. Hence the native will leave feeling helpless before the forces of past Karmas, warned about a danger but not given any practical means of trying to avert or mitigate it. It is this realization, which made me carry out a deep study of the subject and the result is before the august readers in the form of this book.

To shun the remedial measures under the cover of Karma theory is a negation of both life and Karma theory. In our scriptures, human body has been compared with a temple, where Lord Almighty Himself live. A proper study of Karma theory would reveal that it is our Kartavya Karmas as part of both Prarabdha and Kriyaman Karmas to observe remedial action both as preventive as well as curative to keep our body and mind healthy. It is almost impossible to do any Satwik with a diseased body and mind.

Karma is like an envelop over the pure spark of soul and tends to blur its single objective to attain oneness with the God. Thus, although the negative effects of the evils of past Karmas are often over bearing, the individual soul thirsts for its Lord or goal. If all souls were to wipe out past Karmas and take rebirth repeatedly and gather a fresh dose of bad Karmas in each life, then this cycle will never end. There must be ways—and means for the soul to break out of this Karmic cycle, which is like the Alexander’s knot. This is what remeth3rrfieasures aim for.

If an astrologer notice that a native is going to loose his job and suffer loss of livelihood and family problems etc. due to past Karmas, then an attempt is made to yoke him to the job. This could be (1). In the form of a warning regarding consequences or (2) in the form of a gemstone to check his hands from writing resignation, or (3) a Mantra that will dissuade his mind from this act of destruction or (4) teaches him to surrender (Atma Sami pan) and beg forgiveness for the sins of the past. The evil Karmas continue to exist, but are enveloped by the light of remedial measures, thereby being blocked or made ineffective.

If the propitiation is sincere and self surrender to one’s Lord genuine, one day the Lord shall burn away the evil Karmas and release the soul from bondage. Our mythology is full of such instances, where timely curative remedial measures have changed the life of individuals. I will quote just three instances. Sage Markendey was destined to die very young, Savitri was destined to be a widow and King Dasrath was destined to be childless. The sage worshipped Lord Shiva, Savitri observed fasts and took blessings of her in-laws & of god of death, and King Dasrath carried out a Yajna to appease gods. All three succeeded to change their destiny and made a name for them.

The scope of remedial measures is as vast as astrology itself. It is very difficult to condense the subject matter with in the ambit of a book. However an attempt is being made to do so in the form of this book and a system of classification have been attempted based on the predominant nature of the remedy. This book covers the important and effective remedies and is a sort of compendium of remedial measures spread over 12 chapters. Different modes of remedies are mentioned in the book, so that one can choose as per one’s faith/ convenience and then follow it with all sincerity and humbleness praying to the deity concerned. This is very vital/ essential for a remedy to succeed. A total of 18 practical cases have been discussed in the book. While studying the horoscopes, full use of divisional charts (D6, D7, D9 & D10) (Upapada and Arood Lagna have also been made.

In this material world people do not have time and patience to carry out remedies. These remedies are based on astrological canons, experience and,’ or puranic literature or folk lores and have withstood the test of times. However these are no magical wand. Remember each remedy is basically a prayer by a native to the Almighty to bail him out of difficult situations Therefore following principles are of paramount importance: -

a) Understand astrologically the extent of problem, factors causing it and the priorities / manner to tackle the same.
b) One should have complete unflinching faith and reverence for the deity in thoughts and actions.
c) One should pray or follow remedies in all humbleness and sincerity.
d) No remedy is a magic wand and it does require some time and patience.
e) A remedy should preferably be done by individual himself or by his close relation to get desired results.
f) It does not matter how many times a remedial,’ propitiation measure is undertaken, but what matters is the native’s faith, sincerity devotion and complete surrender before the Almighty.
g) Remedial works by a hired individual rarely pays.

The contents of this bock are the results of deep and through study and reference to relevant classical texts of astrology and local customs! Concepts. If some reader without having understood the underlying principles tries some extract in isolation and does not get desired benefit or rather gets hurt on account of his faulty or partial interpretation! Understanding, it will be against the intent and good wishes of author and at his own peril. However I am confident that if it is used methodically and in correct spirit, the people will be benefited and I will feel rewarded.

