The Art of Man Making: 193 Short Talks on The Bhagavad Gita (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda Saraswati
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 825
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
Volume I


Back of the Book

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda made it a priority to revive the young generation of Indians, who were drifting through life without any clear goals, vision or direction. He believed that growth of the newly-independent India could only be achieved by a motivated and clear-headed generation of youngsters.

In order to inspire the youngsters of India and show them the possibilities of a nobler life, Gurudev delivered a series of fiery 10- minute talks on All India Radio, based on the Bhagavad-Gita. He gave this ancient wisdom a contemporary context and presented in a form that was palatable and practical to the modem youngsters.


Two Words

Ideas in books, however sacred they may be, cannot and will never, constitute a culture, Bharateeya culture is there only when the generation strives to live the philosophical truths of the mystic Rishis in its everyday life. How to live spiritual beauty and bring its laughter and cheer into the world of fears and competitions, conflicts and confusions, joys and sorrows is the theme of the art of living discussed in our Bhagawad Geeta.

In short 10-15 minute talks on the salient themes of the Geeta, taking two or three verses at a time, I have tried to bring home to the youth of our nation this Science of Man-Making. These talks are ready in cassettes (and tapes). Schools can have them—each day one talk to be broadcast at the time of the ‘Assembly’. If students have this book with them, then they will read it at the time of listening to the tape, in silent attention, allowing these ideas to sink into them, slowly, imperceptibly. These are the values that created the mighty heroes of the past who built up the glory that was BHARAT.

We propose soon to get these translated into all regional languages—so that mothers can read and talk to their children before they retire to bed every day. I see clearly the reward of such psychological treatment with spiritual ideals. Do you? Will you not contribute to such a total national resurrection in our moral and dynamic stature?


Publisher’s Note

Strong men and women constitute the bulwark of a nation. Swami Chinmayanandaji’s 114 talks based on the Bhagavad Geeta were floated on A.I.R. (All India Radio) and addressed to the youth of our country. These lectures were then compiled in a text form – ‘The Art of Man-Making’ and became very popular with people of all ages, creeds and religions as evident from its record-breaking circulation of over a lakh.

While, on one hand, this book is in great demand in schools and colleges for its teenage students, elite executives too have been using this book for various seminars.

We are happy to present this revised edition, hoping that it will reach and enlighten readers from all walks of life across the globe.




