Antiques- Their Restoration and Preservation
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Antiques- Their Restoration and Preservation

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Item Code: UAH294
Author: A.Lucas
Publisher: Literary Circle, Jaipur
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8181820444
Pages: 76
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The literature dealing with methods of treating antiques objects, with a view to their restoration and preservation, is very scanty, and all that exists 0 the subject are the few books and pamphlets mentioned in the Bibliography at the end of the present volume, together with occasional scattered articles in scientific journals and brief notes in archaeological reports. The author, therefore, who has made a special study of the subject, and who for two seasons has been helping with the cleaning and preservation of the objects from the tomb of Tut ankh-Amen, has ventured to write a small book in the hope that it may be useful to archeologists, museum curators, collectors and others. The book is admittedly elementary, and the author has endeavored to be as simple and non-technical as possible. He has also tried to be definite, and where there are a number of different methods to indicate the best. It must be remembered, however, that no one remedy can be of universal application and that each cue should be treated as a separate and special study, and, in order that this may be done, the underlying principles are fully explained. The methods recommended-are neither difficult nor expensive.

A certain amount of repetition has been unavoidable, as many of the subject’s over- laps one another.

Some of the instructions and cautions given may possibly appear trivial and unnecessary, but experience proves that many of them are frequently neglected.

In order to save needless repetition, the nature and strength of the materials and solutions recommended for use ate described all together at the end of the book.

The common chemical names in ordinary use, whenever they are not wrong, have been employed in preference to others that, although more technically correct, are less well known, The author-wishes to express his thanks and indebtedness to many friends who have generously helped him out of the abundance of their knowledge and experience.

The usual references are given in those instances in which methods previously described are referred to.

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