Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology A Vedic Treatise in Modern Times (In 2 Volumes)

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Author: Vishnu Bhaskar
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788192120805
Pages: 1432
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About the Author

Vishnu Bhaskar is the Founder Director of the International Institute of Vedic Astrology (TWA), a finishing school for practicing astrologers registered at & with chapters in Japan, U. K., USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Born in 1943, he is Masters in Physics and an all India topper of the 1968 batch of the Indian Administrative Service, where he had an eventful career.

In mid 1990’s he studied astrology at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and was awarded a gold medal. Under Divine instructions he took voluntary retirement from the lAS in 2001 and plunged into the study and dissemination of astrology with single minded devotion under the pen name of Vishnu Bhaskar.

Besides teaching Vedic Predictive Astrology to aspiring and established astrologers at ITVA in India and abroad, he is engaged in extensive and intensive research. He has been publishing his research papers on various aspects of Vedic Astrology in the “Journal of Vedic Astrology” under the aegis of TWA and in other journals of repute. These research papers & his course materials on different aspects of astrology were further analysed and codified by studying most of the available literature for facilitating predictions. All these have culminated in the writing of this book.

In addition to Vedic Astrology, Vishnu Bhaskar has also studied and researched allied areas of Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading. Chinese Astrology, Feng Sui etc. and has tried to synthesize them with Vedic Astrology.


About the Book

“Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology - A Vedic Treatise in Modem Times (Two Volumes)” covers all the three main sub-divisions of Vedic Astrology Samhita, Ganita and Hora with a focus on predictive techniques. It is in Ten Parts with 21 Annexures. The following are the highlights:

Part 1-Horoscope Judgement includes Principles of Judgement of a Horoscope, Interpretation & Case Studies of Divisional Charts and Principles of Time Rectification in a Horoscope.

Part II - Medical Astrology includes Principles of Medical Astrology and Longevity, Health and Diseases Interpretation & Case Study Longevity.

Part III - Love, Relationship, Marriage & Progeny includes Strijatak Female Horoscope, Issues in Love, Relationships & Marriage, Marriage Parameters, Compatibility for Marriage & Relationships, Marriage Muhurta, Case Studies - Love, Relationships, Marriage & Progeny Principles and Case Studies on various aspects of Progeny.

Part IV - Transit and Ashtakvarga includes Interpretation of Transit and Ashtakvarga, Rashiwise forecast for Ingress of a Planet in a Sign & Monthly forecast for Persons born in different Signs.

Part V -Annual Chart includes Principles & Case Studies of Interpretation of Annual Chart.

Part VI - Jaimini Shastra includes Jaimini Sutras A Holistic Summary, Case Studies - Chara, Mandook and Vimshottari Dasha Systems; Shoola, Navamsha, Sthir & Brahma Dashas for Longevity and on the number, sex and sequence of Co-horns & Progeny.

Part VII - Prashna Shastra includes Basics for interpretation of a Prashna Chart, House-wise Principles of Interpretation of Prashna Charts, Case Studies - Interpretation of Prashna relating to Health Issues, Wealth, Property & Family Happiness, Progeny, Higher Education & Love Relationships, Debt, Legal Disputes &Accidents, Marriage and Conjugal Life, Inheritance, Cause of Death, Journeys & Parents, Profession, Gains, Success and Moksha and Theft & Missing Person.

Part VIII - Chakra Prediction includes interpretation & case studies of Sarvatobhadra, Singhasan , Chhatra, Rahu Kaalanal, Kot, Sanghatta Rashi, Sanghatta Nakshatra, Sudarshan, Matrika Chakras, Koorma and other chakras. LOJ’ KKL= (Swar Shastra).

Part IX - Samhita Astro-meteorology includes Principles of Astro-meteorology, Short, Medium & Long Term Prediction, Case Studies - Predicting Weather, Rains and Crops.

Part X Samhita Mundane includes Principles and Case Studies of Mundane Astrology. Commodity Price Trends and Case Studies.

The book is very comprehensive and is a brilliant addition to the existing literature on Vedic Astrology. The book is not only a compendium of advanced predictive techniques but also contains large number of actual life case studies to show their applicability. It will be of great use in upgrading the predictive skill of the astrologers in a holistic way.



There is a vast classical literature and modem commentaries on Vedic Astrology. These fall in two categories - one written by traditional astrologers couched in a language which a modem English speaking person finds difficult to understand and other by modem English language writers who have largely taken one aspect of Vedic Astrology for their theme. But very few books in English language take a holistic view of Vedic Astrology and are also easily comprehensible.

