7 Studies in Sri Aurobindo
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7 Studies in Sri Aurobindo

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Author: V. Madhusudan Reddy
Publisher: Institute of Human Study, Hyderabad
Language: English
Edition: 1989
Pages: 250
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

The world needs individuals who recognise a spiritual evolution of the race, for surely that is the intention of Nature. It needs a blend of inward view of the East that seeks the secret of man's des- tiny and the great endeavour of the West to perfect life and utilise it. Certainly, a true beginning has to be made in this direction, and the pioneers will take all human life- the intellectual, the aesthetic, the ethical, the vital and the physical - for their province. Nothing will be considered as alien to their work, for in everything lies concealed the supreme Spirit; the great necessity is that of the conversion of the normal mind into the spiritual.

About the Author

This book written by V. Madhusudan Reddy, a distinguished scholar and eminent professor of philosophy, is a masterly exposition of Sri Aurobindo's yogic vision distilled from seven of his major works. With his forte as a leading exponent of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Gita and interpreter of mystical philosophy for the intellectual reader, Professor Reddy has made in this book a-valuable contribution to philosophical literature as well as to Sri Aurobindo scholarship.

V. Madhusudan Reddy, formerly Senior Professor of Philosophy, Osmania University, Hyderabad, is the Director of the Institute of Human Study - an advanced center of Integral and Future Studies. Presently he is an Emeritus Fellow of the University Grants Commission in India. He has travelled widely and has taught and lectured at numerous universities in the United States, Canada and Europe as a Unesco Fellow (1961), Fulbright Asian Professor (1969) and visiting scholar, and authored and edited twenty-five books.


Meta- Philosophy 1
The Transformative Synthesis 27
Savitri: The Supermental Time- Vision and Action 76
Avatar as the Future 100
The Vedic Action 115
Beyond Linguistics 151
The Spiral of Human- Perfection 176
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