1 Why Study the Gita? 1
2 Urgency for the Study of the Gita 6
3 The Gita– Her Special Charm 12
4 The Gita – A Discovery of Life 17
5 The Gita – A Scheme of Life 22
6 The Gita – The Art of Living and Striving 26
7 The Drama in Chapter One 31
8 The Pride of Duryodhana 36
9 The Crisis 39
10 The Psychological Break-up 43
11 The Arjuna Disease 47
12 Why Should We Act? 51
13 Look at the Problem 54
14 Re-educating the Heart 57
15 Reviewing Life Afresh 62
16 How to Act 66
17 Picture of the Goal 71
18 The Man of Perfection (a) Detachment – His Nature 75
19 The Man of Perfection (b) The Logic of Self-Control 80
20 The Man of Perfection (c) Benefits of Self-Control 84
21 The Man of Perfection (d) The Tragedy If There’s No Self-Control 88
22 The Man of Perfection (e) Blessings of Self-Control 93
23 The Man of Perfection (f) Secretifulness in Self-Control 98
24 Meet Chapter Three 103
25 Why Work at All? 108
26 Work We All Must 114
27 What Work To Do 119
28 Act in Yajna Spirit 123
29 Yajna Spirit – A Cosmic Law 128
30 Hindu Socialism 132
31 The Logic of Service (a) The Wheel of Action 136
32 The Logic of Service (b) The Only Exception to the Rule 141
33 Pleading for a Life of Service 147
34 The Secret of Service 153
35 Few Succeed, Many Fail – Why? 157
36 Glory of Self-Restraint 162
37 What Prompts us to Sin 167
38 Desire Veils Wisdom 172
39 Victory Over Temptations 177
40 Meet Chapter Four 182
41 The Secret of Avatar 187
42 Why Avatar? 193
43 The Law of Innovation 197
44 The Four Types – Castes 202
45 Right Attitude in Service 207
46 Classification of Actions? 212
47 Who is Perfect in Action? 218
48 Yogna Attitude in Action 223
49 Hope For All 228
50 Means of Wisdom 233
51 Arise O Bharata! 238
52 Meet Chapter Five 244
53 A Popular Doubt 248
54 One Path – Two Names 253
55 The Egoless Attitude 258
56 The Egoless Mind 262
57 The Egoless Actions 266
58 Nature of the Lord 270
59 Who Gains This Grand Vision? 276
60 Bliss of the Realised 281
61 Freedom of the Realised 286
62 The Technique of Realisation - Meditation 290
63 Pre-Meditational Care 294
64 Meet Chapter Six 300
65 Concentration 304
66 Help Yourself 309
67 The Fully Integrated 314
68 Conditions For Meditation 318
69 Final Adjustments for Meditation 323
70 Fulfilled Meditation 328
71 The Supreme State of Yoga 332
72 The Art of Meditation 336
73 You Can Realise This 340
74 The Vision of The Realised 344
75 Is This Possible? 348
76 Surely, the Mind can be Tamed 352
77 Fall In Yoga – A Tragedy? 356
78 Path of Seekers after Death 360
79 Biography of the Reborn 365
80 Meditate, Meditate and Meditate 370
81 Meet Chapter Seven 374
82 The Lord’s Lower and Higher Natures 379
83 The Lord of the Universe - Jagadiesvara 384
84 The Supreme Indicated 388
85 The Lord’s Relationship with the World 392
86 How to Realise Him 396
87 The Different Types of Devotees 400
88 Why Seekers Seek Differently? 405
89 Does God Fulfil Our Desires? 409
90 The Foolish Recognise Me Not 413
91 So Near – Yet Few Realise Me 417
92 They Realise, Who Are Pure 421
93 Meet Chapter Eight 425
94 The Grand Promise 429
95 The Power of Constant Thought 434
96 Meditational Pointers 428
97 The Secret Mystic Death 442
98 Realisation – The State of No Return 447
99 Dance of Change upon the Changeless 452
100 The Supreme State 456
101 Meet Chapter Nine 460
102 My Nature Divine 465
103 The Logic of Creation 469
104 Why such a Variety in Creatures? 473
105 The Good, the Spiritual-Minded 477
106 The One Self in All 481
107 Different Rewards 485
108 One Supreme – In All Deities 490
109 Offerings to God 494
110 They Shall Come to Me 499
111 The Magic of Right Resolves 503
112 The Royal Secret 508
113 Meet Chapter Ten 512
114 All Personality Types from Me Alone 517


Volume II



The ‘Art of Man Making’ by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, which details the art and technique of self-mastery and right living, is a life-transforming book, that has inspired millions of readers, especially the youth across the world.

At the heart of self-culture or ‘man making’ lies the awakening to one’s true identity or essential nature, which is divine, immortal and infinite. Such an empowering awareness of oneself instills untold courage, confidence and hope in the individual, helping him to rise above the turbulences of life. It is to that inmate spiritual strength that Gurudev gently awakens us through instructions and impassionate exhortations. The awesome power of his compelling language is reassuring and reaches out with a message of hope, to even the dullest weakling amongst us, as he unravels the secrets of sure success and abiding joy.

A challenge cannot be met if one feels weaker than what is confronted. Often, we are simply overwhelmed by the might and gravity of a situation. The ability to answer these challenges lies in a fundamental shift in perspective from a misconception of being limited and small, to that of abiding in one’s true nature of inconceivable might and power.

This unparalleled manual of life, which contains the quintessence of the Bhagavad-gita, is a masterpiece with excellent techniques to unify God and creation. It ennobles one’s vision to see life as something sublimely superior to a mere journey from womb to tomb. It thereby imparts a great purpose to life and bestows man with a grand destiny. In short, it is a ready reckoner for all seekers of Truth, and above all serves as a peerless guide to the youth.

These 114 talks in the ‘Art of Man Making’ were first broadcast on ‘All India Radio’ in the early sixties. While chapters 1 to 9 of the Gita have been completed therein, the text has also covered verses I to 7 of the 1 0th chapter. We now make a humble attempt to compile the remaining chapters, basing it exclusively on Gurudev’s discourses, during the marathon camps held in Sidhabari and Piercy, California during the years 1986 and 1992 respectively. Gurudev’s written commentary on the Bhagavad-gita has also been referred.