It was also observed that people having formal qualification of Vedic Astrology find it difficult to grasp the comprehensiveness of the subject to enable them to make effective predictions. From the vast literature - classical and modern commentaries on each branch of this esoteric science, it is not easy for an astrologer to retrieve or use them properly while reading a horoscope. In order to fill this gap ‘Vishnu Prediction Sheets’ were prepared during the late nineties, after carefully reviewing the literature, classical and modem commentaries, on each of the branches of Vedic Astrology. These Sheets were prepared after detailed analysis in value added form keeping in view the needs of the querist to facilitate the astrologer to make their use while making a reading. These were given freely to the research scholars and practising astrologers — in India and abroad. Subsequently these Sheets formed the basis of various advanced level courses for astrologers which the author has been conducting for more than a decade.

The author has been bringing out an annual issue of “Journal of Vedic Astrology”. These journals were thematic, in the sense that each issue contained articles with case studies on one specific theme of Vedic astrology. They were also distributed freely to the astrologers with the object of upgrading their predictive capacity. Year after year and course after course astrologers were demanding publication of a book based on these articles. In view of their constant requests, the author was encouraged to undertake an intensive survey of all the available literature. This literature survey together with upgrading the earlier course material has helped in bringing out the present book as a compendium of predictive techniques of all branches of Vedic Astrology.

The book has fifty Chapters and twenty one Annexures in two volumes. Volume One contains six parts - Part I: Principles of Horoscope Judgement, Part II: Medical Astrology. Part III: Love, Relationship, Marriage and Progeny, Part IV: Transit and Ashtakvarga, Part V: Annual Chart and Part VI: Jaimini Shastra and thirteen Annexures. Volume Two contains four pans - Pan VII: Prashna Shastra, Part VIII: Chakra Prediction, Part IX: Samhita — Astro-meteorologv and Part X: Samhita —Mundane Astrology and Commodity Price Trend and eight Annexures. All contain number of actual life cases to explain the applicability of the principles.

I would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of Jyotishacharya Dr. Lata Singh, lAS (Retd.), ex-Secretary to GOl and Bimla Vaid. Both of them provided wonderful support in editing and pointing out the mistakes and suggesting improvement in the structure of the books. The book would not have seen the light of the day without their efforts and cooperation. I express my heartfelt thanks to them.

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the astrologers who attended my advanced Vedic Astrology courses. The feedback and discussions with them gave a deeper insight and incentive to further research and include missing links here and there. I am ever grateful to them for their contributions in discussions in the class. Thank you very much my dear students.

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of my family — wife Bimla and children Vandana, Archana. Deepak & Sonali. They had unflinching faith in my decision to quit the lAS for the sake of studying astrology. There were many highs and lows in family life but not a single time did they criticize my decision — which itself is the only one of this type till today in the country. This gave me an opportunity to study and disseminate the knowledge of Vedic Astrology with single minded devotion. Thank you very much my dear family for your support and help.

My efforts will be redeemed if the astrologer community finds these books useful in improving their predictive abilities. Difference of opinion in astro-sciences is quite common. Mistake, if any, are also possible due to over sight. I would welcome all such comments and views to improve and amend.




  Invocations & Dedication i-ii
  Preface iii-iv
  Abbreviations v-vi
  Volume One  
  Part I  
  Horoscope Judgement  
Chapter 1: Principles of Judgement of a Horoscope Rashi Chart, Bhava Analysis 1-28
Chapter 2: Principles of Interpretation of Divisional Charts Divisional Charts 29-36
Chapter 3: Case Study — Interpretation of Divisional Charts 37-41
Chapter 4: Principles of Time Rectification in a Horoscope 42-52
  Part II  
  Medical Astrology  
Chapter 5: Principles of Medical Astrology and Longevity Health and Diseases Interpretation 53-68
Chapter 6: Case Study — Longevity Determination by Mathematical Methods 69-74
  Part III  
  Love, Relationship, Marriage & Progeny  
Chapter 7: Strijatak — Interpretation of Female Horoscope 75-82
Chapter 8: Interpretation of Issues in Love, Relationships & Marriage Marriage issues: Marriage Parameters 83-93
Chapter 9: Compatibility for Marriage & Relationships Nakshatra Compntibllity 94-102
Chapter 10: Marriage Muhurata 103-107
Chapter 11: Case Studies - Love, Relationships, Marriage & Progeny 108-122
Chapter 12: Rules Governing Various Aspects of Progeny DeterminationsProgeny: 123-130
Chapter 13: Case Studies – Progeny: 131-137
  Part IV  
  Transit and Ashtakvarga  
Chapter 14: Interpretation of Transit and Ashtakvarga Transit Ashatakvarga Background and Ashatakvarga Interpretation 138-157
Chapter 15: Case Study — Methodology for Rashi-wise forecast for Ingress of a Planet in a Sign Jupiter’s Transit in Capricorn - Rahu’s transit in Capricorn and New’s transit in Cancer 158-170
Chapter 16: Case Study — Methodology of Monthly forecast for Persons born in different Signs 171-180
  Part V  
  Annual Chart  
Chapter 17: Principles of Interpretation of Annual Chart 181- 191
Chapter 18: Case Studies — Annual Chart 192-205
  Part VI  
  Jaimini Shastra  
Chapter 19: Jaimini Sutras — A Holistic Summary 206-225
Chapter 20: Case Study - Chara, Mandook and Vimshottari Dasha Systems 226-236
Chapter 21: Jaimini Case Studies — Shoola, Navamsha, Sthir & Brahma Dashas for Longevity Determination 237-263
Chapter 22: Jaimini Case Study - the number, sex and sequence of Co-borns 264-274
Chapter 23: Case Study Jaimini - the number, sex and sequence of Progeny 275-285
  Annexures — Volume One  
Annexure I Veda, Vedic Astrology, Modern Science and Welfare of Society 286-289
Annexure II Rashi (Signs) 290-293
Annexure III Nakshatra 294-296
Annexure IV Planets 297-300
Annexure V Results of Planets in different Houses 301-302
Annexure VI Yoga 303-307
Annexure VII Bhava Chalit and Bhava Madhya (Cusp) Charts 308-309
Annexure VIII Vimshopak Bala 310-312
Annexure IX Horoscope Construction 313-315
Annexure X Vimshottari Dasha Calculations 316-318
Annexure XI Yogini Dasha Calculations and Interpretation 319-321
Annexure XII Ashtakvarga 322-326
Annexure XIII Interpretation of Birth in various Rashi, Lagna, Nakshatra and Yoga 327-331
  Index — Volume One 332-337
Contents To The Second Volume


