Analyse Your Date of Birth (A Book On Numerology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology)

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Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author: R.K. Baqaya
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788129110626
Pages: 240
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Author

R.K. Baqaya joined the Indian Revenue Services in 1971 and retired as a Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Kolkata, in August 2006.Due to certain personal experiences he developed an interest in occult sciences that made him take up their study seriously. He has studied Cheiro and Linda Goodman thoroughly. Apart from these, reading works of well-known astrologers, like Alan Leo, Tucker, Teri King, Grant Lewi, Dr B.V. Raman, Gouri Shankar Kapoor, J.N. Bhasin Gopesh Kumar Oza, Santhanam, Kwok Man Ho, barry Fantoni, Teresa Kennedy, Paula Delsol, Kristyna Arcatri, Lori Reid and Catherine Aubier, further enhanced his knowledge.The author’s interest in holistic health and herbal medicine culminated in him helping his wife set up the first health shop in Pune.

the Book

From the very dawn of humanity, humans have always been curious about their future. This is how Numerology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology have as three distinct studies. Analyse your Date of Birth synthesizes all three to help you predict accurately a person’s character and behaviour as well as his/her future.
1. Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers- that set of numbers associated with the date of your birth or letters of your name –their influence on human life. This book analyses the date of birth according to Numerology.
2. People have, since ancient times, looked to heavens and the planets for guidance. This resulted in the study of planets, their movement, their position during the birth of a person, and their effect on humans. This study was called Astrology. The author has used Western Astrology to analyse the month a person was born in.’
3. And finally, the year in which a person is born is analysed according to Chinese Astrology. In Chinese Astrology, twelve animal signs are allotted to each of the twelve years constituting the smaller cycle of the Chinese zodiac. According to Chinese legend it was Lord Buddha who rewarded every animal who came to him just before he departed from earth, by naming a year after it.

This book is a detailed study of the occult sciences, and brings to you a novel method to predict your future.


All of us know that to make an astrological chart on the basis of the exact time, date and place of birth involves complex calculations. No doubt that a good professional astrologer can make some very accurate predictions based on the interpretation of the astrological chart.

Making these interpretations requires special skill. As life progressed, I observed that many of us avoid going to a professional astrologer for one reason or the other in spite of a great curiosity and desire to know about our future. I, therefore, wanted to present before the readers a kind of a system by which a common man could have some glimpse into his future without resorting to any complex calculations and interpretation.

With this thought in mind, I am presenting this book which tells the ordinary man how to get a glimpse into his future by merely analysing the three parameters in his date of birth viz., the date , month and year. This book therefore has three parts, one on Numerology which tells us how to analyse the date, the second on western astrology which helps us to analyse the month and the third part is on Chinese astrology which analyses the year of birth.

Obviously no originality can be claimed in enunciating the principals of Numerology, Western astrology and Chinese astrology since these studies are centuries old with not much change taking place in the basic principles over the years. It is only in the manner of presentation in which the book differs.

Thanks are due to Shri Hiren Bose, Shri Gautam Chaudhary and Shri R.N. Bhaskar among a host of other well-wishers who have encouraged me, and have contributed their efforts towards making this book possible.

A Prologue

In this book I intend to present to you an intergrated approach to the various systems of the occult sciences which will help you to analyse your date of birth.

It so happened that a few years ago I came across a book named You and Your Star by Cheiro who is known to be one of the all time greats on the subjects of Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry and has written many books on these subjects. This book gives general predictions about persons born on different dates in different months of any year. These predictions include a description of the mental characteristics of the person, his financial and love prospects in life, his health profile, the colours and food that would suit him and his lucky stones. After deep thought and consultations with various friends and relatives I came to the conclusion that the predictions in the book were very accurate.

On analysis it became clear that Cheiro had made these predictions by combining the systems of Numerology and Western Astrology. To elaborate by means of an example, us take the case of a person born on the 17 August 1946. Now, since the person is born on the 17, his birth number by the system of Numerology, which can be arrived at by adding the numerals of the date alone (and not the month. and the year) so as to arrive at a single number, would be eight. There are many books on Numerology available in the market which mention exclusive characteristics attributable to different birth numbers in detail. Part of the predictions in Cheiro's above-mentioned book were based on this concept of the birth number. The other part of the predictions in this book, I found, were based on Western Astrology.

