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71 Fun Projects and Crafts (For Boys and Girls)

71 Fun Projects and Crafts (For Boys and Girls)
Item Code: NAF069
Author: Vikas Khatri
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788122312416
Pages: 151 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch x 5.0 inch
weight of the book: 166 gms
Back of the Book

One of the most interesting ways to render your child busy, this book never fails in keeping children engaged with various types of art and craft fun. The best thing about the book is that it gives the child more ideas to make various fun projects and Crafts include simple demonstrations for the children to grasp the methods lucidly. This book will definitely help children get involved in the most creative experiences while they learn to spend their time much more efficiently.

An exhaustive list of craft experiences spread across 71 chapters such as Cardboard Boomerang, Rose-scented Necklaces, A Bed for your Pet, How to Play Rock Golf, How to cut a Stencil and Make-up Trunk offer the best varieties of indoor games for children.

A must-buy book for children offering a complete fruitful indoor experience for children, this book is full of innovative ideas that can be implemented in the easiest of ways. Children will now dearly look forward to evenings and afternoons full of arts and crafts fun.


1Make a House Number9
2Dancing Glove-Doll11
3Make your own Megaphone13
4Cardboard Boomerang15
5Table Shuffleboard17
6A Pencil Clown19
7Rhythm on a Washboard20
8How to Cut a Stencil22
9Fun for Geography Fans24
10Soda-Straw Airplane25
11Rose-Scented Necklace27
12Fishing in a Suitbox29
13A Necktie Clasp31
14How to Carve a Face34
15Invisible Spot Stunt36
16Rubber-Band Banjo38
17A Bed for your Pet40
18Indoor Golf Game42
19A Test for your Lungs44
20Home-made Paper Sandals47
21Cranberry Dolls49
22Sliding Picture-Cards51
23Make a Bean Rattle53
24School-Easer Ideas55
25Secret Hiding Place57
26Special Writing Paper59
27Arabian Ring Puzzle61
28A Doll's Table Lamp63
29Bathtub Fishing Game65
30Hoop Bowling67
31How to Play Rock Golf69
32Bull's -eye Box71
33Holder for Knitting Yarn73
34Club Pennants75
35Cork Bracelet77
36Magnetised Hair-Raiser79
37Tank Trap81
38Fun with Old Rulers83
39Easy Transfer Funnies86
40Overshoes Hanger88
41Tin-Can Golf90
42Hand-Shadow Fun92
43More Hand-Shadow Fun95
44Colour-Vanishing Disc97
45Matchbox Theatre99
46Rainy-Day Marbles101
47Start a Cymbal Band103
48Screen-Spray Pictures105
49Captive Racing Planes107
51Acorn Jewellery111
52Plaster-Block Statues113
53Musical Saw115
54Make-up Trunk117
55Rattling Bones119
56Santa Claus Spool121
57Nut Bowl Game123
58Outdoor Telephone125
59Crosspatch Game127
60Memory Clocks129
61Your own Movie Stars131
62Doll Apartment133
63Comic-Figure Statues135
64Wishbone Fun137
65Hangman Game139
66Magnetised Acrobat141
67An Amusing Bookmark143
68Fun for your Gang145
69Pipe-Cleaner Initials147
70Draw-A-Word Puzzles149
71Dancing Pencils150

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