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Author: Dr. S.S. Chatterjee
Language: English
Edition: 2013
Pages: 496
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
About the Book

The learned author has a feeling that the destiny pattern should be strong for a successful life on one’s sojourn to this beautiful planet earth. So he has discussed role of human destiny n the 1st chapter with 15 examples. Spiritualisms have been discussed in the chapter-2. There are total 17 Chapters. How the planets become too much malefic or too much benefic have been discussed in detail. How he stars govern one’s career can be found in chapters 10 and 11. Astrological concept on name, fame and honors has been included in chapter 17. Dr. Chatterjee’s book. Many unanswered questions can be solved by reading this wonderful book. Whether one will meet his unnatural death or will be honoured in the society can be found from this brilliant book. Role of stars for unworthy for unworthy or glorious children, maladies in married life have been discussed in chapter 14 and 15. This book should be preserved by everybody for increasing their knowledge bank. 155 practical example will open the 3rd eye of the practicing astrologers. All these examples are from the research diary of the author.


About the Author

Dr. S.S. Chatterjee now 70, is a noted authority on Vedic astrology and a prolific writer in predictive astrology. This is his 11th book. His books and as well as write ups are ot only authentic but also give thought provoking clues to the judgment of horoscopes. His books are storehouse of information or simply knowledge bank.



Astrology, all on sudden has attracted the attention of everybody throughout the globe for its amazing power to identity the radiant and gloomy days of life in 2012. This science in based on basic assumptions that the planets revolving round the sun do influence us, that the Law of karma Theory of cause and effect is genuine and there is continuity of life even after death. Saturn is the celestial timer. Whenever Saturn passes over natal sun, many adversities take place. When he passes over natal sun, many adversities take place. When he passes over natal moon, a peculiar depression of mind is observed among vast majority of persons. This I known as Sadesati of Saturn. When Saturn passes in 4th/8th houses of moon, some strange bad incidents manifest in real life. When Jupiter passes over natal sun, 9th lord, 9th/10th house or 10th lord, good events in life are expected. When ketu comes very close to Venus either married life becomes dull or there is threat to life. Mahatma Ghandhi was assassinated when Ketu Was close to nata Venus. Actually the orb of Sun mer Venus is small, when Raha transits through this orb a great prosperity is observed, when ketu passes through the orb, adversities of various kind crop up. When Saturn passes over natal mars, many good or bad event may materialize depending on the strength of the horoscope. When 10th house is vacant and there no benefic in a Kendra, such a horoscope loses its merit even for consideration of judgment. We are amazed to observe the destiny pattern becomes favorable or unfavorable due to strong/weak Jupiter, strong/weak Saturn and strong/weak the life of the native miserable. When mars in afflicted, 3rd/8th/12th/5th houses are afflicted one becomes a violent criminal. When 5th lord and 2nd /1st lords interchange, the native becomes a creative genius. 2nd/5th house should be strong for a blissful life.

When 3rd or 8th house of atmakarak planet is occupied a malefic on dies through accidental or unnatural causes. When malefic occupy 6th/8th/12th house of Jupiter the native fails to earn any money. For a colorful and long life both the luminaries should be aspected by divine Jupiter. A female native having Jupiter in 9th or in a Kendra lives peacefully with her husband and children. Many malefic in 6th/8th/12th house makes the mundane journey miserable. When 6th lord and Saturn aspect lagan, the native visits jail. Malefic in the angles of 6th lord generate many sufferings in life. A strong sun and a strong moon provide constant inspiration for the tremendous growth in life.

The house division made by our wise sages provide amazing impact on one’s life. Horoscope is really a store house of information. When 8th house is heavily afflicted one meets unnatural death. When 5th house is strong, 10th house prospects suffer. Our account of this reason highly qualified persons do have weak career and they fail to earn huge money. When 5th /11th axis is good, one enjoys his life immensely. When 6th house is spoiled 5th, 7th, and 12th bhava prospects suffer. If 10th house is strong, 5th hose become weak. If 4th house is strong, 12th house affairs becomes weak. 4th house is strong, 12th house affairs become weak. 4th hose is the house of education, and happiness in life. So a strong 12th lord and 12th house will decrease happiness in life. The evil of 12th house occupation is mitigated somewhat if the planet in 12th is exalted. It is always better to have vacant 8th/12th houses. If a benefic aspect or occupies 12th house, the native shall have a godfather to take care of him in hour of need. 3rd and 12th lords in 2rd income and expenditure runs neck to neck.

It is 100% true when Saturn, mercury and sun combine anywhere in the chart he/she suffers very much. When Saturn sun and Venus combine (Provided Venus is not a combust Planet), the native has a rags to riches syndrome.

M.C. Bhandari, chairman of Bharat Nirman, Died in London in 1997, because his both the luminaries were not aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is the most benevolent planet of the entire zodiac. A combust Jupiter 3rd/6th/8th/12th makes a man hard hearted criminal. Combust Saturn produces vegetables existence in his mundane journey. Combust Venus produces unhappy married life and planets diabetic disease for increasing his sufferings in real life. A good Venus grants charming appearance with huge wealth, luxurious living style with good children. There are only four natural benefics moon, Venus, Juptier and Mercury. When they are placed in a Kendra, the native has a splendid success in life. Jupiter in 9th/10th lifts the man to a dizzy heights to life. Conjunction of Saturn Jupiter in 5th or 9th hose make the native a genius. Satyajit Roy had this yoga in his trinal houses. Trines give result for the fruits of good work of previous life. Our present mundane activity in controlled from 4th and 10th house. 10th house should not remain vacant. If a dignified malefic in his house can turn the native’s fortune in the positive direction. If all the benefic planets Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy the trika houses the native drags a miserable life when 2/3 planets are debilitated in Navamsa, the charm of life is reduced. Aspect of 6th lord on Jupiter is a grisly combination and is to be feared. Illustrious astrologer R. Santhanam evaporate in the air in October 1997 for his weak 9th house helped him to be a famous astrological writer. He had golden pen. Union of 6th lord mars with 5th lord Jupiter Brought the sad end without any notice to anybody. Jupiter remain passive in an average horoscope.




Chapter 1 Human Destiny 24
Chapter 2 In the Ocean of Spirituality 80
Chapter 3 When A Planet Becomes too Much Malefic 106
Chapter 4 The Art of Prediction 120
Chapter 5 Criminals : An Astrological Study. 146
Chapter 6 Mental Peace and Happiness 156
Chapter 7 Stars for Unnatural Death 178
Chapter 8 Planet in Combustion 205
Chapter 9 Enterpreneurship 217
Chapter 10 Profession 265
Chapter 11 Mars in Sports 326
Chapter 12 Screts of Corruption 338
Chapter 13 Children Education 371
Chapter 14 Worthy/Unworthy Children 389
Chapter 15 Divorce/Widowhood 407
Chapter 16 Unconventional or denial of marriage 426
Chapter 17 Name, Fame and honour 432

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