The book is dedicated to my innocent & inquisitive grand daughters Miss Monil & Ishita Singhal who have always inspired & cajoled me to write this book. I am grateful to Justice S.N. Kapoor who has given his precious time and advice from time to time and has blessed me & my book with a foreword. I am thankful to Colonel AK Singhal who has helped me with various information through internet and then during proof reading of this book. I am also thankful to Mr Narendra Sagar to publish this book in record time.




  Foreword v
  Preface ix
  List of Horoscope xvii
  1. Remedies-Background and Basics 1
  Necessity, Contrary views, Background, Ruling principles What is a remedy, Application of remedies, Role of Mind, Karmas & Remedies, Conclusion  
  2. Indications of Weak/Afflicted Planets 11
  Introduction, Constellations, Ashtakvargas, Indications of Weakness, astrological factors, Psychological indicators and deity of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, Conclusion  
  3. Colour Therapy 26
  Introduction, Trinity of colour, Colourful moods, Aspects & Application of colours, How colours work on the body, Colours of zodiac signs & planets, Colours as symbols, Colours for health & harmony, Use of colours on various Planetary afflictions, Weekly dress code, Advantages of Colour therapy, One case chart, Conclusion  
  Gem Therapy 41
  Background, Diagnostic importance, Qualities of gems1 The way gems act, Categories of gems, Details of nine main gems, 18 substitute gems & 12 poor Substitute gems, Birth-stones, Gems-birth char’ Profession, Anti-evil gems, Energising a gem, Globules of gems, Herbs in-lieu of gems, Three case charts, Conclusion  
  5. Sound Therapy and Mantra 89
  Sound, Mantra, Speech & Chakras, Planetary worship, Forms of planetary figures for visualization, Mantra & Deities, Types of Mantras, Siddha Mantra, Guidelines for Sadhak, Places for Sadhana, Samput, Suitability of a Mantra, How does a Mantra cure, Shabar (Aghori) Mantras, Four case Charts, Conclusion  
  6. Compendium of Mantras 122
  Guru Mantras, Ganesha Mantras, Surya Mantras, Mantras for propitiation of planets, Janam Rasi Mantras, Vishnu Mantras, Shiva mantras, Mantras for specific uses, Durga Saptashati, Shabar (Aghori) mantras, Some Muslim Mantras, Some Jam mantras, Mantras from Ram Chant Manas.  
  7. Tantra 163
  Introduction, Basic principles, Types of Tantra Sadhana, Types of Tantra, Durga Saptshati, Specific Sadhana of Kaali, Matangi, Bhuvneshwari, Baglamukhi, Tnipursundari, Tara, Kamala, Tripurbhairavi, Chhinnamasta and of Dhoomavati; Banda Tantra, Parad items, Tantrik articles, Remedies through Charms, Other useful Tantra, Three case Charts, Conclusion.  
  8. Yantra 201
  Introduction, Construction & general instructions, Types of Yantras, 13 Geometric Yantras, 10 numerical Yantras, four panaria Yantras, Four Beesa Yantras, Five Muslim Yantras, 10 miscellaneous Yantras, two case charts, Conclusion  
  9. Rudraksh 237
  Introduction, Tests for good quality, Rosary/ beeds, Importance of Rudraksh, Types of Rudraksh (15 types), Uses of Rudraksh, Rudraksh Kavach (10 types), Two case charts, Conclusion  
  10. Bath, Fast and Charity 256
  General, Kumbh Snan, Baths at other places, propitiation of planets through baths, Use of water as nature cure (6 types), Types and aim of fasts, Religious fasts, Astrological fasts, Fast as nature cure, Charity for propitiation of planets, Selection of recipient of charity, two case charts, Conclusion  
  11. Curses of previous Births & their propitiation.... 274
  Introduction, Curses and propitiation of Snake, Fore-fathers, Mother, Brother; Brahmin, Wife, Departed soul, maternal uncle; propitiation for childlessness, Case of curse of a Brahmin on Lord Rama, Conclusion.  
  12. Lal Kitab & Remedies 286
  Introduction, Basic definitions, Effects of a planet when positioned alone, Relations ascribed to planets, Items related with planets, General remedies for ill effects of planets, Specific remedies for malefic planets (9 No.) with indications there of, Conclusion.  
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