We seek our Master’s grace and blessings as we dedicate this work—’Art of Man Making’ Part II—at his lotus feet.




115 Divinised Vision – The Tremorless Yoga 1
116 Buddhi-yoga 7
117 Intellectual Demand for Constant Awareness of the Divine 11
118 Unity in Multiplicity 17
119 Divine Glories 22
120 Puranas 27
121 Endless Glories-I 31
122 Divine Glories – Eternal and Supreme 36
123 Glories Radiate Through the Gross and the Subtle 39
124 Endless Glories - II 44
125 Meet Chapter - 49
126 Arjuna’s Demand to Directly Witness the Many Reposed in One 52
127 Preparing Arjuna for the Awesome Vision 56
128 Glimpses of the Cosmic form-Sanjaya Reports 62
129 The Grand Spectacle – Arjuna’s Wonderment 67
130 Description of the Imperishable Truth 73
131 Fearful Form of the Infinite 77
132 Flow of Time 82
133 Arjuna’s Reverential Surrender 87
134 Apologies and Appeals From a Humbled Arjuna 91
135 Glory of the Divine Form - Grace in Realization 96
136 Meet Chapter - 103
137 Traits of a True Devotee 106
138 Traits of a True Seeker 110
139 Inner Adjustments in a True Devotee 114
140 Four Levels of Practice for Evolution 118
141 Conclusion About the Four Suggested Paths 124
142 The Perfect Devotee Portrayed 127
143 Equanimity – Hallmark of the A wakened 133
144 Meet Chapter - 138
145 Field and Its Knower 142
146 Integral Constituents of Ksetra (Field) 147
147 Elements of Knowledge and Techniques of Practice 154
148 Objective of Knowledge – Truth Described 160
149 Relationship Between Spirit and Matter-I 167
150 Relationship Between Spirit and Matter-II 171
151 Paths of Self-Knowledge 176
152 Gains from Self-Knowledge 182
153 Glory of the Awakening Knowledge of the Field and Knower of the Filed 187
154 Meet Chapter - 192
155 Gunas – The Driving Force Behind the Spirit Functioning in Matter 199
156 Symptoms of the Three Gunas as They Express Through an Individual 205
157 Fruits of Action According to Each of the Three Gunas 210
158 Transcending Gunas 215
159 Characteristics of a Gunatita 221
160 Beyond Gunas – Abode of the Self 227
161 Meet Chapter - 231
162 The Tree of Life Described 235
163 The Goal Eternal 241
164 Ego and Self-Realization 247
165 Manifestations of the Self 253
166 Lord Beyond the Perishable and the Imperishable 260
167 Meet Chapter- 266
168 Devilish Nature Described 273
169 Perception of a Materialist and His Foul Motives 279
170 Characteristics of a Materialist-Evolution Suffered 284
171 Gateways to Hell and Path to Supreme 290
172 Meet Chapter - 295
173 Three Types of Faith and How They Reflect in Worship and Tapas 277
174 Three Types of Preferences in Food 305
175 Three Types of Sacrifices 310
176 Sattvic Tapas at the Levels of Body, Mind and Speech 314
177 Results that Accrue From the Three Types of Taps and Charity 319
178 Om Tat Sat 324
179 Discriminating ‘Sat’ and ‘Asat’ 329
180 Meet Chapter – 33
181 Types of Tyaga and Indispensability of Action 339
182 Factors that Constitute Action 345
183 Impulse and Basis of Action and the Three-Fold Knowledge 350
184 Three-Fold Nature of Action and Three Types of Doers 355
185 Three Types of Buddhi and Dhrti 361
186 Three Types of Happiness 367
187 Four-Fold Classification of Human Race Based on ‘Svadharma’ and ‘Svabhava’ 372
188 Abiding in One’s Own Duty-Formula for Perfection 379
189 Techniques of Meditation 385
190 Surrender Unto Him 391
191 Conditions for a Successful Seeker 398
192 Instructions for Dissemination of Knowledge 404
193 Marvellous Revelations of a Liberating Philosophy 410

Sample Pages

Volume I

Sample Pages



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