All About Ganga

All About Ganga

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Item Code: IDH299
Author: Swami Harshananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore
Edition: 1999
Pages: 24
Cover: Paperback
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The Gita, the Ganga and the Gayatri are the three legs of the tripod upon which Hinduism stands. They represent our systems of philosophy, rituals and spiritual disciplines.

Ganga can be called the Mother River or the National River of India. To take a bath in it has been a lifetime's ambition with an average Hindu even from the ancient days. A person on the verge of death dies peacefully if a few drops of the Ganga water are introduced into his mouth. Even an unclean place is made fit for a holy act when sprinkled with the water of Ganga. This is how Ganga has been revered by us over the last few millenniums.

This booklet purports to give in a nutshell all the essential information about this holy river of hoary antiquity. It should also rouse, it is hoped, our conscience to keep it and its surroundings clean.

May the Mother Ganga bless us all

Ganga, in the Scriptures10
Ganga, the Goddess11
Ganga, the Celestial River12
Ganga, the River as We Know It14
Gangasnana or Ritual Bath in the Ganga16
Festivals Related to the Ganga20
Death, Last-rites and the Ganga21
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