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Yoga and Your Heart

Yoga and Your Heart
Item Code: IDE742
Author: Dr. K.K. Datey, Dr. M.L.Gharote & Soli Pavri
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8172240325
Pages: 246 (Figures: 123)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.2" X 4.2"
From the Jacket:

The hectic pace of urban life takes its toll of the city-dweller. Both his general health and mental well-being suffer as a result of the strain. This practical book explains in detail the systems of the human body and the techniques of Yoga. The authors show in a step by fashion how it is possible to use Yoga to combat the tensions of a fast paced life and achieve physical and mental tranquility. A special chapter on Yoga and Heart breaks new ground in using the ancient art of Yoga to combat coronary ailments - the most notorious killer in our times.


Heart Trouble? Why not try Yoga 1
Skeletal System 11
Muscular System 15
Respiratory System 21
Nervous System 26
Autonomic Nervous System & Yoga Practices 31
Endocrine System 33
Cardiovascular System 38
Digestive System 43
Excretory System 48
Yogic Exercises (Postures) And Physical Exercises 53
Principles of Yogic Postures 59
Yoga and the Diet 62
Yoga and Obesity 66
Yoga and Relaxation 68
Yoga as a Remedy for Addictions 73
Yoga and Sex 79
Yoga and Beauty 84
Yoga and Backache 87
Points to Remember Before Starting Yogic Asanas 90
Yogic Curriculum 93
Yogic Exercises
Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation 97
Swastikasana or the Auspicious pose 102
Padmasana - Lotus pose; Cross-legged pose 104
Eka Padasana - Alternate leg raise 107
Uttanapadasana - Both legs raise 109
Naukasana - Boat pose; Supine curl 111
Viparitkarani - Inclined Topsy-turvy pose 113
Sarvangasana - Pan-Physical pose; Shoulder stand 115
Shirshasana - Topsy-turvy pose; Head stand 119
Matsyasana - Fish pose; Supine backward curl 123
Halasana - Plough pose; Supine backward stretch 126
Bhujangasana - Cobra pose; Prone trunk raise 129
Ardha-Shalabhasana - Half locust pose; Prone alternate leg raise 131
Shalabhasana - Locust pose; Prone legs raise 133
Dhanurasana - Bow pose; Backward curl 135
Vakrasana - Twisted pose; Simple trunk twist 138
Ardha Matsyendrasana - Spinal twist; Trunk twist 140
Pada Hastasana - Standing toe touch 143
Paschimatanasana or Paschimottanasana - Posterior Stretching pose 146
Vajrasana - Pelvic pose; Kneeling pose 148
Suptavajrasana - Supine pose 150
Yoga Mudra - Cross legged forward bend; Yogic lock 152
Parvatasana - Arms stretched over head; Mountain pose 154
Gomukhasana - Cowhead pose 156
Talasana - Standing stretch; Palm pose 158
Konasana - Angular pose; Lateral stretch 160
Trikonasana - Triangular pose 163
Chakrasana - Lateral bend; Wheel pose 165
Kanthasana - Brahma Mudra - Head turning 168
Vrikshasana - Tree pose; Leg balance 170
Mayurasana - Peacock pose; Prone horizontal balance 172
Pavana Muktasana - Gas liberating pose 174
Uddiyana Bandha - Abdominal pull; Diaphragm raising 176
Tadagi Mudra - Supine abdominal pull 179
Agnisara - Gastric fire stimulator; Abdominal press and pull 181
Shavasana - Corpselike pose; Supine relaxation 183
Makarasana - Prone relaxation pose; Crocodile pose 185
Kapalbhati - Bellow-type breathing; Sinus Cleanser 187
Anuloma Viloma - Alternative nostril breathing 190
Ujjayi - Frictional breathing 192
Tables of Food Values
A. Cereal and Grain and Products 194
B. Pulses & Legumes 196
C. Leafy vegetables 198
D. Roots and Other Tubers 202
E. Other Vegetables 204
F. Nuts and Seeds 207
G. Condiments, Spice, etc. 209
H. Fruits 211
I. Fishes and Other Sea Foods 216
J. Other Flesh Foods 219
K. Milk & Dairy Products 220
L. Fats and Edible Oils 221
M. Miscellaneous Foodstuffs 222
N. Distilled Alcoholic Beverages 224
O. Wines 226
P. Fermented Malt Beverages 227
Q. Oxalic Acid Contents 228
R. Purine content of food 229
Desirable Weights for Men & Women 230
Index 231

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