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Aghori (A Biographical Novel)

Item Code: NAN744
Author: Manoj Thakkar, Jayesh Rajpal & Nupur Agrawal
Publisher: Trident book
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788191092769
Pages: 286
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

Ghor is that which frightens, which leads to fear. All the delusionary activities of the world, be it happiness and sorrow, old age or sickness, tension, pride over one’s body, or the fear of death, all are but ghor. But once an ascetic gains this knowledge that death is but an illusion and through practice rids himself of it, then the inner energy pushes him onto that divine path which, through Shakti’s grace, leads to the aghor form of Lord Shiv, the calmest, most natural, simple and welfare-granting form of Shiv.

The Spiritual practice of an Aghori commences from the cremation ground because it is the cremation ground that a human being fears the most, and an Aghori chooses the cremation ground to become fearless. To throw away fear, disgust ;and a shame from his mind is the spiritual practice of an Aghori, and living ghor to its utmost, to travel from ghor to Aghor is his spiritual journey.

Baba Matsyendragiri’s story is an extraordinary and unforgettable journey of a world full of exceeding austerities, spiritual practices, miracles soul gratifying wisdom and a life dedicated to attaining the self. An Aghori always keeps his spiritual powers and identity hidden. Baba Matsyendragiri though chose to partially reveal his incredible life story to rid people of the constricted vision of aghor and Aghoris. This indeed is an account of the life of a rare Aghori practioner.


In totality, what we saw, heard, read, understood and came to know about Aghor is simply that the human body takes birth possessed with all the energies of the Supreme Being, but after living an entire life if even one of these energies awakens, even if that awakening is only partial, then life is meaningful. Otherwise the fickle mind does not provide even a single moment toward awakening these energies asleep within. Here, the mind, becoming a destructor, leads the human body to the doorstep of death, that death of which almost all of human race is terrified. The cremation ground; performing spiritual practices at the cremation ground; performing shav-sadhna; eating human flesh from a dead body and so on, cannot even be called a small part of the spiritual practices performed by an Aghor practitioner, because all of this but ghor. An Aghor practitioner possibly performs these practices only to rid himself of fear and eliminate repugnance and loathing toward anything completely from within. By performing these practices nobody gets established on the divine seat of the Aghoreshwar. If the human mind is free of fear and abhorrence then it requires no such practice at all, without performing such practices, it can set out on the path of Aghor.

True spiritual practice of Aghor makes the human heart more natural and simple. Any person who holds sway over his senses, whatever he may be, he may don any clothing, may never even have visited a cremation ground, but is calm, natural, simple, modest and poised, does not abhor any object or any state of nature and has no fear death, is certainly moving very rapidly on the path of attaining oneness with the Aghor form of Shiv - the most peaceful, natural, simple and welfare-granting form of Shiv.

Because our seeing, hearing, reading, understanding, knowing are all part of the human vision, and because human vision in itself is delusionary, therefore it would be wrong to say that what we saw, heard, read, understood or came to know is completely true. As many a time it is not necessary that what we see is the truth, and that what we do not see is untrue, because when a human being does not realise the infiniteness within his own body then what will he know of those infinite universes in the external world and of its creator, preserver and destructor.

Our sincere appeal to the reader is that it will be completely untrue to consider what we have written as Aghor indeed. We cannot even tell how true what we could understand of Aghor is. In describing the Aghor Purush when even the sacred Vedas merely say, 'na iti, na iti ..... ' that it is indescribable, then how can we. What shall be worth keeping in mind is that even if a single sentence of what is written in this book is indeed true, then even that is but the grace of that Aghor Shiv. And through His grace, if one amongst the infinite energies conferred by Him upon a being, awakened for a moment and made us write what we have, then to offer even our gratitude toward this compassion of His is not possible in words.

Our feelings are pure, but still, if our work has hurt a true Aghori who has attained that supreme seat of Lord Aghoreshwar; or Aghori practitioners of any religion performing true Aghor practice who may seem different in their approach but are united in the destination they are traversing toward; then we offer our apologies and a thousand prostrations before them and also before Aghor Shiv.

You too are worthy of His grace. Awakening His or your energies residing within you, you remain natural and simple evermore, joyous as that Aughddani, filled with bliss, and work for human welfare, with this hope,

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