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Acupuncture & Homeo Medicines

Acupuncture & Homeo Medicines
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Item Code: NAG709
Author: Dr. S. Balasubramanian
Publisher: Balaji Publications Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 92
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
weight of the book: 75 gms

This book is undertaken to place before persons who are interested in practising acupuncture along with Bio Medicines'. which are a few remedies of Homeo- phathic theraphy. Treatments for both common and chronic ailments are discussed to assist the reader, with diagrams. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art of healing diseases with needles. It is about 6000 years old. but it was proved quick and effective in removing disease symptoms. without any side effects. Even- though it was unknown to other parts of the world for a long time, it is more popular everywhere now. due to it's curative value.

In health, there is always a balance between posi- tive and negative charges or exterior and interior, which the Chinese called as 'YANG' and 'YIN' in which 'YIN' is inside and 'YANG' is outside. and if there is any imbalance developed between YIN and YANG, disease results, The aim of Acupuncture is to balance the imbalance of YIN and YANG to maintain normal health. (4th circulation carries a form of electrical energy circulating continuously along the body through channels which the Chinese called CHI' or 'Ql)'

The energy in the body called as 'Ql' is manufact- ured in the body from the food and water, blood and air. This energy circulates in the body uninterrupted continu- ously in a set pattern and these paths are called 'Chan- nels'. There are 12 paired channels in which 6 of them in the upper limb and 6 in the lower limb, one in the front of the chest and one in the back of the chest totalling 14 important channels.

Acupuncture and Homeopathy, both of them treating diseases on the same theory of inducing the natural forces of the body through Electrical Stimulation or Minute Drug particles. Rapid relief could be obtained with the combination of these two methods.

Homeopathic medicines of low, or medium potanc ies are administered before Acupuncture treatment according to the symptoms of diseases, for which the practitioner should have enough knowledge of both Acupuncture and 'Homeo' drugs.

Medical science depends upon natural ingredients like metals, salts, plants etc. for preparing medicines, and Homeopathic remedies are also prepared in the same way. Mixtures of more than one drug are usual in all theraphies, except Homeopathv, in which one part of each drug is diluted with several parts of neutral liquid medium and dynamised. Dilutions of each drug is prepared separately, and used as 'Single Remedy' accor- ding to disease' symptoms. Small quantities of dilutions, sprinkled on milk of sugar pills or powder are used fa r treating diseases.

Every individual drug possess several medical properties of its own, termed as 'Symptoms' in Homeo- pathy, in which the symptoms of the ailment and the symptoms of a drug are compared. If three or more symptoms of the disease, and the selected drug coincides, that drug is recommended.




Acupuncture (Materials and Methods) 9
Homeopathic Principles 35
Homeopathic Pharmacy 37
list of Homeopathic Remedies 49


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