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An Analysis of Longevity (Ayurdaya)

An Analysis of Longevity (Ayurdaya)
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Item Code: NAG189
Author: Shalini Dhasmana
Publisher: All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 80
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 170 gms

Determination of longevity or Ayu Nirnay, is an extremely difficult, yet an important task for an Astrologer. All proficient Astrologers are of the opinion that a horoscope should be analysed only after ascertaining the longevity of the Jatak.

There are many different methods of carrying out the Ayu Nirnay, but no one method can be called perfect. For this reason, it is better to check the Jatak’s longevity by a number of different methods.

Intuition plays an important role in Astrology, and even more so in the case of longevity determination. The Astrologer can develop his intuition through worship and sadhana.

Above all, it must be remembered that birth and death cannot be controlled by any human being. The only way to improve our future is by improving our karmas. The essence of all the ‘Dharma Granthas’ comes out in the form of only two words PAPA and PUNYA. Our entire existence revolves around these two words. So, only our present Karmas (the kriyaman karmas) are of prime importance. With this background I propose to introduce the subject.

Before starting this book I pay respects to my Jyotish Guru ‘Shri K.N. Rao’ and seek the blessings of my Divine Guru ‘lord Dakshina Moorti.’




1 Ayurdaya 1
2 The Ayu Khanda 4
3 Marakesh 7
4 Balarishta 11
5 Arishta Bhanga 16
6 Gandanta Birth 18
7 Ayu Nirnay 21
8 Jaimini Ayurdaya 23
9 Pindayu 31
10 Amsayu 38
11 Nisargayu 42
12 Other Methods of Determining Longevity 43
13 Ayu Nirnay-Conclusion 51
14 Manner of Death 52
15 Timing of Death 54
16 Conclusion 61
17 Appendix 62
18 Bibliography 67

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