  Volume Two  
  Part VII  
  Prashna Shastra  
Chapter 24: Basic Considerations for interpretation of a Prashna Chart 338-345
Chapter 25: House-wise Principles of Interpretation of Prashna Charts 346-362
Chapter 26: Case Studies - Interpretation of Prashna relating to Health Issues 363-376
Chapter 27: Case Studies - Wealth, Property & Family Happiness Prashna 377-390
Chapter 28: Prashna Case Studies — Progeny, Higher Education & Love Relationships 391-401
Chapter 29: Prashna Case Studies — Debt, Legal Disputes & Accidents 402-408
Chapter 30: Prashna Cast Studies — Marriage and Conjugal Life 409-418
Chapter 31: Prashna Case Studies - Inheritance, Cause of Death, Journeys & Parents 419-425
Chapter 32: Prashna Case Studies - Profession 426-439
Chapter 33: Prashna Case Studies — Gains, Success and Moksha 440-446
Chapter 34: Prashna Case Studies -Theft &Missing Person 447-455
  Part VIII  
  Chakra Prediction  
Chapter 35: Shri Sarvatobhadra Chakra 456-481
Chapter 36: Singhasan and Chhatra Chakras and successes or failures of a Country’s Chief Executive 482-492
Chapter 37: Rahu Kaalanal Chakras — Predicting Results of Wars 493-503
Chapter 38: Rot Chakra 504-509
Chapter 39: Sanghatta Rashi and Sanghatta Nakshatra Chakras 510-515
Chapter 40: Interpretation of Sudarshana Chakra 516-520
Chapter 4l: Matrika Chakras 521-524
Chapter 42: Interpretation of other Important Chakras 525-531
Chapter 43: Swar Shastra 532-548
  Part IX  
  Samhita — Astro-meteorology  
Chapter 44: Principles of Astro-meteorology in Predicting Weather Astro-meteorology 549-559
Chapter 45: Astro-meteorology — Short, Medium & Long Term Prediction 560-569
Chapter 46: Astro-meteorology Case Studies - Predicting Rains and Crops 570-577
Chapter 47: Astro-Meteorology Case Study - Weather and Crop Prediction for Year 2005 578-598
  Part X  
  Samhita - Mundane Astrology  
Chapter 48: Principles of Mundane Astrology 599-609
Chapter 49: Case Studies - Mundane Astrology 610-627
Chapter 50: Principles and Case Studies - Commodity Price Trends 628-634
  Annexures — Volume Two  
Annexure XIV Krishnamurty Paddhati — A Synopsis 635-640
Annexure XV Kerala Astrology Prashna & other Prashna Methods 641-643
Annexure XVI Panch Vedha in Sarvatobhadra Chakra&Vedha in Sapta Shalaka 644
Annexure XVII Concept of Time 645-648
Annexure XVIII Lunar Calendar — Panchang 649-654
Annexure XIX Muhurtas 655-659
Annexure XX Sookshma Tithi, Nakshatra, Rashi, Vaar, Direction & Barhaspatya Year — Samvatsar 660-661
Annexure XXI Shada Bala and Bhava Bala 662-674
  Bibliography 675-676
  Index — Volume Two 677- 682


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