As the readers may be aware, in Western Astrology different sun-signs are assigned to persons born in different months and characteristics attributed to them accordingly. In the example quoted by me, the person being born on 17 August would be the Sun sign 'Leo' by Western Astrology. And a Leo like any other Sun-sign has some characteristics of its own. Thousands of books on sun signs in Western Astrology mentioning these characteristics are available in the market. I thus found that Cheiro had combined the two different systems of Numerology and Western Astrology to arrive at some very accurate predictions for different dates of birth. There being two different parameters in the two different systems adopted for this integrated approach by Cheiro the date for Numerology and the month for Western Astrology, the results were bound to be accurate. If one were to go by Numerology alone, there being only nine birth numbers, the predictions could be nothing more than vague. This is because one cannot divide the entire population of the world in just nine parts and say that all of them are similar. The same would hold true for Sun-signs, which are also only twelve in number. However, when one gives predictions based on a combination of the two systems, one has nine numbers and twelve Sun-signs to go by, which statistically means a reasonable classification of nine multiplied by twelve: that is 108 different types of people.

To carry the matter further, dear reader, it so happened that after reading Cheiro's book. I came across the book Star signs by Linda Goodman. This book has different chapters on different systems of the occult. One chapter on birth numbers in Numerology, another chapter on sun signs in Western Astrology, another chapter on handwriting analysis etc. The study of the book reinforced my belief in the aforementioned integrated approach to the different systems of the occult sciences.

Lastly I came across some books on Chinese Astrology where I found different animal signs were assigned to people born in different years and characteristics attributed to them accordingly. Like in the example case of the person born on 17 August 1946 quoted by me above, the person being born in the year 1946, would be said to be born in the Chinese year of the 'Fire Dog'. A large number of books are available in the market about the various Chinese animal signs and their characteristics.

Reading about the three different systems of Numerology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology gave me the idea about the intergrated approach one could adopt for analysing one's date of birth. I thought that if one were to analyse the complete date of birth by using the three different systems, that is the date by Numerology, the month by Western Astrology and the year by Chinese Astrology, one would be able to know practically everything that can possibly be known about the personality behind the date of birth. Of course, at times different systems could give conflicting results, but the skill of the one analysing would lie in resolving these conflicts; like a wise human being resolves the conflicts in his life. Besides, at times one will find that one system may reinforce the conclusions drawn from another system. Such conclusions more or less turn out to be nothing but the absolute truth. With this background, dear readers, I intend to write in the subsequent pages whatever little I have learnt about these three different systems from various books and my experiences. Since the first element in the date of birth is the date. I will be starting with numerology which will constitute Part I of the book. Part II and Part III will be on western Astrology and Chinese Astrology respectively.


Chapter 1A Prologue1
Part I: Numerology
Chapter 2An Introduction to Numerology: The Birth Number7
Chapter 3Birth Number 1: Numero Uno10
Chapter 4Birth Number 2: Born Dreamers14
Chapter 5Birth Number 3: To be a Number 317
Chapter 6Birth Number 4: Born to Rebel21
Chapter 7Birth Number 5: Mercurial and Moody26
Chapter 8Birth Number 6: Ruled By Romance29
Chapter 9Birth Number 7: The Charmers33
Chapter 10Birth Number 8: Lonely Achievers37
Chapter 11Birth Number 9: Leaders in their Own Right42
Chapter 12Compound Numbers 1046
Chapter 13Names & Numbers57
Part II: Western Astrology
Chapter 14An Introduction to Astrology65
Chapter 15Aries72
Chapter 16Taurus77
Chapter 17Gemini81
Chapter 18Cancer85
Chapter 19Leo89
Chapter 20Virgo93
Chapter 21Libra97
Chapter 22Scorpio102
Chapter 23Sagittarius107
Chapter 24Capricorn112
Chapter 25Aquarius117
Chapter 26Pisces122
Part III: Chinese Astrology
Chapter 27An introduction to Chinese Astrology129
Chapter 28The Rat140
Chapter 29The Ox146
Chapter 30The Tiger152
Chapter 31The Rabbit159
Chapter 32The Dragon165
Chapter 33The Snake172
Chapter 34The Horse179
Chapter 35The Sheep187
Chapter 36The Monkey195
Chapter 37The Rooster203
Chapter 38The Dog213
Chapter 39The Boar222
Chapter 40An epilogue232
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